Back to Singapore, Back to Reality

Life in Perth…

Is slow. Sunny. Carefree. Time spent with my loved ones.

Just the way I like it.

Now that I’m back in Singapore, I feel like I’m suffering from a serious case of PAS. …….Post-Australia-Syndrome. I feel really out of place here in Singapore. I don’t feel like I belong, or that this is where I want to be. Not because it’s no good, it’s heaps good, for plenty of other people, just not for me. Having traveled to countries that aren’t quite clean, or safe enough, I can appreciate what Singapore has to offer. Every place has it’s good and bad points, but there’s not enough here for me to make me want to stay.

I need openness in my life. I don’t want to live in a concrete jungle. I need space to run & frolic around, I need fresh air to breathe, I need parks to stroll at with my mum & Sam, beaches to marvel at, I need to live in a country that doesn’t suffocate me. I need to be able to step out of the house without dying in the heat, every single day. Somehow Perth seems to fit the bill perfectly. If you haven’t been to the good parts of Australia, maybe you won’t understand. But if you have experienced the different life they have there, perhaps you will. I wasn’t made for built up bustling cities, or for night life and flashing lights. I can’t stand the fast life. I hate traffic on roads that never move.

I don’t mind that in Aus, the shops close at 5. I’d give up shopping at Orchard Road, late night movies and KTV-ing. The more times I visit the place, the more convinced I am and the more I adore it. Well not just any part of Australia, I love Perth in particular. It’s different from the big cities like Melbourne & Sydney. It is much more serene. Western Australia is STUNNING, and has so much potential, I can’t believe some people actually call it “boring.” But to each their own.

I’m regretting getting the jitters and backing out when I had the chance to study in Perth for uni. But then again if I didn’t go ahead with Shiberty’s Sweets, I’m sure I would’ve regretted that too. Thank god time is on my side at the moment. If another opportunity presents itself, I’m pretty sure I’ll jump straight at it. This trip, it feels like I was gone from SG for months. It felt like I left all my worries, troubles, and responsibilities behind and I was just on earth to have fun. Traveling is awesome like that – the only thing you need to worry about is how much fun you’re having today, and how you’re going to top that tomorrow. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and so did my trip. Am in the process of mourning the best trip ever…

Here’s some pictures while I’m at it.

At the Freo markets! That’s my mum’s Volvo sports car. It’s pick up speed and agility is crayyy.

I love how fresh produce is always so readily available here!

What did I say previously about their produce being oversized? I wonder how this even tastes! Very woody I’d assume.

I actually found myself going “waaaaa so nicely decorated these cupcakes!!!” then I paused for a second, remembered that I do the exact same thing for my work, but more advanced, then walked away. LOL

It’s different when it’s not you who did the design though, it’s always intriguing to see what other people come up with. And if you want to know, they didn’t taste very good.

Ready made sauces & dips are the bomb!!!

They’ve got a lot of this in Aus. I don’t mean like soy sauce or chilli sauce. I mean specially blended gourmet mixes like capsicum and feta (YUM) or basil and onions. The combination possibilities are endless!

Perth’s weather was perfect for alfresco dining.

To-die-for desserts!!!!!! ;_;

A lot of Perth restaurants offer an impressive range of home made sweet treats. Food in Perth is so good, but so expensive. Usually we pay at least $4 AUD for a bottle of water or for a soft drink.

I ♥ street musicians. They’re always so underrated and talented. And I always make it a point to give them a tip. It’s not very nice of cheapskate people to sit through an entire performance of a street performer and leave without tipping them a cent afterward…

When in Australia, eat as the Australians do!

Eggs benedict with smoked salmon. I tried making eggs benedict for the first time a few days after this and it was so easy!!!! I don’t get why breakfast food is so overpriced everywhere. Even in SG, places like Wild Honey serve you breakfast food for like 25 dollars. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!

What’s so difficult about frying mushrooms and sausages or toasting bread? *face palm*

Milkshake is the new OJ.

Sam didn’t realize which organization he was donating to, only after he took a look at the sticker on his jumper and it was…

The Sea Sheperd!!! Wtf.

We used to watch their shows and root for them about a year ago. We reckon they were docked at Freo’s harbour while we were there, hence sending some volunteers out to gather donations around the area! Once upon a time, Sam and I had briefly (and very loosely, based on fantasy) discussed whether we’d like to volunteer a few months of our time to go save some whales. But of course I’d be completely useless on a boat out at sea. We both get terribly sea sick. And we also ended up making cakes instead. :P

It’s so unlike my mum to be seen out and about in the sunlight without shade (she’s nuts about staying fair, pretty much every Asian lady for you) but she knew I loved strolls in the parks so she sportingly came along with me!!! ♥

It was such a beautiful day to be out.

My boyfriend doing a really gu niang pose. Me: “WTF is that pose?!”

“….Fine! I’ll be like this then.” (but he’s really much more like the first picture irl)

“Mum, just because you’re SORT OF hiding 1/4 of your body behind a tree doesn’t mean the camera won’t capture you!!! You’re in my picture!”

She then giggled and hid completely behind the tree.

I don’t think I’ve ever made Sam smile the way ice cream makes him smile.

LOL these few pictures alwayssssssss make me laugh

Went back to the apartment for an afternoon nap… ♥

If only everyday could be this simple.