Universal Studios Singapore VIP Tour

Nicholas and I have been looking forward to this day for what seemed like months!

Thanks to the amazing people at Resorts World Sentosa, we had the opportunity to visit Universal Studios Singapore and experience a super fun-filled VIP tour of the park! If you don’t know what Universal Studios is (are you kidding me???) it is a special effects theme park where you can ride the movies produced / owned by Universal Pictures!!!

The last time I was at Universal Studios Singapore was a longgg time ago (2 whole years, for Sam & I’s first anniversary, we just turned 3 on August 15th) and the theme park had barely launched anything. In fact, at that point in time, they hadn’t even launched their official opening party yet!

I was too excited to check the theme park out and made the mistake of going a little too soon – I’d say at least 30% of the stuff were closed, so when I went back this time it felt like a new experience all over again.

Walking past the crazy masses of people lining up… feeling really glad I didn’t have to be one of them waiting under the scorching sun!!!

When I reached, these excited smiling faces were already all pumped up, waiting for me at the lounge room & ready to go!!!!
HELLO Melody & Nicholas! ^________^

They sure know how to make ya feel special on the VIP tour. Please excuse me for constantly using the word “VIP” in this post!!! The whole point of this post today is for me to cover what its like to experience USS the VIP way, through an exclusive guided tour. So no choice, it is what it is… a “VIP” tour. Bear with me k. :P

They have this comfy lounge specifically for the VIPs right outside the entrance of the park, where you can take a break and have some complimentary drinks any time of the day. Upon entering the lounge you’ll see hand prints and signatures of all the famous people who have been on this very same tour, who sat on the same chairs in this very lounge. I saw quite a few famous names but the few I remember are Donnie Yen and Paula Abdul. Give them a bit more time, they are going to add Jessica Loh / Shiberty to the wall lolol.

Then we were all armed with a special lanyard, sun screen (oh how thoughtful, extremely useful for ang mohs who turn lobster red under our sun), a USS VIP pin for keepsake and the map of the park for you to plan your activities with your group!

Our SUPER adorable, friendly, and professional guide of the day, Lilian!!!

She’s the one who will be bringing us around the parks, and taking care of our every need. I love her, she’s too cute, and she’s great at what she does. Fantastic service is hard to find in Singapore, so this was a real gem :)

Lilian had the rough itinerary for our day already planned nicely, now all we had to do was to tell her which attractions we fancy, and which ones we’re not so interested in! Of course, she’d already included all the major rides and mapped out the easiest route around the park to cover them all at one go.

Ready, set go!!! 
Universal Studios Singapore here we come!!

We were so excited that day.
You have NO idea… we were all basically bouncing around in ecstasy and screaming at the top of our lungs whenever anything happened!

Take two steps into USS and you will be immediately transported into another world.

The elaborately decorated buildings, architecture and atmosphere is so convincing and welcoming. It brought back so many fond memories of Sam and I at Universal Studios Florida :)

Love this bunch of people! ♥

Kung Fu was going around taking pictures with people! Although I don’t think like the movies I think he’s super cute. So rotund and jolly hahaha

Lilian briefly explains each part of the seven differently themed zones as we walk past them… But I think we all know enough from the movies already!

Check out the flowers in Melody’s hair~~ I told her to dress up in a “bright florals, summery theme” and she gamely did – makes our pictures that much pretttier!! :D

Our first attraction of the day – the Water World show! I haven’t seen the movie this show is based on but Sam said it was a good one.

While everyone else walked into the normal seating area, we were led in a different direction… into this air-conditioned VIP room!!! Thank GOD. I would have definitely melted under the heat while the show went on for 30 minutes.

Nicholas being SUPER excited :P

From this room on top, we had an awesome bird’s eye view of the whole arena and got a good idea of everything that was going on!

A perk about being in the VIP room? There’s no chance of you getting randomly attacked by water guns. You can just sit on top and laugh as you see poor people get sprayed left, right and center.. Hahahah F this Guy’s life!!!!!

The last time I came to this show, I SPECIFICALLY sat at the back because they were spraying the people in front with water like crazy… but what do you know? This guy with a massive water hose / gun came up to me, a poor helpless innocent girl sitting at the very last row and DRENCHED my whole back with water!!! I think I screamed with horror. Omg! I didn’t know to laugh, or to be angry. I guess I was both amused and ticked off ahahah it was a minute relief under the scorching sun though. You will not believe the extreme heat at Universal Studios… can get heat stroke one. Remember to pack a fan, sunnies, even a hat, load on sun screen, and drink plenty of water!

While waiting for the show to start!

I was saying “wait one second” because I wanted to adjust my hair. Clearly they didn’t wait lol. Lilian was very nice that day and helped us take so many delightful photos!!! She knows all the best angles, unique spots and lighting to make picture perfect memories… and it was nice to have someone else help carry my heavy DSLR around :P

Park tip: Bring camwhore friends if you don’t have a VIP tour guide to take nice photos of you. You’re gonna want these memories to last you a long time and there’s nothing worse than awfully taken blurry, badly cropped pics!!!

You might not be able to tell but Sam and I were so tired that day. I had to digitally remove a whole lot of eyebags LOL. We’d woken up at like 7am prior to our USS trip to finish a few cake orders and the night before we stayed up from 9am to 2am to do a whole day’s worth of back breaking work!!!!!!!

 To have freedom on other days, we sacrifice and work like crazy on others.

Even though I have not caught the movie, Water World was still highly entertaining with lots of action (punches, kicks, back flips, falling from 4 storeys into the water!) and EXPLOSIONS!

Melody & I kept involuntarily shrieking in shock whenever a “BOOM” went off somewhere. Super auntie we areeee.

I know they’re professionals, but I feel so worried for these stunts men!!! Where’s your harness? I know not as cool… but imagine if they failed omg… which hopefully… they never do.

WATER WORLD DONE!!! What’s next?!?

 Lilian brought us to take Canopy Flyers in Jurassic Park – a good, scenic mild-ish ride to start the day with. If we’d gone on a big roller coaster I might’ve had a heart attack. I’m getting old, sigh. Roller coasters never used to faze me.

Park tip: Always start small on rides, so you don’t puke up your lunch.

We’re having none of that today! ;)

Unlike Universal Express tickets whereby you can only cut the queue for any attraction once, on the VIP tour you can skip the lengthy lines and go on ANY attraction for unlimited times a day (again and again on your favorite ride!) for as long as the tour lasts (5 hours)

This ride is actually more thrilling than it looks.. especially if you’re going backwards, which was what Sam and I did – you kind of “fly” over the Lost World zone, you can’t see where you’re going and the turns are surprisingly sharp!!


Spastic face hahaha I couldn’t contain my excitement!

Sam’s favorite part of the park cuz he loves dinos :) What did I say about Lilian, our guide, taking amazing pictures?!

Wowww this picture’s got some weird illusion shit going on. Sam’s arm “blends” into mine, making me look like I’ve got some SERIOUSLY long bendy arms!

*screams at the top of my voice while running towards them*


LOL look at their reactions super hilarious. Dunno why but it was like we were on drugs that day.

Say CHEEZ!!!!

We’re in Ancient Egypt now!

It sure FELT like Egypt, if you know what I mean….. *dies* Desert weather!!!!

We suddenly realized both boys were wearing matching Abercrombie & Fitch shirts so we told them to pose models :P

But then REAL MODELS came along on stilts… o.O

Such an odd, odd job. Hah. Stand around on sky high stilts, wear lots of eyeliner, look fit as hell, be gawked at all day.


Anybody keen on hiring Sam as a performer in USS??? He can be a monkey or statue holder person thingy.

Park tip: If you’re not on the VIP tour, chances are that on a busy day, you are unlikely to be able to experience every single ride and show in the park.. So plan your itinerary nicely!

There are some kiddy rides that adults can probably give a miss, like Treasure Hunters. The wait for this was longer than it was worth because it was kid-friendly and all the parents had to bring children on it.

Unfortunately I cannot bring my camera onto the rides (besides being a VIP and all lawl for safety reasons) so I can’t show you guys how AWESOME The Revenge of the Mummy ride was!!!! My favorite part of USS because its so spooky, dark, and the effects were great. Super love the part where it’s pitch black indoors and you’re going at top speed and all you can see are foggy ghouls coming at your face! It was like a smaller scale of the epic one at Universal Studios Florida. So glad we have our own version in Singapore! :)

I tried to find a Youtube Point-of-View video to show those who haven’t been on the ride before how cool it is but then realized 1) I shouldn’t spoil it for you guys and 2) It looks lame on camera. The effects have WAY more impact in real life, its something you have to experience because my words can’t measure up to some of the best special effects in the world!

Passing by all these trucks selling snacks, we got pretty hungry even though our day just begun!

Melody recommended us to have the turkey legs and I was like OMGGG I remember that from when I was 10 years old and sharing some with my Dad in the USA… it was the BEST on a cold day. Piping hot turkey leg, Florida winter and a hot chocolate. Perfection.

The nearest stall to us that sold turkey legs was located in Far, Far Away so that’s where we’re headed!

Loved the Shrek movies!!!!! And here I’m not trying to be FIERCE, just that the sun was really blinding and I was squinting.

The moment we walked in, Accidentally In Love started playing… such a random choice of song for the movie theme but it put me in such a good mood. Love that song! :D

The Fairy God Mother Potion’s shop is actually a juice bar!!! How cute. Wish I could’ve checked that out but accidentally skipped that in our itinerary.

But that’s okay because we can haz TURKEY LEGS!!!!

Woooo they’re a whopping 12 bucks each, but they’re massive and good for sharing within 2 people! They’re just as good as I remember. Piping hot, salty, oily…. totally delicious. I don’t even like turkey but this is on a whole ‘nother scale, brudder.


Trying to be hipster with Melody’s reflective sunnies!!!!

….This shot. Not bad. Got artistic value!

Having a VIP tour guide around was awesome because Lilian knew exactly where everything was, so our day went really smoothly! Around the corner in some obscure tent, Puss in Boots was taking photos with guests, so she ushered us there immediately!!!

If not for her attention to detail and sharp mindedness, we would have definitely missed the photo op, because the location was so inconspicuous.


I find the whole concept incredibly adorable… I love his accent, his sword-wielding ways and glistening kitty eyes when he pulls that face *____*


I walked towards him thinking we’d take a normal smiling photo but he suddenly took me into his arms and held out his hand and I was like HELL YEH LET’S DANCE.

Meow!!!  (= ^;^ =)

I turned my frog into a prince charming alright.

We decided not to take any rides or see any shows in Far Far Away as we’d all been there and done that before so…

Took a short walk to Madagascar where we settled down to finish our turkey legs and to take a breather before our meet and greet session with the Madagascar cast!

Hahahaha Sammmmmm…. *Monkey eating Banana*

Yay for complimentary bottled water for VIP guests throughout the park. We chugged those down like crazy!

Nicholas & Mel sharing a turkey leg. I think its way too huge to finish one on your own…. Anyway while we’re on this topic let me tell you guys a funny story. 2 years ago, Sam and I were in Florida at one of their theme parks buying a turkey leg to share. As we’re lining up, we look over to the tables of people enjoying their turkey legs and noticed one table full of an Asian family and another one with a Caucasian family, sitting next to each other.

The rather scrawny and skinny Asian family were sharing ONE turkey leg amongst themselves (2 parents, 2 kids) while the Caucasians were all having ONE turkey legs to themselves…. EACH. The irony of those two families sitting side by side made the comparison and differences extremely obvious.

Keep in mind that the turkey legs are bigger in America… The Caucasian kids were stuffing their faces in such an unabashed manner, Sam couldn’t stop laughing. Initially we were considering getting 1 each but then settled for sharing one in the end… Good decision.

So from that day onwards I solemnly vowed to always share my food with the people I love. Cheaper, keeps me thinner and sharing = caring. #randomtruestory


With the VIP tour, you get a specially arranged one on one meet and greet with your favorite character at the park! Normally you would have to be lucky to catch these characters roaming around the park taking pictures with people, and that always comes with a long queue.

We were soooooooooo excited to seee themmm because they’re so kayoootteee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See I’m so excited that I couldn’t even open my eyes.

This was us realizing that one penguin was late and stuck at the back while we snapped photos hahahah

Dat hippo so fat!!!!!!!!!!! And dat lion so darn TALL!

So any ways….. we accidentally left hippo out on one of the shots, like this….
I don’t think she was very happy about that, because when I asked for a solo shot with just the penguins, THIS was what happened – - -

HAHAHAHAH get out of my picture fat ass!!! She ran into the picture frame and blocked our shot!!! I doubled over with laughter. Its incredible how much they can portray without ever saying a word, just hand actions.

These people are so good at what they do! It must be BLAZING inside that suit.

When the penguins came out I couldn’t stop jumping and screaming and hugging them. I FUCKING LOVE PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THESE WERE SO WADDLY AND ROUND AND HAPPY LOOKING.. LOL I LOVE, LOVE, L♥VE THEM.

And there was one that wouldn’t stop playing with my hair…… I think they like that red color. :’) I want to take them home. Please?? PLEASE UNIVERSAL STUDIOS???

She (I know her name is Gloria, but it sounds wrong calling her that) then asked for my apology by asking me to take a photo with her :P she came up with this pose, not me!!!

The penguinsssssssssss

I wanna try wearing one of those mascot suits one day!
Just to see how well I’m able to move in them. After taking photos with us, these guys RAN (and I mean ran, like damn fast) onto stage to do the “I LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT” dance where they shaked their bootays with great energy and did dance moves I can’t even do WITHOUT a huge mascot suit on. Wowza!!!

I like to movit movit is now officially stuck in my head. *nods and bobs head and points fingers*

Madagascar – A Crate Adventure!

This was one of those slow paced indoor water tunnel rides where colorful figurines pop up everywhere, following the story line from the Madagascar movie :)
Besides the roller coasters, I really enjoy these slower scenic rides!!! Its when I can really soak up the atmosphere and appreciate my surroundings.

♬ New Yorkkkkkk~~~ ♬

Concrete jungles where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t doooo   ♫

These streets will make you feel brand new, the lights will inspire you ♩ ♪

Sipping on an ice cold milo. Bliss.
Not the gross, watered down with ice and still warm type, either. Best iced milo I’ve ever had!!!

Watching Sesame Street perform… Nicholas and Melody walked off without me lol why I cannot watch Sesame Street?! :(

Pssst I hear USS has a spanking new attraction hitting our little island soon and it’s going to have a big yellow bird and his friends in it! ;)

Bring your nieces, cousins, your own kids.. any child deserving of a treat!!!

HUGE Transformers robot!!!! Realistic huh?

There was this massive line of people waiting to take pictures with this autobot but we skipped the queue and jumped straight in there, much to a lot of peoples displeasure. Skipping lines feels horrid and great at the same time. Horrid because people already in line waiting for a long time try to kill you with their death stares, great because you don’t have to wait for anything at all – that’s why they call it VIP treatment!

Nich and Mel couldn’t stop raving about how great they thought the Transformers 4D ride was.

I don’t like 4D rides (read: motion sickness) but it was still cool nonetheless! Very realistic 3d animations!!!

So this is the crazy coaster I’ve been hearing so much about, and I’ve waited a long time to go on this.

Battlestar Galactica is the highest dueling roller coaster in the world at 42.5 meters, at times you feel like you’re going to crash into the opposite coaster because you’re mere inches apart from each other!!!

It was. INSANE.

One of the FASTEST, brain masher roller coaster I’ve ever been on. O_O

The blue (Cylon) was wayyy worse (or awesomer, depending how you look at it) than the red (Human) side because it had all these crazy loops that had me on the verge of puking because I took the red one first, then the blue one STRAIGHT AFTER THAT.

Park tip: Do not attempt both Cylon and Human in the same hour. You will die. LOL.
If you can’t take a lot of loops or rides that go around in a repetitive motion like me (for eg Teacup spinning rides, Pirate ships), do yourself a favor and stay away from Cylon. Human is fun enough. Knowing I have a tendency of motion sickness, I went on the Cylon anyway… because you don’t just go to USS without going on both, right?

I’ve taken a lot of roller coasters in my time… In fact they’re one of my favoritest things in the world- buy boy, these were so so so fast the G-Forces were out of this world!!!

These shook me up so badly, I had to take a break at a nearby cafe because swear to god, I couldn’t even walk in a straight line. Everyone said my face went white hahaha.

Our last attraction of the day.

We all got SOAKED on this River Rapids adventure… saved this for the last because I knew I was gonna get wet, thank goodness Lilian provided us with complimentary ponchos on a whim other wise I would’ve hated this ride!!!
If you can’t tell already, I hate getting soaked. Nicholas was so mean, he tore a massive hole in Melody’s poncho just as we were about to go down a big dip LOL she got a lot wetter than I did!

Walked past Ancient Egypt again on our way out of the park, and took photos with Lilian in front of Revenge of the Mummy!

By this time I’m totally beat. Zero care about appearance – tied up my hair, ripped off my falsies and walked around like a corpse. LOL

I like how there’s non-stop entertainment at USS for everyone – even if you’re not big on roller coasters, there are cinematic shows (you HAVE to watch Lights Camera Action! featuring Steven Spielberg), dancing performers, character mascots to entertain you, rock climbing & more.

There’s something new along every corner you turn!

I actually don’t know who Mae West is, but since she looked kinda pretty… we took a picture with her anyway lol

This one not so pretty.

Last shot, and we’re out of the park!!! What a day its been. I look back at these pictures and laugh every single time :)

Thank you so much Resorts World Sentosa for this amazing day out at Universal Studios Singapore with my friends, experiencing it in the best way possible – on the VIP guided tour!!!!!

All of us had the time of our lives!!! It was such a different experience and (obviously) so much more enjoyable than the first time I went with just Universal Express tickets.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Universal Studios Singapore’s VIP tours, click here!

Universal Studios Singapore is now having a Hollywood After Party every Saturday after the rest of their park closes, from 7-11pm – its an awesome place to hang out with your friends at night, $13 for free flow beer and $15 for all-you-can-eat buffet madness!!!!!

Say whaaaat?

We went to check it out when it first opened on 28 july and it was so much more happening than I’d expected.

We spent the night stuffing our faces with food (laksa, satay, paus, wantons, and more) and guzzling beer while watching the Olympics.

Chyeahhh. That’s how we roll.