Hair Change

Hi everyone!!
Just got hair extensions done ♥ and this is the first pic I took of it!!!!!!!! Really excited!! I’ve wanted hair this long since foreverrrr.

The color is a bit different, but this was the closest brown color they had to the previous brown shade I was sporting. Lol at Sam’s face, I can’t tell if he loves or hates it. It’s also my first time doing center parting hair…. look a bit kuku right? But overall I kind of like it, looks pretty natural for fake hair to me. The extensions do feel kind of (very) heavy though. But that’s ok coz I think it makes my wide jawline look smaller.

So what do you think? ^.^


Update: I’m sorry guys. Le gorgeous hair isn’t real, lololol. It was a belated April Fool’s prank. It’s an app called HairChange on the iPhone, hence the blog title “Hair Change”….. I know, the only person I ended up truly pranking is myself :(

Because I made everyone think I became better looking and had much nicer hair, when I don’t. LOL I still have my own normal flat meh hair. So sad!!! Am tempted to get extensions after the compliments received due to this post, but, I’m still put off by the tangles and inconvenience that comes with it.


Some day
I will have hair like this.