Beauty And A Beat

HAI GUISE. Today I’m back with a new Youtube video for you guys to criticize / praise (lol hopefully the latter)!!!! WOOPIE-DOO!

This is my third song cover on Youtube, and a wild Luke from my 2nd video (Ah Boys To Men Mash Up) re-appears!!! AND we did a Justin Bieber song!!! Say whaaat? I know, I know… I never ever thought I’d cover Justin Bieber on Youtube (much to my boyfriend’s displeasure he hates him lol), but well, life is full of surprises and risks so why the hell not. I think his new music is a lot more tolerable and super catchy. in fact. This song has been stuck in my head since foreverrrrrr, the most resilient earworm ever.. so I just HAD to cover it!

Here you have it - Beauty And A Beat by Shiberty, Luke Lee & Sky Ong! :)

Sky, Luke & I had a lot of fun shooting this light hearted video, running around various locations across Singapore (mostly esplanade area and SCAPE) and recording this in quite a jiffy. If only so many people weren’t staring at us when we filmed at crowded public areas.. Anddd I’m sort of sorry for fixing my hair like a bajillion times in the video, the wind had it flying all over my face!! Or maybe I’m just really vain. Which is more likely the truth.

If you enjoyed our cover, please Share with your friends, Like this video, Comment and Subscribe! Do check out the boys’ channels as well!!! :D I will keep on posting more covers because I absolutely LOVEEEE to sing and I do it everyday, whether I’m being filmed or recroded or not. Thanks for all the nice comments you guys have left regarding my previous videos and I thank you for continue to support the crazy things I get up to, like baking customized cakes and singing on Youtube!!!

Luke Lee:
Sky Ong:

If you have any song suggestions on what I should cover next or constructive criticism, please do let me know!! I will have another cover up in March and I’m still deciding which song I should attempt. :)