Movie World, Gold Coast, Australia

I wasn’t feeling too well that day (remember what I said about being sick for most of this Australian trip FML), so unfortunately we only managed to cover half of Movie World, before I gave in and collapsed in the car.

We packed our itinerary for the trip so tight that we fell sick from holiday-ing too much. Theme park after theme park after beach after activity coupled with the crazy Australian weather = sick tourists. True story. Well at least I got to try the new Superman coaster which was uber fun!!! I’ve been on the other rides before, the last time I was here with my mum.

Here’s Movie World for you guys, in pictures!

Upon sight of this shop: O____O”!!! asldkalsfo85924rajlasad1111111111111

What 10 year old Jessica lusted over.

I was THIS close to getting one and playing with it everyday.

Sunshine, daisies, butter mellow.. Turn this stupid fat rat yellow!

They were SOOO expensive, otherwise I would’ve bought one! Think the Elder Wand was $100 AUD. And AUD was strong when we went, stronger than USD.


It’s just a piece of plastic!!!! Almost heartbroken that I had to leave the store empty handed, because the merchandise were of pretty subpar quality, matched with exorbitant prices.
When I finally get to visit Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter, however… now THAT is a different story. Sure to go nuts. I hope I never lose this child-like amazement whenever I think about Harry Potter. Or when I think about theme parks. I hope I can stay this wonder struck forever. It keeps me youthful and happy inside.

Hahahahaha oh Hermione. What did they do to you?

I remember going on this coaster when I was much younger, with my mum.. she came out cursing and white-faced. It was hilarious.

Possibly my favorite ride in Movie World!