Mochi the Netherland Dwarf

Funny how the best things you’d never expect to happen to you always come about from the littlest ideas and ways.

So, one day, my friend had the day off and we arranged to hang out. Not wanting to head into town or do anything particularly productive, we went for a lazy lunch and after that, the initial plan was to visit a doggy-cafe in Katong that allowed you to play with their adorable dogs for a fee – but before making our way over there, we found out that it was shut down temporarily. So then, we were at a loss of what to do. “Let’s go see other doggies!” I told him.

“I saw this cute dog at NEX Serangoon…. It was soooo cute I wanna go back and see it!!” 

This was the dog I was talking about. Isn’t it adorbs??? :)

But le friend said he hated NEX Serangoon’s parking & would rather not go there, so somehow we ended up at Ang Mo Kio looking at bunnies instead. We were around the area anyway, and he just mentioned he knew of a pet store at Ang Mo Kio that sold really cute bunnies so I’m like “okay.” I just wanted to look at something fluffy and cute that day, it didn’t really matter what the animal was. I’m not a bunny or rabbit lover, so I didn’t think much of it but just went along with it.

Upon entering the shop, however, things changed.

Suddenly, you’d find me squealing and cooing at the rabbits… “SHOOOOOO CUTE!!! OMG! LOOK. I want to squish it.” – something like how I sounded. I saw a pair of adorable orange bunnies grooming and playing with each other, and then Nich asked the shopkeeper if we could hold the bunnies for awhile.

So this was what happened next.

Awwwww…. look at it! So snuggly! I was shocked by how gentle the bunny was. I would’ve expected them to be really squirmy and difficult to handle but they were docile and just sort of laid still for as long as you carried them. And then, I spotted another bunny….

A grey one.

I didn’t think it was that cute at the start, until the shopkeeper took them out and it was all


I turned into butter. You could’ve whipped me into cream if you wanted to. ARE YOU FOR REAL??? It’s so cute I am going to faint. I feel like a troll standing next to it when you compare our cuteness level.

“I want it!!!!!!!!! I want to take it hooome.” – Me, the next 30 minutes.

I fell in love with how cute she was, but I decided not to buy her because I’m not very good with animals. (or at least I thought I wasn’t) I’ve never had a pet aside from hamsters before, and a rabbit seemed like a huge commitment to someone like me. Besides, it’s probably just an impulse feeling because I’m so overwhelmed by how adorable she is – if I buy her now, and bring her home, I’m going to regret tomorrow.

Better say goodbye to the bunny, I told myself. You didn’t come with any intention to buy a pet today – you just wanted to look at fluffy things, remember?!

So, reluctantly…. I left the shop. I thought I was doing the right thing for myself.


A few days later, we ended up at the same shop again.

We were having lunch at the same mall the pet shop was at, so I thought I’d just drop by to have another look at the bunny…. It wouldn’t hurt…. I’m just looking at her, what’s the big deal? Window shopping is pleasing to the eyes and harmless to the wallet.

I walked into the shop, saw her cheekily munching away on her hay ball and IMMEDIATELY fell right back in love again. My god!!! Those cheeks! 

Oh and for those who don’t know yet, yes, I have purple hair now. I think my friend purposely suggested to have lunch at that mall so that I’d be tempted to see the bunny again.

Instead of just carrying her, this time, I asked the shopkeeper if we could put her on the floor to see how she’d interact with us.

She was the CUTEST thing to watch!!!! T___T I think it was the first time she had ever tried “walking” on solid ground, before her cage was completely covered in bedding so it was not a smooth finishing, unlike this polished wooden floor…. and she unwillingly “ice skated” across the floor!

LOL. Her muscles weren’t developed yet. She couldn’t keep her balance at all and ended up “swimming” when she tried to walk or hop. Truly hilarious. And every time you stroke her, she’d go completely limp and flat. Unlike the other rabbits who tried to run away whenever they were on the ground, she hung around us a lot and didn’t react in a bad way at all – being a total sweetheart. I felt like I had never seen anything so precious in my life. 

You can probably tell where this post is going already.


…………The rest was history, really.

This was the moment I welcomed Mochi the Netherland Dwarf rabbit into my life. She’s pure bred, really small sized and her coat is chinchilla colored!

I asked around for suggestions of names – I liked a few such as Sesame and Gandalf (sam’s idea lol) but ended up picking Mochi because she is SUCHHHH a mochi! Super soft, round, fluffy, and just…. so mochi-like. I can’t adequately explain it. If you see Mochi in real life, you’d understand exactly why she’s named Mochi. Thank you to the reader who suggested the name!!! :D It’s awesome! If Mochi were a boy, I would’ve named him Gandalf in a heartbeat.

Even though I only saw Mochi like twice before deciding to buy her (over a span of a few days) I don’t think it was an impulse buy because after the first night, I went back and did my research – rabbits are surprisingly easy animals to keep! They don’t stink at ALL, they don’t have smelly big poo like dogs or need to be walked or muzzled or groomed regularly, they’re perfect cuddly companions if you want something that doesn’t require your attention ALL the time. I asked the pet shop people a lot about rabbits before I finally decided on getting her. A huge thank you to Animal Kingdom for being patient with me and recommending the best stuff for my girl Mochi! If Mochi was in another pet store, I may not have ended up getting her because the people might not have been as friendly or knowledgeable. The people at Animal Kingdom were warm, and not pushy, they let me play with her for as long as I want so that I could make a proper decision! I bought her at 2+ months old for $300, which I thought was a great rate considering how pretty and well taken care of she is. :)

The people at Animal Kingdom grooming her before she went home with me – she looks positively pissed off, lol!!!

Hahahahah grumpy bunny is grumpy.

If you’re looking to buy a rabbit or other small animals (they have guinea pigs, hamsters etc) check out Animal Kingdom and tell them Jessica / Shiberty sent you! No, this is not an advertisement of sorts, I paid for every product purchased from them with my own money but I genuinely appreciate how professional and nice they’ve been to me! If not for them, I wouldn’t have met the rabbit love of my life.

We’re going home baby!!! Took her back to Yishun in this bag which had a litter tray, water bottle hole, “windows” for her to look at the outside world….. I felt like such a PROUD MAMA when I was holding her and walking around!!!!!

In total, everything costed me almost $800, including the rabbit. I bought all her supplies from Animal Kingdom as well – toys, the cage, bedding, food, trays, etc. I spoil her so much that I even bought her “rabbit air con” – essentially a cooling metal plate for her to lie on whenever it gets too warm – as it all too often does in Sunny Singapore!

Here’s Sam helping me set up Mochi’s pretty pink cage!

I consulted him before bringing her home, of course. In fact, I made him come to the pet store with me to view her because I wanted to make sure he liked her as well, before officially buying her!!! I put her on his lap, and she just laid there…. I think he was sold at that very second, just like I was.

Her cage all set up – before toys were put in. This was taken after a few days of living in it, as you can see the whole area is still very clean…. rabbits are hygienic pets in general and hate to be dirty! They’re always grooming themselves. And they have NO smell / odor whatsoever.

The first night, my little Mochi was timid and acting strange…. she just huddled in a corner most of the time, with a blank expression. I suppose that’s normal considering all the moving about and relocating to a new environment must be very stressful for them!

The pet store told me to leave her alone for 3 days before attempting to play with her.. I kinda went against their advice (LOL) I just couldn’t wait and within a few hours, she was on my lap and bed!!!!

Doesn’t she look like a chinchilla at certain angles?!

She didn’t struggle at all when she was picked up, so I put her on my lap thinking it was okay. But her behavior was still timid – she was as stiff as a brick, so I put her back after petting her awhile, to let her get some rest.  Throughout the night, I kept waking up to check on her and make sure she was okay. She really didn’t seem to move or do much!!!! Perhaps the poor little bunny was just petrified or tired. I remember thinking she didn’t have much personality. (oh, how wrong I was!) The next morning, I took her out of the cage put her on my bed… where she immediately peed on it. FML.

On the 2nd day, I tried many ways to get her attention - call her name, make squeaky noises, feed her treats (dried fruits), give her toys… but still she ignored me totally. When I put my hand next to her, she wouldn’t run away from it or anything, but neither would she go towards it to sniff and check it out. I thought that when she heard me coming from afar, out of curiosity’s sake she would at least look up at me…. but she just completely acts as if I don’t exist?!?! Frustrated and annoyed (sorry I am an impatient pet owner lolol), I jumped onto my computer and googled, “How to get my rabbit to like me?”

I knew it was only the 2nd day…. wtf calm down you stupid overly anxious blogger… naturally she would be scared of  you and be unaccustomed to everything yet. But let’s just say I like rushing into things, it’s a habit I find hard to kick. None of my relationships started out sensible and calculated – all of my boyfriends were like WHAM BAM HELLO I LOVE YOU. 

When doing my research on bunnies, I came across this Youtube video that showed a person hand feeding his rabbits a certain way – I tried his method, and by golly, it freaking worked!!! Lo and behold:

The moment she & I became properly acquainted, and weren’t strangers any more.

She didn’t seem to enjoy special treats, so I hand fed her pellets instead, which I noticed her finishing greedily anytime she was given any. The pet store advised me to supply her unlimited amounts of hay and to give two tablespoons of pellets in her food tray everyday, but I decided I wasn’t going to put any pellets into her food tray – if she wanted to have some of that yummies, she was gonna have to acknowledge me and come to me. Bwahahaha. Like a miracle, she took the bait, soon got used to my scent and became friendlier with me as the hours passed. She liked having me around because that always meant more yummy pellets to chew on. Food makes everyone happy, including bunnies!!!

For the first time, I put her on the floor and let her explore / roam around the house by herself for a bit.

She would nervously and cautiously circle around me at first, then hop a few steps away to venture out….. but every time she went a little bit too far on her own, she’d get scared and run right back to my side.


Everything has been going uphill from there. 

We play with her lots, keeping her physically and mentally stimulated. She gets at least one hour of play time and running around a day. It may not sound like a lot, but it is for a bunny! She looks absolutely exhausted after play time and normally falls asleep, so I’ll take it as this amount of exercise is good for her.

Having Mochi in my life has taught me a lot about rabbits. I used to think they were relatively brainless (like hamster level of intelligence) and boring, but as it turns out, they’re freaking intelligent for such small prey creatures!!!! In a matter of days, she’s been litter trained (she still poos everywhere but pees in her litter box, I think she can only control her pee at this point in time), she knows when I’m angry and stops what she’s doing (I sternly shout “NO!!!” at her when she chews cables or things she shouldn’t be chewing on)… She knows when play time is over because I’d walk over to pick her up and put her back into the cage, and she’d struggle and run away from me. But when I shout “NO!!!!” at her, she will become all docile and apologetic and let me handle her again. However, when it comes to being picked up out of the cage to play, she has no problem with that at all. Lol.

We have bonded so much over the past few days and everyday I celebrate little triumph in our relationship! It can be something as little and insignificant such as watching her find her water bottle in her new cage at the start. So simple, but it put a huge smile on my face.

I put my DSLR lens wayyy up to her face, hence the unfriendly expression. :P I don’t think she likes my camera very much.

She never used to dare climb out of the cage door by herself, but now she hops right out like a daredevil!!!!

I can’t get enough of her big blackkkk round eyes, her cutest white nose, her little white (stained green from hay) paws…. her beautifully soft and shiny chinchilla coat, and most of all, her personality! It is her best trait. She’s really the sweetest rabbit ever. I have not met any other peoples’ pet rabbits before so I guess you can say I’m a little bit biased, but you’ll be astonished at how much we get along considering I’ve had her less than a week now. You’d think I’ve had her for months!!!!

Look at her squashed up schweepy face! Mochi LOVES cuddling and being petted. Like loves loves lovessssss. 

Possibly more than she loves food. And that’s saying a lot, because she’s a pig, like me. Like momma, like baby bunny! You can touch her anywhere you want – on her ears, nose, face, under belly, tail…. she doesn’t mind at all. If you stop petting her, she will nudge you with her hand or look at you in an accusing way, or bury her face even further into the crevices of your arms. Amazingly enough she also lets all my friends pet and carry her… friendliest rabbit of the world award.

Watch out! Wabbit on the loose!!

My current favorite past time is to sit back and watch this silly rabbit hop and prance around. Because my floor is of marble tiling, she can’t control her speed and balance very well sometimes, so she falls over and skids and slides everywhere. Silly bunny!

That’s her poop in the corner of the picture. I’ve turned into a rabbit poop picking machine recently.

The energizer bunny zooming back towards me! What she’ll do is she’ll hop hop hop away, explore some, then run straight back to mama for a pet or a treat. My friend commented that she kinda gallops like a horse instead of hop sometimes… which you can sort of see in the moving picture above. Rofl.

So I’ve also taught her to follow me around the house. And if you’ve never had a tiny fluffy bunny hopping after your every move at your feet….. your life is not complete.

She always gives me the face when she wants something.

Rabbits have a lot more personality and are more expressive than most people would think!

For example, I read online that rabbits do this soft teeth grinding thing when they’re contented and pleased. Kinda like the way a cat purrs when it’s happy. When I was cuddling her one afternoon, I heard and felt it for the first time ever! It’s so odd but wonderful. She does it every time I hold her now. Thank you for loving me back, Mochi!!! When they’re upset, they will either bite you, thump their feet or squeal. None of which she’s ever been close to doing, thank goodness. Another happy behavioural thing she does is these crazy binkies everywhere whenever she’s let out to run…. getting shockingly and increasingly hyper day by day. I can’t imagine what she’ll be like in a month’s time, at the rate she’s going.  If you don’t know what rabbit binkies are, click here. It’s like this awkward yet delirious looking twist of their body and flick of their head and feet when they’re jumping mid air and – which means congratulations owner, you’ve done well, your rabbit is SUPER joyful!!! I can’t describe the first time I saw Mochi do a binky.

She does it really high and really fast and usually multiple times in a row while running around my living room. It’s like I wanna do a binky myself!!!!! If I feel this way about a rabbit I really don’t know how exaggerated a mom I’m going to be in the future. :P My brother reckons I should have just gotten a dog instead considering my enthusiasm level, hah. You might already know this but *coughs* I’ve been really obsessed with her. I even bought her vitamin c to eat daily…. I HAVE NEVER BOUGHT MYSELF HEALTH SUPPLEMENTS. EVER. e_e

It sure is, bunz! When she feels lazy or tired, she’ll flop into this classic “I ain’t got a care in the world” position.

And there you have it – the introduction of my new chinchilla Netherland Dwarf bunny in my life! If you told me 2 weeks ago that in the near future I would own a pet rabbit and love it to death, I would tell you that you were crazy. I had literally ZERO intention of being associated with a rabbit, let alone owning one. What was supposed to be a lunch outing with a friend turned into an event that changed my life. :) So far I think I’ve done enough research on her to properly take care of her well enough. I can’t believe bunnies supposedly live for 6-10 years! Of course it ranges from individuals, but they usually get up to at least 5. That’s pretty long. In 5 years time I’m going to be 26 years old…. ACK.

Let’s not go there right now. I’ve been quite upset by a personal issue lately and she’s been helping me cope with it by distracting me from the problem.


You fill my heart with so many warm, fuzzy feelings. And you, really are, the cutest thing I have ever seen.