Ah Boys To Men acoustic mash up

So if you’re a Singaporean and have any sense of national pride or curiosity, you probably would have already seen the Ah Boys To Men movies.

If not both, then at least Part 1? But if you haven’t seen Part 2, YOU SHOULD!!! IT’S SO DAMN GOOD. In my opinion it’s leaps and bounds better than Part 1 and it’s the best local film I have seen to date. There isn’t a single dull moment, I was kept on the edge of my seat throughout the show. I laughed a lot, and cried a few times. :’)

I liked the movies so much, in fact, that I decided to do an acoustic mash up cover of both theme songs from Ah Boys To Men with actor/rapper/dancer Luke Lee (aka sexy Sergeant Heng in the pink bikini) and Sky Ong, the talented producer and videographer of my videos. Sky was the one who helped me materialize my Youtube ambition with this first video cover of Taylor Swift’s “Begin Again”!!! I owe so, so much to him.  Luke contacted me awhile ago, and after finding out he plays one of the sergeants in Ah Boys To Men, we figured a mash up of the theme songs would be totally appropriate and awesome. Of course we had to get Sky to do the video with us, what would we do without him???

Here’s my singing if you haven’t heard it before. It was done in October 2012, and since then, I’ve really been itching to release another music cover. I don’t know why it took me so long to get this done. I am the queen of procrastination. I was thinking of doing more Taylor Swift songs but I didn’t wanna seem to predictable or anything y’know, so I delayed for a few months, thinking what cover should come next. Nevertheless, I’m just really happy this new video is out there right now.

Without further anticipation…. *drumroll*


This is our brand new cover of Ah Boys To Men Theme Songs Mash Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Filmed at Esplanade a few days ago. Sky works fast on his videos, haha.

Sooooooooooooo. I hope you liked what you just heard!!!

I felt funny saying the word “chiong.” That’s just…… not a world I’d normally use. You get to see my new purple hair in action. :P And Luke’s wicked dancing and rapping!

There’s not a lot of me in it actually, as you might have noticed.. pretty much just a few singing verses to add a feminine twist to the song, sorry if that disappointed you a bit…. most of the songs consist of rap, which I can’t do – but I’m still proud to be in this production, working with wonderful people and singing wonderful songs with wonderful meanings!!! The older I get, the more I truly appreciate living in a country like Singapore. I don’t believe there is any place else in the world quite like it, and I’m nothing short of privileged to be able to grow up and live here. I love how it’s filmed with Marina Bay Sands in the backdrop, considering how it is such an iconic landscape, and I spend so much time there.

I’m going to be putting out another music cover video real soon, probably in the next week or two, and that one has mostly me singing in it! Like 90%. Hint: It’s a Justin Bieber song. LOL NO DON’T RUN AWAY YET.

We made it nice to listen to (I think.) So have some faith in me :’D

If you enjoyed our cover or think it’s pretty neat, please do embed it on your blog or facebook / post the link on twitter and mention @shiberty (I’ll happily retweet you!) / like and subscribe on youtube, and basically share it with your friends! It would mean the whole wide world to me, Luke, and Sky. We would actually give you a hug if we saw you in real life if you helped us spread the word about our work. Ok maybe not them but me, sure. I’ll throw in a kiss or a first born even. LOL Check out their Youtube channels as well, it’s in the video description! I’ll be happy to hear from you guys about what you think – even if you hate the video (why would you? T_T). I’m open to all sorts of criticism and feedback because I’m still trying to figure my way out through this whole Youtube thing… Thank y’all so very much for supporting my first ever music video Begin Again and giving me 30+k hits for it, here’s hoping this one will be as well received as the last!!!

THANK YOU FOR WATCHING. Singapore represent!