Halloween Horrors at Universal Studios Singapore

I’ve never really celebrated Halloween properly. (Not that there’s anything to “celebrate” per se)

I’ve always wanted to dress up in a cool (and by cool I mean a non-slutty, legitimate) Halloween costume and go trick or treating with my friends. Having said that, I don’t live in America, so if I wound up knocking on peoples doors in a scary costume asking for candy, Singaporeans would probably call the police on my ass. So the next best way to have fun during Halloween… is scaring the pants off myself at Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 2!!! Or if you’re a girl in crisis you can go to Zouk / *insert other random nightclub here* baring your midriff and cleavage taking pictures with random horny men.

Thank you Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and Resorts World Sentosa for the invites! I’ve never experienced anything like that night before. I don’t think I have screamed that much in a single evening. It was like doing extreme cardio for 15 minutes straight every time I enter a haunted house!!!

Halloween Horrors at USS runs from 8pm-1am on select weekends during Halloween month and turns the normal day theme park into a freaky haunted house maze and spooky characters galore at night. We went on the very first night the event opened and boy was it crowded like crazy!!! Thousands of people squeezing like sardines just to get into USS. We managed to skip all lines however, thank goodness.

Upon entering the theme park, you’ll realize how much effort has gone into making this event a special one.

They hired hundreds of dedicated scare actors running around the park waiting to creep up on you to give you a fright, there’s loud creepy music playing constantly + convincing props and set ups everywhere… the mood was VERY spooky indeed.

Mother of god.

I mean come on. Make up alone must’ve taken all day!!! I love the attention to detail Universal Studios always delivers.

The highlight of Halloween Horrors is three themed 1) Haunted Houses – Insanitarium (mental hospital)

2) Death Alley (Chinese themed, think creepy old grandmother during 7th month) and 3) Dungeon of Damnation (my favorite! I think this is just a random mix of weird stuff. My personal favorite! Not for the claustrophobic)

No photography is allowed inside the haunted houses so I couldn’t take pictures to show you guys but the special effects were crazily impressive and realistic. I especially liked the room full of fake maggots that we all had to step on hahaha. The most freaky part for me was being alone with Sam in a room that had strobe lights constantly flashing off. Have you ever seen a horror movie whereby the lights flickered on and off in a pitch black room, and every time the light came on, the ghost was nearer to you?

Yep. That happened to me. Except this was in real life and really CONVINCING actors reaching out to grab me and I think I actually almost cried LOLOL. I held onto Sam, closed my eyes shut and wouldn’t budge… he literally had to drag me along. I wouldn’t move unless I had Nicholas on my left, and Sam on my right. I was clutching onto them EVERY step of the way. Imma girl!!! I can be one!!!!!1111

If you think you might suffer from a heart attack from the frights, don’t worry, there’s USS staff stationed every few meters to make sure everything happens in the name of good natured fun, no violence or injury will be involved. If you also think that you won’t be scared, YOU WILL BE. People jumping out at you from every damn corner!!!

Apart from the haunted houses and scare actors, some of the rides are open as well! Most of the roller coasters, mainly.

Everyone had spooky make up on! Every. Single. Person.

Ok maybe except the security guards. See those “blood packs”? They’re packets of passionfruit juice apparently! Cute idea.

I can’t figure out if this is a mask or not!!!! It looks so real! And their eyes… they even went out of their way to buy and put on funky colored contacts. Kudos to the production team.

No idea what this thing is but it tried to scare me hence the stupid expression on my face…..

I can’t imagine the life of people who have to wear the ultra heavy mascot costumes like this one, all night until 1am… In Singapore’s humid, warm weather + maddening crowds. I sincerely hope they’re paid a lot.

Sam & his dream wife. LOL

Me and my dream husband.

Just kidding…. Hahah. *coughs*

Little girls and old women are the scariest ghost characters.

Holy Shiz O______O

Tomorrow (28th October 2012) is the last day of Halloween Horrors at Universal Studios!!! Grab some friends and go and have some fun. Scream and live a little. Don’t commit the grave error of NOT purchasing the Express tickets, because trust me, waiting 2.5 hours in line like 90% of the other people in the park for a single attraction is not fun at all…

I enjoyed myself heapsss and I hope USS will have Christmas themed events in December!!! PLEASE!!!

Happy Halloween everyone! No matter if you’re slutting or spooking it up, have a spooktacular time. (Omg I’m so corny). Signing off with the only relatively cute mascot of the day – an oversized voodoo doll.