Snippets from a typical day in Perth

Whenever I tell people I’m going to Perth (again, I know, I was just there in February this year), they’d be all like…. “So soon? Back to Perth? What do you do there, anyway? It’s so slow paced…”

I admit, I have a slight obsession with this Australian city. And yeah, it IS slow paced, precisely why I like it so much.
Well, when I’m not watching Taylor Swift in concert, swimming with wild bottlenose dolphins, riding horses on the beach, taking overnight road trips and the likes…. I do the things normal people do, in Perth. They’re not especially glamorous or particularly exciting but I love it anyway, because its still so different from Singapore. Even something as mundane sounding as taking a walk in the park makes my day because the weather is so beautiful (when it doesn’t decide to hail).. and yes, the grass IS greener on this side. So is the sky, it is infinitely bluer. I guess it also depends on what you make of the situation. Whenever I’m in Perth, I’m spending time catching up with family and friends that I haven’t seen in a long time, so I have heaps of fun no matter where I’m at! So here’s what I do on Perth, on a normal day

My chosen get up of the day to frolick around Perth.

Uniquely Perth 1: Hello, overpriced Chinese food.
Your average Chinese restaurant in Perth is nowhere near as good as Singapore’s (Well duh. Sidetracking a bit, SWEE CHOON IS THE BEST SUPPER PLACE TO HAPPEN TO SINGAPORE) but we’ll make do.. Because what the heck, everyone gets sick of pastas, steaks and burgers after a while, and chinese food is a welcome change after having Western consecutively. 
Apparently everyone else agrees because it was 11am on a Sunday and ALL the Chinese restaurants offering dim sum were crazy packed!!! We’re talking 20 people waiting in line outside a fullhouse restaurant kind of packed.
After driving around for 30 minutes, we finally found a quiet stretch of road with a restaurant that actually had seats.
Happy whenever I can have a meal with my mum. I really don’t see her enough, she’s always overseas.
A lot of people have commented recently that my mum and I look alike. I don’t really think so?! The only similarity is our long faces… her nose is wayy sharper than mine, and our eyes and lips shapes are totally different! I don’t exactly look like my Dad either (not pictured above). Makes me wonder if they picked me up from a rubbish bin like they used to joke about.
After dim sum, we head straight for desserts. Mum couldn’t stop raving about this place and insisted we come here!

Loving all the low rise buildings with individual, unique, family-owned stores. Simple things like that fascinate me… like how much land they have in Australia compared to Singapore. I’ve grown up living in one of the smallest countries in the whole world.
The place is called Theobroma Chocolate Lounge, if you guys would like to check it out.
Choosing your dessert is serious business… 
Uniquely Perth 2: Indulge in sweet stuff. I love how almost every Western cafe and restaurant offers cakes and yummeh desserts in Perth, something we don’t have enough of in Singapore. Sure, we’ve got just a few niche cafes specializing in some chocolates and desserts mostly in obscure locations popping up recently… but we need to have em more readily available!!!

Raspberry cheesecake *_______* Super light and fluffy, not heavy at all, which was lovely. I noticed they always serve cheesecake with a generous dollop of whipped cream. I think it’s an Australian thing.
Holy cow…. melted warm Belgium milk chocolate drizzled over freshly made crepes, with 2 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream at the side. GET IN MY BELLY!!!
The chocolate was sooo rich and wonderful. Normally I’m not even that big a fan of milk chocolate (I’m a white choc kinda girl) You know with all the crazy amounts of mad food I stuff my face with in Perth, its a miracle I don’t put on weight whenever I go there. I weigh myself before I went, and after I came back, I wasn’t any bit heavier.. which was shocking. I was like :DDD when I saw the scale. I reckon it is coz of all the walking I do in Perth, which I don’t bother with in Singapore because the weather is too unpleasant. I come back with largely developed calf muscles lolol.
Uniquely Perth 3: Awesome number plates on vehicles!

I saw Jessie once. My friend said this Leonardo car plate would be worth up to 5k….. In Singapore you can only bid for nice sounding numbers like 8888.

You’ll see quite a lot of unique and vintage cars in Perth. Vehicles in Australia are so cheap and aplenty, you can get a second hand one for under 5k. And for the record they don’t have a 90k COE price tag that Singaporeans have to pay….

This one is so funnily shaped and its called A Minor!!!! Cute maximus. Actually now I’m wondering if its A Minor as in music or…. A minor as in underage?! 
Uniquely Perth 4: Go grocery shopping in their larger than life supermarkets. Holy guacamole.
Look at that fully stocked deli. I have died and gone to housewife heaven. If I lived in Australia I would cook wayyy more often than I already do in Singapore. SO MUCH fresh produce in Australia….. back home the supermarket doesn’t even stock steaks…. or sometimes even minced pork…. or basic fruits and vegetables like lemons. -___- 
*stabs self in the heart and dies* Nothing is more frustrating than finding a great recipe only to find you don’t have access to the damn delicious looking ingredients!!!
Back to the apartment for a change in outfit, Mum lent me her Abercrombie & Fitch track suit….. and somehow persuaded me to take a one hour brisk walk / jog around Burswood Park, 10 minutes from where we stay.

While jogging along the Swan River…. Not bad for a candid shot hey?!

Just my hair…. swaying in the wind. Went to touch up my fiery tresses at Shunji Matsuo a few days before my flight.

Good thing I did because it got me countless compliments from Perthians!!! Been 2 weeks and its still blood red. I still can’t understand how they got my hair so red without bleaching it! I’ve never been complimented this excessively by strangers and honestly having complete randoms suddenly come up to you, exclaiming excitedly “I LOVE your hair!! Where’d you get it done?” while almost rudely reaching out to touch your hair without permission is something I haven’t gotten used to yet. Cuz then I have to tell them I did it in Singapore and they look all disappointed like…. well at least you peeps in Singapore know who to go to for awesome hair coloring.

Uniquely Perth 5: Strolling along the Swan River and taking in its beauty.
It is ever blue and sparkling, and home to many different animals as well! A lot of people in Perth have told me they spot dolphins happily cruising this river frequently – I have yet to see one myself!! The Swan River runs along most of Perth’s landscape…. and it is a stunningggg backdrop for the city. I LOVE looking out for birds that live around it, such as these boastful black swans which the river was named after. They’re everywhere!!!

 My favorite past time in car rides is to look out for unique birds flying around. Western Australia’s wildlife is truly astounding, even in the city and urbanized areas. Wildlife is definitely something I feel deprived of when I’m in Singapore. My hometown is a fantastic super rich super modern super safe super clean city with super infrastructure etc etc but its lacking these simple basic things that makes life extra beautiful. I love animals! Not in the “I love puppies / kittens / bunnies and all things cute” or dog lover kind of way… but I love WILD animals, being around them, learning about them in documentaries, observing them up close.. :)

In this small park alone I spotted black swans, swifts, silver gulls, great comorants, crows, magpies, three different types of ducks, willy wagtails, HUGE PELICANS, rainbow lorikeets… and others I don’t even know the names of. They filled the air with all sorts of animated happy chirping and calls, and it was fun to see bright colors zooming right above my head, barely inches away from me. Some even walked right up to my feet (hoping I’d feed them?)….. no fear man.

I have this new found fascination with birds since frequenting Australia because they have so much of them. Who knows, in the future I might be one of those weird bird watchers going to nature reserves with binoculars and a notebook lol.

While we’re on the topic…. check out this strange lady feeding all the birds. 
We walked over in bemusement and said hi to her but she shot us a strange look, then turned her back and ignored us. I guess she prefers birds to humans by a long shot. You can’t see the rest of the birds outside of this shot but there must have been 100+ of them O_O
Sam being wonderfully childish and scaring them off after the lady got up and left. I love how he too thinks chasing after sea gulls is hilarious. I enjoy doing that way too much for a 20 year old… sea gulls are so annoying and funny at the same time hahahaha
This is what I mean when I say the Swan River really completes Perth’s beauty.
Uniquely Perth 6: King’s Park.

Panoramic views of the sky line you won’t get anywhere else, and velvety lush gardens!!! I’ve been here every single trip to Perth, and I will continue making it a point to visit in all my future trips. No trip to Perth is proper without checking out King’s Park, one of the largest inner city parks in the world… even bigger than Central Park in New York! I would have loved to have taken more pictures but it was just too damn cold and windy, I was literally shivering. I have more pictures in my archive taken years ago if you wanna have a look.

It is Spring in Australia now, wish means wildflowers galore!!!!!!!!!! Fields and gardens blossom with an assorted array of flora. If you take a few hours drive outta Perth you will be amazed at all the wildflowers you can see. These lavender bushes smelled like heaven…. or rather just like the body lotions and bath soaps I pay $20 a bottle for. 

These Instagram (@shiberty) pictures were taken around the neighbourhood, with the purple one literally being right outside the door step.

Bel and I!!! Right before we went to have yummy pizzas at Little Caesars for dinz.
Very appreciative of friends who take time off their busy schedules to hang out with Sam and I and bring us around to cool new places when we came to Perth on a last minute decision :)

Bel, Conan, H, Robert, Gwen, Denise… you guys are all awesome ♥

Despite it being Spring, it felt A LOT like Winter.. hence we were dressed for the occasion. It’d be like 9 degrees in the day time. When the wind blew I felt like dying.

For some reason the whole week I was in Perth happened to be a freak week of unforgiving thunderstorms, hail (yes, muthafuckin hail!!! god was basically taking a cold poop on perth) when I was told the week Before AND After I visited, straight days of warm sunny perfect weather. Someone up there doesn’t like me.

At least that gave me a valid reason to wear my cute beanie. I hope the next time I visit it is during summer so I get to go to Ningaloo Reef… which I’ve been planning to for agesss. 
So so so much of Western Australia I’ve yet to explore. I feel like I’ve barely uncovered the tip of the iceberg.