2fifteen kitchen

When my friend Nich first told me about 2fifteen kitchen, I was skeptical (as I always am about new restaurants, sorry an inbuilt reflex these days!) but excited to try it out at the same time. He said a new establishment had recently opened in the West side of Singapore that seemed to offer exquisite French-inspired food, so off we went as soon as we had free time one afternoon!

Tucked away at a corner of the newly opened Rochester Mall is where you’ll find 2fifteen kitchen. It’s called 2fifteen kitchen because their unit number is literally #02-15. LOL I was hoping for a more exciting story like how two chefs are fifteen years old started this restaurant together or something crazy like that… but I guess that really wouldn’t make any sense so a perfectly logical explanation for the name will do.

Upon entering 2fifteen kitchen I noted that their decor while minimalist and simple, was cozy and quite elegant. They also had a fair bit of lunch groups consisting mainly of office people who work nearby.

Alfresco seating was available! I’m an air-con freak and I always insist on indoor seating in Singapore, but it was actually a rather pleasant day to sit out since the area is sheltered from the sun.

N and I happily seated at our table waiting hungrily for our food!!!!

For drinks, I ordered orange juice. N actually laughed at me and called me auntie for taking a picture of my orange juice. What??? Good orange juice is hard to find ok!!! This was very nice indeed. Perfect sourness / sweetness combination, some pulp and good consistency. OJ is probably my favorite drink in the world so this was a big deal to me. I don’t really take any alcohol or wine (except for the occasional beer) so OJ is my poison.

Him being sweet & hardworking by writing comments on the dishes and recording their names + prices for me because I have a bad memory and was lazy to do it myself. Aww.

Instead of choosing individual dishes that day, I told the kitchen to have their chef bring his most recommended dishes to our table…. and this was the gastronomical adventure we went on at 2fifteen kitchen!!!

Frematle octopus leg with citrus oil, ripen tomato and pearl mango, $22

I really wasn’t expecting this to be the first dish to be served. To be really honest I am not a fan of squid at all because I think it tastes like rubber. Also the suction pads freak me out…. The kitchen did ask me if I didn’t eat anything in particular so they wouldn’t serve those dishes but I thought I should be more open minded today and took a bite of the octopus leg.

I was blown away. The texture of this octopus leg was incredible!!! So soft it caught me off guard (you can tell by how squishy and delicate it looks in the pic, here it doesn’t sport the stiff rubbery look it normally has) but it has a slight chewiness to it. It was lightly coated in citrus oil which went well together with the BBQed smokey flavor. Ohhh and the tomatoes + little mango pieces really brought the whole dish together. I would never ever order squid in a restaurant, but I would TOTALLY order this again.

Plus I like how I can’t see any obvious signs of tentacles (haha). It doesn’t look or taste like a squid to me. It’s better than what I’m used to. Great start to the meal! I wonder if their octopus legs are really from Fremantle in Perth? I forgot to ask the chef this. I also never really saw octopus legs being served like this in Freo, so… where did this name come from?

Quick seared foie gras on caramelized watermelon and green apple balsamic syup, $28

Foie gras is the epitome of sinful good food. ♥ (yes I know how cruel it is but what can I do I’m a pig) I don’t eat it often, but when I do, its always a big treat. The foie gras here is among the best I’ve had, and I’ve had some in pretty expensive places which don’t even come close. Crisp exterior, smooth custard-like interior (the chef says its like tao huey! lol) and of course it has to be accompanied by some sort of fruit to balance the heaviness of the liver. I’ve had foie gras with mostly salads, bread, pears, apples and oranges… but never watermelon AND feta cheese together with it.

You’d think goat’s cheese + watermelon = gross, but it’s actually a pretty win combination. The sweetness and juice from the watermelon tones down the salty strong flavor of the feta. What I really like about 2fifteen kitchen’s food is the amount of thought that has gone into bringing out the best unique flavors in each dish with carefully planned ingredients!!! For those of you who have never tried foie gras, this will be a good introduction to the wonderful world of fatty duck livers.

Pan seared Hokkaido sea scallop, braised cannellini bean with lobster bisque foam, $28

Happiness is seeing two big FAT succulent scallops sitting in front of you, waiting to be devoured. These scallops were honestly humongous!!!!! I think easily the biggest I’ve ever eaten. Scallops shrink some 20% after cooking so I can’t really imagine how big they were BEFORE cooking. Most scallops fit whole into my mouth but this one I actually had to cut into two because it was that big lol. Should have put my finger next to it so you could roughly judge the size!

Perfect scallops should never be cooked all the way through and these were amazing in every way possible. I didn’t care much for the beans that came with it, however. But I do appreciate the thoughtful presentation on every plate.

Lobster bisque with crab meat and pistacho, $16

I heart me a good warm bowl of bisque. A good bisque should have a rather distinct bitter flavor, because it comes from the boiled & grounded up shells of the lobster / crustacean. This was soup for the soul and the bits of crab meat swimming in the soup with the crunchy pistachios added much needed texture and bite to the bisque. The foam on top lightens the thick flavor of the soup nicely!

Prawn capellini in aromatic oil, $26

SO. MUCH. LOVE. for this pasta dish. If I could eat one food for the rest of my life it would probably be pasta because it comes in so many different forms and variations. The best word to describe this would be “addictive”! The first bite I took - “Ok. Not bad. Like aglio olio, but different.”

Then “Mmm ok actually this is better than not bad…. This is actually really good.” and by my third mouthful… “OMG I LOVE this thing. Give me more.”

The portion is halved in this picture so you actually get 4 prawns and double the amount of pasta normally, I believe. We bugged the chef to let up his secret ingredient in this dish and we found out that the “aromatic oil” was actually lobster oil!!!! No wonder it is so yummeh! Little dried seaweed and garlic bits everywhere… satisfaction in every bite. It is a really simple taste but it keeps you wanting more. According to the chef, some people order two plates of this at one go!

Slow seared pork belly with savoy cabbage, $30

This dish probably made the least impression on me that afternoon. Not that it wasn’t nice, it was nice, but after having so many different impressive items at 2fifteen kitchen my expectations bar had been raised so high, I expected everything to be much more than just “nice”. The skin of the pork belly was extremely crispy while the meat was tender, however perhaps it wasn’t salted or seasoned enough for my liking because I prefer stronger flavors. The pork belly was rather mild, as was the cabbage, and I found the whole dish to be rather underwhelming.

Nevertheless I’m sure this will be popular with people who like to order “safe” items on the menu and for older customers. I was told this is actually their 2nd most popular dish, I wouldn’t have guessed so at all, so obviously everyone has different preferences!

Grilled angus flank steak, garlic potatoes, shallot confit in red wine sauce, $32

My preferred cut of beef is the tenderloin… mmm filet mignon. Chewy steaks aren’t my favorite, and flank is a rather chewy cut, kinda similar to hanger steaks, but a steak is a steak at the end of the day and I will never say no to decent slab of medium rare beef. I thoroughly enjoyed the flavors of this dish – the peppered charred top of the steak, melt in your mouth potatoes & red wine sauce soaked shallots but the whole time I spent eating this beef I was just sitting there wishing it was a different cut of meat instead, lol. A real #firstworldproblem. If you prefer a steak with more bite than this will be for you.

We ended the meal on a sweet note – I had the kitchen prepare a special surprise for N’s birthday which is coming up, but unfortunately I’ll be on an overseas trip and can’t spend it with him so…..

Happy 20th Birthday in advance!!!!!! xx

Thank you for being my pillar of support when the rest of the world turns their back on me. Other people don’t understand our friendship, but it’s okay, I / we don’t need their approval. We know we got a good thing right here and that’s all that matters.

Just so we’re clear… I instructed the kitchen to write that message, not him, lol. Thought it would be funny and he got so embarrassed by it!!!

Here’s my dessert platter filled with all sorts of delicious sweet treats! Mango mousse with caramelized rice krispies base, chocolate hazelnut praline, a mini slice of apple pie pastry, vanilla bean ice cream and rock melon pudding with passionfruit. Isn’t it beaaauuuutiful?!?

You can’t order this exact item on the menu as the chef specially put together this platter for us that day, but there are regular desserts like Panna Cotta available for ordering on the menu, and their desserts of the day often alternate when they change their weekly menu for set lunches…. so you can check out what desserts they offer that day when you head down! Their kitchen is pretty flexible with menu items and will entertain special requests not normally found on the menu as long as you call and ask in advance.

It was an honor meeting Chef Kenny Yeo and chatting with him about his accomplished work as a chef and also discussing the delectable food he’s created. As y’all know I love to cook and I love to eat, so this was a mind boggling experience for me to sit down with a chef and talk about food.. Hearing first hand about how he once had to work 20 hour shifts in hotels as a chef to get to where he is today. So much hard work. And you all still ask me to open a restaurant?! LOL. 20 hours I will die ah!!! Let me just do the eating part, thanks!

Chef Kenny is a humble and approachable guy who insisted on bringing every dish to our table, and was very receptive towards our comments even if some of them weren’t 100% compliments! It’s a pity the restaurant is so far from my place, if not I’d visit more often… but for good food, I WILL be back some day, and I can’t wait till the next time. Thank you 2fifteen kitchen for hosting such a fabulous lunch, I had a wonderful afternoon and my stomach couldn’t be more pleased!!!

2fifteen kitchen

35 Rochester Drive, #02-15, Rochester Mall, Singapore 138639
Tel: 66598215

Food quality: 4.5/5
Service / Ambience: 3.5/5 (the waiters were quick to change our cutlery and refill drinks)
Value for Money: 4/5 (fine dining food, at a less steep pricing and more casual environent, not as pretentious)
Most suitable for: Dinner dates for couples, office lunches (they have set menus)… and just indulging in good food + spending quality time with your family and friends, if they’re into this sorta food! A good way to idle away your afternoon, not too busy during lunch time as its a new restaurant.