Hi, 2012. Be nice to me please.

Today is the first of January. First day of the new year, 2012.

…….Not that you didn’t know that already.

I just have to repeat it to myself a few more times, so that it settles in, y’know? For some reason my brain is not registering that a new year has already begun. I still feel so relaxed, in the December mood. But now it is January which means… a lot of things. A new year means having new experiences, making new decisions, meeting new friends, and so much more.

Out with the old, in with the new.

Man, time really needs to pass slower.

I’m not used to this whole growing up thing. I swear, not that long ago I was still 13, rebellious, thin, and my biggest concern was skipping classes. I believed I’d stay young and ignorant forever. Sadly that’s not the case and I find myself thrust into this unforgiving dimension called Time. Time waits for nobody and nothing. You snooze, you lose. You blink an eye and WHAM you’re 5 years older. You blink another time BOOM suddenly another 10 years has passed. Next thing you know, you’re dead and buried in the ground.

If you’re wondering why I’m totally freaking out here… In September 2012, I will be turning the big Two Zero. FREAKIN’ TWENTY!!!! I am SO SO so soooo NOT ready to be a woman in her 20′s. I’m still going through puberty!!! *in denial*

People have been asking me if I’m gonna make any New Year Resolutions or if I’m gonna do a 2011 year re-cap on my blog and I’m all like… what are you talking about? It’s still 2011 hurhur e_e;

Oh and I am not embarrassed to admit I was kinda sorta very relieved when the clock struck twelve am and it turned to 2012 and we all didn’t drop dead like the Mayans said we would. Not that I believe in the whole conspiracy, but I thought it’d be very sad if I did die before turning 20 even though I don’t wanna be 20. A friend on Twitter told me it’s meant to be in December 2012 though, so at least we all still have 12 months left to live. I spent the last few moments of 2011 clinking wine glasses filled with Moscato with Sam, my brother, his gf and some friends who came over to play board games. Turned on the TV and watched fireworks go boom boom boom even brighter than the moon moon moon for 5 minutes before we all got bored and decided to do something else. We played Cluedo, Taboo and Who Am I till past 4am. I don’t know anyone who plays more board and card games than me, lol. I think I must play at least 5 hours per week. 5 hours is probably an understatement.

Sooooooo I’m not intending to rant the whole day, I actually have pictures for you don’t worry!!! The night before New Year’s Eve, I decided to host my very first proper house party ever, in celebration of a belated X’mas and the New Year. Invited my favorite bunch of old blogging people, the SPI peeps + a few other close friends and we had heaps of fun!

So glad to have them ringing in the new year with me ♥ They filled my humble home with tons of laughter and warmth.

Cooked up a storm for the party. Realized the hard way that cooking for more than 10 people is as difficult and time-consuming as it sounds.

Part ritual of becoming an adult – inviting your friends over and cooking a nice meal for them instead of ordering McDelivery. Dude in the red shirt is dear Nichy who was really sweet to come over in the afternoon and helped me with the monstrous amount of cooking. Thank you sweetheart!!!! :’)

Me wrapping Vietnamese spring rolls for the first time! Kinda fun actually. I wanna try making dumplings next.

First challenge of becoming a Vietnamese wife accepted. Sam’s home made spring rolls are soooo addictive – he uses his family’s traditional recipe and there’s prawns, minced pork, mushrooms, glass noodles, carrots & more in it. They were snapped up so quickly during the party!

I wanted to take pictures of how I cooked these dishes and do a step-by-step tutorial for you guys, but I overslept and didn’t have time… :(

So I hastily took iPhone snaps of some dishes once they were cooked instead. These are called Deviled Eggs and it’s my first time making them! It tastes like egg mayo but better, with an onion + dijonnaise + herby twist. People wanted the recipe after their first bite!!!

Aglio olio pasta with sun dried tomatoes, shredded chicken & shrimps plus a butt load of herbs!

Veggie medley. I love the natural vibrant colors of these healthy and yummeh vegetables! Buttered with onions, garlic, sprinkled with basil and salt + pepper. Actually probably not so healthy after what I’ve done to them lol.

All the food painstakingly prepared and waiting to be devoured by my guests!!! After 7, one by one, they all started rolling in…

Doorbells rang again & again, and people poured in!

Some of the peeps from the SPI gang!

So good to see these familiar faces all gathered on my living room’s couch :)

Looks like I’m invading an otherwise happy family photo haha but the kid isn’t actually theirs. I had my DSLR set up on a tripod in the living room and in between stuffing our faces with food and catching up with old friends, we were happily snapping away the whole night!!!

Picture spam incoming!!!

Gwen is back in Singapore!! Been almost a year since I’d last seen her. Got photobombed by 2 gundoos behind lol


1… 2… 3!

Everybody say “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!”

Happy faces all around! Look at the baby boy he’s like so chill and the rest of us are all like :DDD

Little Zac taking an (accidental?) self-shot. What a cutie.

Always ready to give hugs. He kept toying with my DSLR the whole night, showing keen enthusiasm you wouldn’t expect from someone his age. I think he’s going to grow up to be an amazing photographer!

Zac and momma on the left!! & Wen from Nuffnang

Hey gorgeous girls!

Remote controlled group shots are so fun :D

Nicholas. This guy has been a significant part of my life in the later part of 2011.

Sometimes I super duper love him, at other times I honestly just can’t stand him, I could stick my fist through his skull LOL. But most of the time I feel like life will not be the same without him :)

My awesome neighbors who live just next door, little Sarah and momma Lynn who came over to hang out with us!

Normally I wouldn’t dream of having kids around in my house (can’t stand most of them) but Zac and Sarah are inexplicably cute, I adore them to BITS!

Let’s take a food break and stare at this glorious piece of amazingly delicious Strawberry Jelly Heart Cheesecake that Sam got up early in the morning to prepare, while I was still sleeping. Everyone demanded the recipe for this one too.

I want some NAO!!

Some of the pile of snacks and presents people brought over to share! How nice :)

Nadia & her fiance David!

Jayrus, who is a cool papa to 2 beautiful kids.

I love how I have friends that are parents, some almost twice my age.. no discrimination here. Just pure friendship and mutual positive feelings. Age, lifestyle differences, sexual preferences, religion & race are not important. ♥

Gwennie the Aussie who lives in Perth. I went on a road trip and took a holiday with this girl in Western Australia during 2010, you can search my blog for my travel entries on it! We also spent some time together in 2008 in Perth :)

Sammy boy!

He got me fresh red roses for the new year. They’re sitting next to me right now. Gorgeous.

Valerie! When I first introduced Gwen to my friends, I said, “Gwen, this is Valerie. *includes casually to test Gwen’s reaction* …Oh, she is also the reigning Miss Singapore Universe by the way.”

And Gwen was like, “Miss Singapore?! o_O …On your couch? Really.” in her thick Aussie accent hahaha I knew Gwen would have a funny response.

Her teeth CANNOT get any whiter.

I had to PS mine to get them half as white as hers, lol. Speaking of which, I wanna get veneers!!! I have pretty straight teeth, so I don’t have to go through braces or teeth alignment.. but I need to get whitening done coz I haven’t been taking very good care of my teeth. :(


I remember meeting Kexin for the first time, thinking she was my age. (back then I was like 16?) Turns out she was 20+ and has a little boy. Talk about looking youthful O_O

Note to self: Clean the back of the chairs

I dunno who looks funnier, us or Gwen in the background!! I WUV EW xxx

I found it amusing how everyone’s hand is up in the air doing something in the photo :P

From Valerie’s Instagram!

Monopoly Deal bitchesssss.

You can’t tell but…. I had a Deal Breaker in my hand. Teeheehee

I eventually won the round… NOT by the Deal Breaker, but by normal strategies. Woopie!

Come midnight, people said their goodbyes, and started making their way back home…

But we didn’t stop there.

Presents opening time!!!

At first I’d posted a note on our Facebook event wall, telling the people attending this party that it’d be a good idea to have a “Secret Santa” activity where everyone brings a random present to contribute to a communal pile, and at the end of the day everyone who brought a present gets to take a different one home.

However, nobody replied to my note on Facebook (wtf so sad) so I posted a comment a few days later, saying “Nevermind, everyone’s probably too busy anyway….” but then on the day itself some people actually DID show up with presents, only to be told that the activity has been canceled due to the lack of response double wtf. So I got to keep all the presents at the end of the day!!!! LOL. Chocolates, underwear, lipsticks & more!!! MINE YAY.

Was this my plan all along? …..You could say so :D :D Lol I joke. I told the gang to take some of the presents home but they were like nononono you cooked so much etc etc so I gladly kept them all. Call me buay paiseh but I like presents lol.

A travel mug with a hand made note included!!

These are from Valerie! Of course a beauty blogger would give beauty products. They’re Lip Plumpers, but I haven’t tried them yet. Can’t wait to try the Elizabeth Arden one :*

Sam with Calvin Klein boxer shorts from ?… that are a taddd too tight for him! It’s funny seeing him in those though.

Our night still didn’t end there.


Wayyy too many of them. Nich got drunk at my place like a week ago then made these at 3am in my kitchen. Who mixes even more alcohol when they’re dead drunk??

They’re a lot more potent than they look!

Absolutely gone. Hahaha

Ridiculously hilarious moment when Nicholas tried to force Gwen to down another shot but in his drunken state, accidentally dropped the cold jello onto Gwen’s chest instead.

We were like… :o!!!!


Look at Gwen’s face rofllll. “It’s so cold!!!” she says, then continues to wobble it on her chest and stare at it for another whole minute before finally cleaning it off. Funny girl.

Random moment of self-worshiping my hair :’)

We played some games, ate some food, chatted a bit then I passed out after that. I don’t really remember what happened exactly but I’m sure it must’ve been funny.

Pretty awesome way to end 2011 with a memorable night.


Big thanks to everyone who came and made ourselves a great party!!!

Wishing you lot a blessed New Year with extra love, success and good health.

So this is the part where you expect me to do a year re-cap or to finally list down my New Year Resolutions but I still haven’t compiled a solid list. I know I’m a bit late but better late then never? I’ll let you know once I have it. :)


But HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!