S-One Expo

Wanna head out on the weekend, but not sure where to head to, or what to do exactly?

Orchard Road, Sentosa, East Coast Park, all those shopping malls and restaurants…. you’ve been to them all. You think you should stay at home. Then you think again, and realize its the weekend, you’ve worked hard the whole week, you deserve to go out and have some fun.
But… where?
How about Germany? Ya. Why not? :D Visit Germany for awhile!
No no, I’m not telling you to take an expensive flight to Germany for the weekend. What I’m saying, check out the S-One Expo, where Germany arrives in our sunny little island Singapore!!!

The month-long Expo, featuring trade and cultural highlights from Stuttgart and Singapore, opens from Now till 9th December at the scenic waterfront park on Keppel Island. The S-One Expo is the first of its kind to bring “a slice of Stuttgart” and the state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, to Singapore.

During the Expo, you can expect to experience an exciting and refreshing line up of scheduled events & performances showcasing the music, art, cuisines, wines and lifestyles of both Stuttgart and Singapore!
Regrettably, I’ve never been to Germany myself..
It is so far away after all. Seems completely foreign to me, and I’m sure, to many of you as well. I would absolutely love to visit some day though. So this will be an eye-opening experience for me and everyone else who is unfamiliar with German culture!

There’s something to do for every individual at the expo:

Just a couple of the unique attractions available at the S-One Expo!
Artsy kinda person? Learn from the best!

Highlights include weekend cooking and handicraft workshops, where the public can sample authentic Stuttgart recipes alongside Singaporean specialties. Get your cartoon caricature drawn! The public can also learn traditional techniques of cuckoo clock making, and purchase highly prized wooden carvings made from dark woods found in the Black Forest region near Stuttgart at the Christmas Bazaar.

Personally, I am most excited about the German food bit. Lol what a big surprise I know right.

Not only have I never been to Germany, I’ve never even had authentic German food before!!! Here are some glorious looking fresh produce on display and two S-One chefs tossing Spatzle. The Spätzle is a type of egg noodle with a soft texture. It is traditionally made by hand or with a spoon into shapes resembling “little sparrows” or Spatzen in German. Add a little bit of Emmental and whipped cream and you’ll get a luxurious, creamy version, Kässpätzle (or Cheese Spätzle).
Mmm sounds yummeh!! I love trying all sorts of new and different food and I’ve to sample this. Ok maybe not sample but have a whole plate full of it actually because I am the biggest pasta fan you’d ever know. I could have pasta for breakfast, lunch and dinner if not for the fact it was all carbohydrates.
Of course, I can’t miss out another thing I love doing… Baking!!!
Wouldn’t it be fun to take the kids and come learn how to bake and decorate gorgeous looking German hearts with icing tips as you sip on an elegant glass of German wine you’ve never tasted before? They may seem like your normal traditional gingerbread men, but they’re surprisingly different! In German, German Hearts are called lebkuchenherzen. The bakers will talk about the history of this cookie and you get to decorate it afterwards. They range in size from small saucers to large platters and are strung with a ribbon for easy wearing. Of course they are decorated with the obligatory messages of love: “I love you” (Ich liebe Dich), “You’re my sweetheart” (Du bist mein sußes Herzchen) and “I think only of you” (Ich denke nur noch an Dich). You give them to friends or lovers or your family to express your feelings. How  cute is that?! You don’t even have to clean up after your own kitchen… Winning combination.
Speaking of the kids, the S-One Expo is a place not only the adults, but children too will love because there’s family-orientated entertainment everywhere.

Check out the festive atmosphere & vibes:

A huge bouncing dome, fun mascots and pretty Christmas tree lights.
Not a bad way to spend the day with your family & friends to get into the X’mas mood at all! :)
Grand Lucky Draw at S-One Expo details:
If you’re a bachelor / stomachless / heartless person (lol) and fun times or nice food doesn’t attract you as much, well then I guess a brand new flashy sports car worth thousands & thousandssss would be much more appealing.

Stand a chance to win all sorts of awesome prizes such as German branded home and kitchen appliances and cookware from WMF & Bosch, as well as vouchers and other collectibles, including the attractive top prize being a Porsche Boxster (your eyes do not deceive you. yes, it is inclusive of COE!!! ooh la la!~) and a trip for two to Stuttgart!! I WANT!

All Singaporeans love lucky draws, they sure know us well. You might just get really lucky!

Every $10 spent on F&B coupons gets you a lucky draw slip for a chance to win.  Draw will be held on 11 December 2012.  Winners will be notified by post.

So…. how DO you get to this S-One Expo??
And no, it’s not at Expo located in the East, please don’t confuse yourself ah. Here’s some helpful directions if you’re coming by public transport:
Have a blast, should you plan on going!! Tell your friends about the fun time you had. And do say hi if you see me wandering about at the S-One Expo, I may just bump into you there because I plan on swinging by when I’m in the area. Admission to enter the expo is free.

Click here for more information, it will lead you to the event’s website!

Auf Wiedersehen!!!! 
(That means Goodbye in German. Look at me, I think I’m all German now.)