The last chapter in Savannah

It’s been a long time since I was a model for a photo shoot.

Used to do it here and there for fun and for extra cash when I was younger and slimmer but eventually grew tired of the whole thing…. Nevertheless, it was really cool for me to be in front of the lens once again. I’m constantly in front of the camera thanks to my blogging life and vain friends, but to be a so-called “model” again for a day was extremely exciting! And tiring. I forgot that it was a tough job to do too. Waking up at 7am for godforsaken morning shoots, slapping on tons of make up on your face and forcing contact lenses into half closed eyes when you’re not even awake, rushing down to stupid isolated locations, trying to think of different unique poses that looks good on camera while balancing in heels and crossing difficult terrain…. Trying to breathe in tight outfits… Having to deal with perverted / condescending photographers (some times, but most of them were nice) and the list goes on! I think my least favorite part about doing photo shoots was letting other people do my make up. I really hate the amount of foundation they pile on and I always question if their brushes and products are clean enough. I don’t break out often but the worst break out I’ve had in my life was after a make up session with a terrible make up artist!!! Whole forehead covered in zits omg D:
Anyway today’s post is not a ranty, negative one but in fact a picture intensive, happy one. It was a real pleasure for me to have a photoshoot done with the amazingly talented Bobby Kiran Yeo. You might’ve already heard of Bobby before, or seen his pictures around somewhere because he’s a pretty popular photographer in Singapore!!! Especially his couple photo shoots, which are some of the best perspectives and angles I’ve ever seen. I wanted to do a shoot to take pretty pictures for my Youtube channel, Twitter & blog backgrounds… and we planned on doing it at Botanical Gardens at first, but eventually settled to shooting at my condo, much to my delight.
I thought it was a great idea because I’m leaving this place so soon, and these snaps would probably be the last pictures ever taken of me in this home. Like I said I’m super attached to this place so these pictures mean the world to me. They remind me of all the laughter and tears I’ve had around here and all the memories I’ve shared with friends & family. 
Enjoy the picture gallery! 
This is probably my most favorite one!! :) I like this so much I cropped it this way too:
Thank you Bobby for capturing these moments of me at home, and for being so comfortable & professional to work with! He’s funny, not overly pushy or too demanding as a photographer, and comes up with fantastic creative ideas. He was the genius who persuaded me to use Tilikum (my giant killer whale which I lugged back from Orlando, Florida, USA) as a shoot prop! It’s rather unfortunate that the pics had to be resized to fit my blog layout, what a shame. They’re incredibly high res and look so different when magnified full sized on a big computer screen in its full glory!!! O_O  Wish I could let you guys see the original versions. I have this urge to frame some of the best looking ones up in my new place LOL… But that would be too narcissistic, even for me.
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If you’re looking for a ROM / wedding / pre-wedding photographer, romantic couple shoot, or other photography services…. drop Bobby a message and let him know I referred you! :) Quote my name & “Like” his Facebook page for 10% off the total package. He is also available for surprise proposals, overseas shoots, birthday parties, blogshop shoots. You’ll love his work. He really does find the best angles and moments of each individual to bring out in his photography. Having shot with many different photographers before, Bobby stands out from the rest by letting you be yourself and letting your true essence shine through the photo. All pictures were taken in the beautiful holiday resort-like condo that I’ve had the privilege of staying in. Maybe now you can sorta understand why I’m so reluctant to leave.

..And with that, the last chapter of my life in the Savannah is finally coming to an end.