Whitewater World

At Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Whitewater World is Gold Coast’s newest theme park!!!

I LOVE water theme parks, but a lot of them tend to be outdated and wayyyy too dirty. I was so so glad that Whitewater World turned out to be beautiful, clean and super new! :* The best in terms of cleanliness and facilities I’ve ever been to! Considering the last one I went to was Sunway Lagoon, this was an extremely welcome change.

Sammy and his favorite Elwood shirt ;)

Than god Fidel brought this spray-on sunscreen. Australia has the worstttttt sun. I think I must be a mountain tortoise because I was so fascinated by the fact that sunscreen came in spray-form. (I don’t use it often, generally I avoid going outside in the noon) No more sticky rubbing, yay!!!

I HATE spreading sunscreen all over my body because it leaves white streaky marks and it looks / feels awful.

AMAZING weather that day! One of the best days out of the whole trip. Everything went pretty much perfectly. ♥ That orange thingy you see is actually called the Hydrocoaster.

It’s the best freakin water slide I’ve ever been on!!! I have a video of it later on! :D

Super light make up on for the wet day ahead~ I would’ve gone completely without, but I knew I would be taking pictures and to save myself more time on editing…

Getting our tickets and thankfully the theme park was probably only at 20% occupancy level. My type of crowd, the quiet one. Enough people so it doesn’t feel like a dead place, but little enough to have enough privacy and fun without waiting for queue lines!

Ready for some screamin’ and splashin’ and soakin’ up the sun!!!!!

I’d specifically bought this black swimsuit top (the one under my white cover-up, the black swim top covers the tummy and everything) from SeaFolly the day before because I wanted to everyone a favor and not wear anything too skimpy @.@

Say cheese!

My other qualm about water theme parks is that you have to walk around barefooted.

I’m really particular when it comes to my feet. I hate stepping on dirty stuff (uncleaned floors etc) and I hate stepping on wet / damp floors. When you combine the two… e_e

I spent the first half hour tip-toeing around, trying to get as little gunk on my feet as possible. But eventually I stopped being an anal prissy princess and stomped around barefooted like a man.

I swear I was taking a picture of the chairs but then she bent over!!

The Australian sun was so hot, we wanted to jump into this glorious pool right away but the water was F-R-E-E-Z-I-N-G. I don’t know if this is an exaggeration but it felt like only 10 degrees!!

Love you :)


Have you guys ever been on a toilet bowl water slide? This had the biggest dip and splash!! It was extra thrilling doing the whole thing with your eyes shut because you don’t know what to expect.

It’s such a pity I couldn’t record this ride because Australia’s security is really tight, I could film anything I wanted in Orlando, USA.. but not in OZ. Oh well, at least I managed to sneak a Hydrocoaster vid in!

Ok so I keep going on about the Hydrocoaster, it’s time to show you a video of it!!! It’s the first ever water slide I’ve ever sat on that goes UPWARDS instead of just downwards. So basically it’s like a roller coaster except you’re on a float instead and getting splashed every few seconds.

Sounds awesome?? It is!

Sam filmed a video of us on our 3rd or 4th time riding it! It was every bit as exciting as our first try.

WATCH it to hear Sam, Fidelis and I going “Woohoo!! Weehee!! AHHH” LOL. Look at the speed at which it moves and the upwards inclination omg. Sometimes it felt as though we were too heavy and fat and that we’d fall backwards instead of go uphill.

This video makes me smile so much! Don’t ask me why we were squealing like little girls when it’s “just a water slide”…. It’s a lot more exhilarating than it seems, I promise!

I find water slides to be generally more exciting than most roller coasters. Reason being I feel so “exposed” when I’m on a float, just wearing a swim suit and in the open with no seat belts to protect me from falling out of the float and dying, as opposed to being strapped up so securely on a roller coaster… makes sense right?

Anyway have I mentioned that another water slide video I took 2 years ago now has over 200 000 views on Youtube? LOL wtf right. It also has a lot of random horny comments on it from desperate men which Sam finds highly amusing.

The thing about water theme parks is that you have to climb like 6 storeys just to ride the slide, because obviously, they don’t have elevators. I take 10 minutes to climb up and 30 seconds to slide down. Repeat process x5. FML. With every climb I take 3 minutes longer hahaha

Stairs climbing T_T

Sometimes I’m secretly very happy when there’s a queue coz that means I get to rest halfway and I’m not expected to make it all the way to the top in one shot. It makes me sad when I see a 50 year old man huff past me effortlessly while I drag my arse step by step.

x x x

I was too chicken shit to attempt this. I’m usually all for thrilling rides but this one was like WTF.

This spiffy looking tube that looks like it might shoot you up to outer space is called The Wedgie. It’s a vertical drop at the start!!!!!

The floor beneath your feet will SUDDENLY GIVE WAY, and you’ll fall at a near 90 degree angle into a tubed slide. And supposedly, in the process, you’ll get a big wedgie! ‘sif I’m gonna go on that shit! I hate rides that suddenly happen instead of building up momentum!

Sam was the only out of us who dared to tried it… See if you can spot him lining up for his turn!

He went on it mostly because I egged him on and wanted him to tell me if it was effed up or not. He said it was nowhere near as intimidating as it sounds.

And this is him coming out of the tube – he sure does make a big splash!!!

I love seeing daddies alone with their kids :’)

The kiddy area!!!

Filling up buckets of icy cold water on an elevated area waiting to unload it all on a unsuspecting adult (or a kid even muahaha) when they walked past below you. Cheap thrills I do love.

Just Sam taking a bath. :P

There’s 5 year olds playing here… and then there’s me.



You’re never too old for slides! You go, baldy!!!

Sam’s naughty face. LOLOLOL

All my make up washed off by now :3

There was once I shamelessly went to a water theme park with full make up and falsies. Falsies came off by the first slide haha whaafail.

So for those of you who don’t know, this is what a toilet bowl water slide is like!!! Except the Green Room was more fun than this. :)

The best part about being an adult is that you can have candy for lunch if you wanted to.

Fun times!!!!!

Awesome wave pool is awesome.

…End of our funtastic day at Whitewater World. ♥

(omg did I just use the word funtastic? yes I did. *facepalm*)

I wish SG had something like that, Wild Wild Wet is too poorly maintained and is too small. A good water theme park would do SO well here considering it’s blazing hot every single day!!!

Now that we’ve got Universal Studios… can we have a nice new water park, pretty please? x