Happy 3rd Year Anniversary!

Here’s to my longest relationship yet!


Thank you for the past 3 years we have spent together.

 It has been the maddest, wildest roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on. We had our ups, then we had our downs… But the end of the day, they are all part of this crazy game we call l-o-v-e. We met each other in an online game. We talked our hearts out, every single day, for months.

You flew down from Australia to see me once, then you decided you’d like to visit every month from then on. Eventually you moved to Singapore altogether, having to leave behind your job as a medical scientist, friends, family, and life in Melbourne. That is undoubtedly the sweetest thing anyone in this world has ever done for me. We moved in together, and started a cake business, totally out of the blue. Built a new profession from ground up with nothing but a cheap $30 hand held mixer, some flour, and a whole lot of determination. Imagine that & where it has gotten us today. Now we’re embarking on a different journey as you’re starting on a new full time job…

Whatever happens, wherever this road takes us – As long as you’re squeezing my hand tightly in yours, we can overcome anything together. Just promise you will never ever let go.

Happy 3 years anniversary DaNang cupcakes and tea!!! luv u long time.