Eu Yan Sang – Weight Management Program Post 3

My journey with Eu Yan Sang’s Weight Management has now reached an end.

 Bear with me as I tell you a long winded but absolutely essential story, about my struggle with my weight.. and how Eu Yan Sang has helped me work towards my goal to be healthier, and happier.

I will never forget the day I walked through those clinic doors, because that day changed my life. I was bursting with excitement, yet afraid at the same time.

Excited that someone out there was willing to offer their help to manage my weight problem, but also terribly afraid of the possible outcomes. For some reason, the idea that I was going to be fat forever was drilled into my head… What if even Eu Yan Sang couldn’t help me??? I haven’t always been drastically overweight. For my earliest blog readers, you would know that I used to be much more confident of the way my body looked and did photo shoots in skimpy bikinis for the heck of it and some part time casual modeling as well. I would put on make up and dress up in nice clothes literally every other day because I enjoyed looking nice. But somewhere along the way I somehow just stopped caring so much about whether my butt looks big in these jeans (my butt looks big in everything anyway), or if people think I’m good looking or not. I formed the idea that looking hot and pretty is overrated. I met my boyfriend Sam, who was insanely nice to me at the start, and assured me that no matter how I end up looking, he would love me all the same anyway. I naively believed it, and thought that gave me the OK to stuff my face with food every single day… because it’s okay to be fat as long as people who love me still continue to love me, right? At that point in time I’d already stopped taking photo shoots. I figured there wasn’t much of a reason for me to wanna strive to be slim anymore. I’ve never looked back since.

Well, not up until half a year ago. When I finally realized how grossly and scarily unhealthy I had become, I knew I had to do something about it. I had wayyy passed the stage of “not conforming to society’s expectations of beauty” to “plain unhealthy, pure negligence” and…. dare I say it? Denial.

The thing about being a “curvy” girl is that you’re always just one meal off from being fat. The most frightening part about gaining weight is how fast it actually happens, and how some times you can’t exactly wrap your head around the idea that you’re bigger because you see yourself in the mirror everyday and you don’t realize the magnitude of the differences until you look back at old, thinner photos of yourself and go “WHAT THE HECK happened?!?” I didn’t spend the past 2 years gaining weight, as some people might think. I probably gained all the weight in the first 8 months and then spent the rest of the time not doing anything about it. I didn’t do anything about my weight for such a long time, for a few reasons.

1) I liked food too much.
(And I didn’t like exercise, at all) You could even call it an obsession. I give a more in depth explanation of why this is so, here. I don’t know when I decided I loved food a helluvalot more than I love my own body, health and image, but I’m glad I’m not like that any more. I mean obviously I still freaken love food but I love myself just as much, too.

2) Everyone kept pointing out to me that I was fat. 
Clearly nobody likes to be told they’re ugly or unappealing to the eyes in any sort of way, but I didn’t feel upset, hurt or insulted as much as I felt pure annoyance. I remember thinking to myself, why on earth is it normal and totally okay for someone to casually say “You’ve gained weight!” when no one ever says to people, “Hey, you’ve gotten uglier”, even when the latter also happens to be true? I mean, just the way people go about addressing weight issues REALLY pisses me off. There are much worse things in life than fatness. Like I have mentioned in an earlier post, and I will say it again, Singaporeans in general are disturbingly allergic to fat people. In a way, the retarded rebel in me decided if these annoying people are telling me to lose weight, then NOT losing weight is exactly what I’m going to do. WHY should I let these jokes who don’t mean crap to me tell me how I should look, how I should eat, how I should look?! Mind your own business!

3) Eventually, though, reality sinks in, and I woke up to realize that even I don’t like my own body no more.
Opinions from others aside, I admitted to myself that I’m worth so much more than this. It really doesn’t matter what people say, how I feel about myself holds a ton more weight (if you know what I mean). My figure and physique became more of a burden than something I take pride in, or something I could be proud of. The days of modeling now seem so long ago…. how did I ever let myself fall this far? When that day of realization actually came, I cried long and hard. I now know it wasn’t just about I didn’t care what others had to say about me. The truth was that I just didn’t even care about myself anymore. Inadvertently, besides gaining weight I let my hair roots grow out and I never bothered to brush it, I settled for ugly clothes because it was the only thing I could ever fit in and my health was worse than any other 19 year old I knew… I was just so sick and tired of the situation. I NEEDED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. For real this time.

Lucky for me, somewhere around May, Eu Yan Sang stepped into the picture and offered their Traditional Chinese method of weight management to help me keep my weight under control. If you haven’t already, read the start of my experience with them here, and post 2 here, because I talk a lot about how the treatments (acupuncture & herbal medication) are carried out, the costs, side effects, and everything else you need to know.

This post is more of a conclusive one to summarize what life is like after my 2 months plus long treatment with them has ended.

This is me, on my very last session of acupuncture with Eu Yan Sang….. You can see the needles poking out from my back. I’ve gotten so used to needles poking out from all sorts of angles in my body that I could camwhore, use my phone and play games with the same hands that have needles in them. No problem.

I felt very emotional that day, because I was so thankful to have been given this opportunity. I don’t know how long I would have procrastinated before doing something serious about my weight if not for Eu Yan Sang. Prior to my collaboration with them, I restricted myself to less soft drinks, more exercise here and there etc but I wasn’t trying anywhere near as hard because nobody was there to give me a helping hand and pushing me along, but everyone at the Eu Yan Sang clinics did. The people I’ve had the pleasure to meet while on this journey are so nice and encouraging, they always made me feel welcomed and comfortable, which is a huge plus point because losing weight should be something positive, not a miserable activity. It is vital in weight loss to keep determined, to BELIEVE you are worth the change, and some times you need other people to convince you so.

On this note, I would like to give special mention to my physician, Ms Yang for being the most amazing physician in the whole wide world. She is kind, smart, funny (made me laugh on every single trip to her clinic), but most of all, extremely caring. She motivated me the most and believed in me every step of the way, pressurizing me in all the good ways possible. Even when I was bad, and strayed off my low carb diet some times, she never seemed disappointed but instead tried to encourage me to stay resilient even more. It was lovely to see how genuinely happy she was for me as she saw my weight dip lower and lower, under her guidance and care.

It was sad to have to say goodbye to all the lovely people at the Eu Yan Sang clinics after seeing them at least twice a week for more than two whole months. I promised them that the next time they should see me, I would show off a more lean figure than before!!! I’m going to work on it for another few more months before paying them a visit, lol.


Now looking back on previously taken pictures of me, I’m inexplicably glad I set out to make a difference in my life, because the results are paying off.

Since Feb 2012 to September 2012, I’ve lost about 11kg, and dropped from a dress size of UK 16 to a UK 10. 

Pleaseeee try to maintain your gasps of horror at my fat pictures…. Lol. I was considering a long time whether to post up the fat pic or not, because its basically social suicide, but I did in the end to show you guys what’s REALLY going on here. The above “Before” photo was taken in September 2011. One year later, in September 2012, I took the “After” photo on the left, in my home and in PJs, no make up or editing because this is the real me. I only decided to make a change about my weight 6 months ago, in the start of February, however since I do not have a suitable full body hot to use from the start of February, I used a pic from September 2011 as my weight didn’t increase or decrease from Sep 2011 – Feb 2012. (Is it just my imagination or do I look like I’ve got male genitals? Must be because it’s tight around the thighs…)

I know I’m not that slim still (I can’t change the fact that I will always be bottom heavy, just the way I’m built) especially not by Singaporean standards, but I’m not going to beat myself up for not losing weight fast enough. I don’t mind if it takes me another year, or two, to reach my ideal physique. I know I still have a long way to go before I’m ideally healthy. However, as long as I’m putting in enough effort, making a difference and improving myself, that suffices for me. At least I don’t feel like a giant slob any more. Ain’t about how fast I get there… ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side – It’s The Climb. I know in my heart that I have Eu Yan Sang to thank for much of my weight loss thus far. :’)

Thanks to Eu Yan Sang, I managed to lose 5.2kg while on their TCM Weight Management Program… in under 3 months. 

And my tummy / hips / butt area actually lost more than 10cm after comparing the Before and After measurements. Pretty amazing. No fad diets, no slimming pills, everything done healthily, and properly. I almost couldn’t believe how well the treatment worked for me, and to think I didn’t even follow my low carbs diet strictly… I wonder how much more I could’ve lost if I did. Sure, my results were more than satisfactory because it was coupled with a better diet and exercise routines a well, but on the whole my general well-being has improved by leaps and bounds. Acupuncture has been known to treat many various health problems. For me, it increased my metabolism rate, lowered my heart beats from 112 (super unhealthy) to 80+ per minute (healthy range) and also gave me a great kick start to achieve the weight I want to. I have not regained any weight since I’ve stopped the treatment, and in fact have lost even more (slowly, but surely) rather effortlessly as well. I’m wearing so much more pretty clothes now and I love it!!!!!

Now that the treatment has ended… I have to maintain the weight loss myself, of course! I exercise relatively frequently these days. Badminton, swimming, gym / long periods of walking are part of my usual routine. As you can see in the above picture I wanted to give up….. But like someone once told me, don’t stop exercising until you feel the burn in all your muscles. And when you think you’ve had enough, GO SOME MORE. Sweat is fat crying, after all.

I find that theory works for me. When I’m on the treadmill after 20 minutes I’m all like “Omfg I’m going to die I can’t do this anymore” but once I occupy my mind with other thoughts other than how tired I am from running, I realize its now 40 minutes on the treadmill and it wasn’t so bad, after all. Funny I should say this but I actually LIKE exercise these days. Badminton is superrrr fun and swimming is so relaxing!

Being aware of what I eat is also super important! You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. I’ve grown to enjoy and like the taste of fresh salads (with enough dressing and ingredients lol) and my favorite one is Sumo Salad! I frequent the outlet at One Shenton. Super healthy and yummeh, and absolutely guilt free.

There was once I showed a picture of my eggs benedict breakfast to my physician (upon her request), who was completely appalled by it. I didn’t think it was that bad in that point in time. Only 2 slices of bread, some bacon, eggs and sauce…. how fattening can it be? How little does she want me to eat?!?

Then I realized that dieting is NOT just about eating lesser. It is eating smarter. I did some research and attempted cooking eggs benedict myself, and discovered there’s approimately 500+ calories in one serving of eggs benedict (2 eggs) and the reason why this is so high is because the hollandaise sauce is essentially 65% butter, 35% semi cooked egg yolks. That is approximately over half a cup of melted butter and 4 whole egg yolks that is used to cook hollandaise sauce. Gross!!!!!!!!!

4 eggs yolks in the sauce + 2 egg yolks in the poached eggs… can you say heart attack on a plate? A greasy McDonalds DOUBLE cheeseburger is apparently less than 500 calories. Dear Benny, I love you and everything…. but I think it is time we broke up! It’s not working out.

Eating frequent but small meals also helps keep my weight down. Instead of a decent sized portion of pasta for lunch as seen on the left, on weight conscious but still greedy days, I would have some cheese, crackers and sausages. I’m still getting protein (sausage), carbs (crackers), and yumz factor (jalapeno cheese), and while it isn’t the healthiest thing in the world to eat if you’re trying to go on a diet, its light enough to not make me fat but way more satisfying than vegetables or other diet food. The crackers assemble will digest way quicker than a heaping bowl of pasta, which is 99% carbohydrates. I could never survive on REAL diet food…. sustainable dieting is the key for me! Most people attempt too difficult diets to maintain, so they give up halfway and never achieve the results they wanted in the first place. My way may be slower but it keeps me sane… and hey, slow and steady wins the race.

Me, on my 20th birthday on 20th September.. in a pretty UK 10 dress I’d never dream about fitting in less than a year ago!!

…So, having typed out allll of that are sharing with you guys my experience with trying to lose a large amount of weight, I hope it provided some useful insight on Eu Yan Sang’s TCM weight management program and gave some motivation for people who needed it.

I highly recommend the treatment for people who just can’t seem to find a proper stepping stone or a way to start, or even people who aren’t that overweight but have stubborn problem areas such as love handles *raises hand*.. Having a qualified TCM physician to guide you along the path of wellness is very helpful! Best of luck to anybody out there hoping to lose weight, be it through Eu Yan Sang or not. Always remember that your health comes first!!! As mentioned before, I participated in a Mediacorp program about TCM, documenting my experience about this weight management from Eu Yan Sang… they have episodes from 25 Aug till 27 Oct every Saturday 9:30pm on Channel 8, and my episode is airing tomorrow, on 22nd September! Brace yourselves. Lol. You have been forewarned.

• To celebrate their 10th anniversary, Eu Yan Sang Clinics is raising funds for Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society (THK) through various fundraising activities. Besides giving direct cash donations in the donation boxes placed in clinics, you can also drop by any of Eu Yan Sing clinic to pick up a special red commemorative THK-EYS umbrella for S$10, from which proceeds will go to THK.

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