Cottesloe Beach

I remember being blown away by this gorgeous beach in Western Australia a couple of years ago, when my friend Gwen told me I just had to check this beach out. It’s barely 40 minutes from Perth itself!!! I’d die to live so close to a place like this.

I haven’t forgotten it since then, and made it a point to go back there when I was in Perth recently!

Driving in Western Australia must be the best kind of roads you can drive on. Almost zero traffic and the scenery is amazeballs!!!!

Everybody look to your left~~~~ *sees the horizon*

everybody look to their right… *sees very expensive beachfront houses*

Along the way, we got lost but decided to stop at a random scenic look out and take some pictures and a breather!!!

Cool hair bro :P

Such happy, happy days in Perth!!! Missing it so much even though it was barely 3 weeks ago. I love looking at pictures like these. It always transports me back in time, into that moment, and I feel a temporary sensation of elation.

Spotted random bikini babes from afar, but this was as far as my DSLR’s zoom could go. Lol fail pervert moment.

Everyone in Perth is so dang good looking and FIT!!! Why is that so? They’ve all got like, this perfect tan, and toned bodies and long legs (especially the girls) is it the air that they breathe??? Or maybe the abundance of gorgeous parks and beaches promote a healthier lifestyle!

So idyllic. I just gazed into this for a good few minutes.

Hello Cottesloe!!!!! I’m so glad to you see again :D

It was a lot less crowded this time around. The sand was just as white and soft, and the waters ever blue as I remember it to be. I had expected hordes of people to be there! It wasn’t empty or secluded, but I guess it wasn’t packed because it’s not quite peak season although the weather was absolutely perfect for the beach that day.

My “beach” slippers have pearls and diamantes on them. I’m such a diva :P

No not really.. those are my “go anywhere” sandals. I even went to the Nuffnang Blog Awards in them HAHAHAH thinking about it now that was a pretty funny move.

Doesn’t the sparkly turquoise water look so inviting?? ♥

It took awhile to coax me in because I knew that even though it was a warm and nice day, the water would still be deceivingly freezing (it may look like a lukewarm temperature) That’s pretty much Aus for you, burning sun and freezing waters..

And here I am in the water, finally, freezing my tits off. LOL

Once you get used to the cold it’s the best feeling ever. We jumped and bobbed around on waves (not really, I actually mean getting dunked and trashed around like a rag doll) for hourssss!!! It was so rough but good fun. Saltwater up my nose and sand in my eyes wasn’t so fun though. Times like these I hate being short-sighted and having to wear contacts because contact lenses and beaches just don’t gel.

Surprisingly I didn’t get a sunglasses tan from my huge panda sunnies despite frolicking in the sun for over 3 hours!

Ahahaha Sam ♥

Me getting owned by a wave!!!!! :P After this picture I was probably immediately sprawled across the sand.

When in heat.. use nature’s free sun screen protector provided at every beach. LOL god damn we had to buy a bottle of sunscreen for $25 AUD in a mini mart opposite the beach. Soooo pricey!!!

Sam’s Baywatch moment. HAHAHAHA

I love everything about Cottesloe Beach. Even Taylor Swift loved it because she came here 2 days after I did and talked about it during her concert ♥_♥!!!

Cottesloe may not be world-famous like Bondi, or as popular a tourist spot as the Gold Coast (which are all beautiful beaches) but I think Cottesloe is my favorite. I have really fond memories here! Everything’s charming, from their hot white chicks suntanning topless on the grass to their awful communal open-cubicle toilets where people look at my butt and I am forced to look at others peoples butts. The last time I was here with Gwen we had the privilege of looking at 2 very elderly saggy women shower. LOL. They need to renovate their showers and toilets really soon and really badly. The good thing about their rustic shower was that you could still see the amazing ocean while you’re showering in your cubicle!!! By far the most unique showering experience in my life.

I haven’t been to many other beaches that are near Perth yet, if you know of other good ones that are worth checking out, let me know!! Sometimes the best things in life really are free.