Soft & smooth hair all day long with Sunsilk

…Think you know bad hair days?

You’re wrong.

You, my friend, have yet to witness or experience…..


Which happens to me way too often. All you girls complaining about your hair….. lol please, look at mine hor.

The thing about having a crazy hair color like blood red is that you have to refresh the dye every so often. If I don’t, my black roots look painfully obvious on the bright red. More hair coloring = super dried out hair. This hair color is super high maintenance and besides keeping the color fresh, its a tough struggle to keep it soft, shiny and tangle free! As you can see from the photo above…. I don’t always succeed. Underneath that layer of tangles, lies more piles of tangles, that took more than an hour to undo. Must have dropped 100 hair strands while I was at it.

Note that my hair above, was not intentionally portrayed that way or messed up specifically just to get a point across. My hair, in all honesty, was like that for about 4 whole days. Yeah, I went out to face the world with that bush on my head (I am shameless like that). I’d traveled to Australia and got complacent to brush my hair everyday because I get a lot of tangles and its so time consuming and annoying and I forgot to bring my hair brush with me, I just gave up on it completely. The crazy Australian weather (read: 35 degrees sun, then hail, then sun, then thunderstorms) messed up my hair realll good too. I can’t believe I’d let my hair get sooo bad!!! *hangs head in shame* Yeah, I know some of you sisters hear me.

I tried to fix it by religiously applying hair treatments and hair masks in the shower as I noticed the situation getting from bad to worse, but it really didn’t help much. It would feel nice in the night time after I get out of the shower, and okay in the morning, but by the time afternoon and evening hits…. sigh.

A frizzy, tangly mess awaited me every night in the shower.

There was no turning back.



Sunsilk’s new Nourishing Soft & Smooth range came along!!!
(Ignore the crazed look that’s what happens when your untamed hair looks like a lion’s mane)

Superrrr happy because I’ve had absolutely no time at all to visit my salon since I’ve gotten back to get a professional hair treatment done, and I needed a quick home DIY fix… FAST. If I had left my tangles to get any worse, pretty sure they’d need to be snipped off. Damn you super fine and dry hair!!! I can never have a day of peace.

In the new Sunsilk range, we’ve got a shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask & nourishing oil spray

Which I couldn’t wait to test out!!! I’m sure you guys don’t need me to show you how to shampoo and condition your hair (unless you wanna see me in the shower uh oh) so I’m going to skip to my main point and share more with you guys (or girls in this case) about my favorite product of the lot!

With a heavy heart, I began the incredibly arduous and treacherous task of untangling the pile of mess dangling off my scalp which I shamefully call… “my hair.”

It took me 10 whole days and nights (or at least it felt like it) but with a lot of brute force and an even larger amount of patience…


Phew. Looking back at the tangled picture I really think I should get a medal for doing the impossible.

Now, introducing my favorite hair care product from Sunsilk’s Nourishing Soft & Smooth range, the hero…. Nourishing Oil spray!

It has 2 layers in the bottle, consisting of moisturizing cream to penetrate deeply (hehe) into hair follicles for nourishment, and nourishing oil to make it look instantly shinier without weighing it down. This Nourishing Oil Spray, like all the other products in Sunsilk’s new range comes packed & loaded with five different kinds of oils derived from mother nature to effortlessly restructure and moisturize your hair!!

A lot of hair products in the market these days promise healthier, shinier hair with oil based solutions for us, but here’s the difference between Sunsilk’s product VS most other generic oil based products offered.

I like to use the nourishing oil spray on my hair when it gets totally dry or in the middle of the day (although you can use on damp hair as well), because I feel that is when it needs the extra boost of moisture and shine the most. Plus it keeps my flyaway hair totally in check.

Just give it two good shakes and a couple of spritzes, and you can almost immediately feel AND see the differences!

First difference I noticed:

Damn, muh hair smells goooood. ♥

In Sam’s words…. “Your hair smells like a field of flowers.” I will definitely bring this the next time I’m going for Korean BBQ with friends!!!! There’s few things in this world grosser than hair that smells like a piece of pork chop after having a nice meal. I especially adore Sunsilk’s scents in their shampoos, because it lasts all day and night and I can smell it even until the next time I’m in the shower. I’ve used their products since I was in secondary school (on and off)

Second difference I noticed? My super dry hair (or mane) is so much easier to manage now!

Not even kidding – lookie!!! You wish you could reach out into the computer to touch it don’t you lolol.

It became from unruly and completely disheveled, to, well… much more manageable for me to handle. I won’t lie and tell you all WAHHH LAO EH my hair instantly became super silky like Rapunzel’s its a freaken miracle (you can see for yourself in the photos anyway) BUT there was definitely a noticeable difference in texture and looks, more so in texture than the latter I conclude after running my fingers through my hair. It is a mini miracle in itself.

Not bad at all!!!! /Ignore my lousy ends, the spray can’t fix that/

If you’re still not convinced, here’s a side by side comparison of the overall view for you to be the judge.

I did not apply any other product on my hair during the time I took the Before and After shots. The only difference I made was comb my hair, and apply Sunsilk’s Nourishing Oil Spray. I think I’m in love.

The thing I like the most about the spray is that despite containing 5 different types of natural oils to nourish my hair, it doesn’t weigh down my hair and make it feel all icky and oily. It looks slightly wetter in these pictures because I sprayed my hair seven times instead of the recommended 2 times… LOL SUPER KIASU. But don’t worry, it air dried and within 15 minutes it looked considerably drier, you wouldn’t be able to tell I had anything on.

It actually feels much smoother without being greasy at all. That’s the number one problem I find with most hair serums and oils, really. It’s so thick and heavy and it makes me look dirtier and less attractive!!! If I wanted just the oily look, I’d pour olive oil straight out of the bottle onto my hair, same stuff. But a grease head is NOT the look I’m going for. I don’t have that issue with Sunsilk’s Nourishing Oil Spray because the formula is wonderfully light while being potent enough to actually work. I love advertising for products I love using myself!

So I’m pretty sure any girl who’s ever had frizzy, dry, unmanageable and bad hair days is feeling pretty jealous of my Sunsilk babies right now. *flicks hair around*… :D

 Don’t be jealous!!!


Because Sunsilk is about to send some nourishing hair lovin’ your way too!!! There are 2 ways you can get yourself some of Sunsilk’s awesome new products to pamper yourself with at home:

Join the Sunsilk Good Times Extended contest.

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And keep posting!!! The most number of Instagram posts by one user gets 1 year’s supply worth of Sunsilk hair care products, and most creative posts (chosen weekly) get $100 worth of Sunsilk products. For gorrjusss hair that will be the envy of everyone, everyday (for some, for the next whole year)!! Woop woop.

An example of a caption and photo I’d enter myself would be…

“After using Sunsilk’s Nourishing Oil spray, my hair is so much softer and smoother that I can leave the house without any worries of it tangling in the wind like it usually does! No need for ponytails when jogging no more. You can FLY FREE, hair!!! #sunsilkgoodtimes”


..ORRR if contests are not your kinda thing and you just can’t wait to try Sunsilk’s new products NOW:
Visit their website to get a sample to try out, kiss your hair woes goodbye and have your Good Times Extended with Sunsilk today!

“I’ve had enough, this is my prayer, that I’ll die living just as free as my hair.” – Lady Gaga