Becoming a redhead

…Was one of the best things I did this year.

Sure, I’ve done a lot of other things with my life in 2012 probably more worthy of an honorable mention on my blog sensibly speaking (such as working hard to lose 10kg of fats, moving out of my parents’ place and renting an apartment of my own) but you know what…

Having a head full of fire kinda gave me a whole new identity. 

It made me change the way I styled my clothes, myself, and it prompted me to bother to dress up more often to suit my loud tresses. And I guess it even changed the way people looked at me. It screams personality, and it gives people a little insight to who you are just by first glance.

Unnaturally loud hair colors are almost like visible tattoos on a person’s body. It is there to serve as a statement. They say something about you that you wanna tell the world. I am me, hear me roar. Not everyone will approve of it, certainly not everybody will think its pretty or cool…. but YOU like it, and that’s what matters most, because it makes you, more you. I suppose this reasoning applies to hairstyles in general, not just wild hair colors.

Now, you don’t want to make the mistake of entrusting your precious hair to just ANY salon. The last time I went to a random salon to do my hair, my permed hair ended up looking like pubic hair. :’) It took me many months to grow it back after I cut it all off..You don’t even understand how many hair catastrophes I had to go through to finally settle down with a hair color + style + condition I’m more than satisfied with.

These days, I get my hair touched up and maintained at Shunji Matsuo 313 every other month! And I always walk out of there feeling amazing. AND FIERCE. ;)

The friendly and lovely stylists there take care of all my hair coloring, styling, cutting and treatment needs.

Here is my stylist, Eddie, tying pretty little intricate braids for me when I requested for “a different look” from my usual.

Because I’d previously bleached my hair to get an ombre-purple-pink style earlier this year (at a different salon, not Shunji Matsuo) my hair ends were awfully dry after negligent care (as it always is when you have to bleach your poor hair!), on the verge of breaking and splitting too easily. After religiously going back to do treatments every month, my hair condition has improved leaps and bounds!!

My all-time favorite hair treatment that Shunji Matsuo 313 offers is this 100% Organic Curement Treatment!

Using all natural herbs and oils from mother nature, this 4 step herbal treatment is suitable for people seeking more volume and shine for their hair, and especially good for super dry hair like I had. The difference is instant, noticeable and most importantly, long lasting. More treatments only result in my hair looking and feeling good for a few days tops, but my hair felt softer for weeks. I highly recommend trying this at Shunji Matsuo 313 if you have hair in need of urgent repair! Pricing for this treatment ranges from $101 – 155, depending on your individual hair length.

If you’ve been following my blog long enough, you can do a comparison of my hair BEFORE I started visiting Shunji Matsuo (Somerset 313 outlet) and after… judge the difference for yourself.

Pictures can do the convincing better than my words can.

This is what I call a true crowning glory!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

You can compare the Before and After effects from the pictures above and below this chunk of text. The pretty “After”math is the pic above – luscious healthy hair with treatment done, and robust color. The not-so-pretty “Before” pic below… faded red, roots growing out, noticeably drier texture.

Thanks to my stylist’s advice and concern, Eddie has also provided home treatments for me to DIY at home, which I believe is an important factor as well because you can’t possibly go to a salon every single week – you need to be able to maintain it yourself at home! If you visit Shunji Matsuo 313, ask them more about home care products that would suit you. After switching shampoos and conditioner upon their recommendation, my hair fall rate (which used to be a big balding issue) has decreased significantly, and my hair tangles less often. I’m using Matrix Biolage range and loving the results so far!

Thank you Shunji Matsuo 313 for giving a head full of hair that I can be proud of. I am happy to say I almost never have bad hair days any more… every day is a good hair day!!!

Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon @ 313
313 Orchard Road, #03-26,
313@Somerset, Singapore 238895
+65 6238 0226

Alternatively, find them on Facebook here. Mention or quote “Shiberty” for 10% off certain services!

To sidetrack a little, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had random strangers come up to me, smile and say “I love your hair!!!”. It ALWAYS makes me grin instantly, not just because someone is giving me a compliment, but because its not everyday you have a reason for people you don’t know to approach you and say something nice to you. They don’t have to do it, but they do it anyway. And living in Singapore where it is uncommon for everyday people to be nice for no apparent reason, I lap up every opportunity I get. It’s like how I always smile and appreciate it when someone who walks by me says, “Good day!”. It might not have been accurately so, but because of those two words, it probably will turn out to be a better one after all.

  • Cathy Lao

    This does damage the hair right? Just be sure to get all the right treatments for the hair, like I used to have my hair color every now and then. Then now its getting thin, so I have to go to Lao Fo Ye to have a hair growth treatment. Good thing is they only use natural herbs as ingredients. So I’m happy with my hair now, no hair dyes for me now. :)