The Rest of Sydney in Pictures – Part 1

Spending a quiet afternoon roaming the streets of Bondi by myself

Trying Nando’s for the first time.. I don’t understand the hype. Mediocre tasting chicken with hot sauce

I walked into this cutie’s clothing store at Bondi and ended up chatting with her for almost an hour since she didn’t have any other customers. It was a quiet off-peak time at Bondi. It’s really nice and refreshing to meet new people & friends in foreign countries :)

These shop owners see me shopping all alone so they make an obvious effort to entertain me as much as possible. It was sweet ♥ I am always moved by a stranger’s kindness and how genuine some of them are, even though I don’t know them at all.

This dude works at 7-Eleven, but owns a beach front house in a prime location that’s worth millions. I found that really interesting.

We caught an Italian Symphony at the Sydney Opera House.

I don’t know why I did it since I knew I was going to stare blankly into nothingness for 2 hours, sitting in sheer boredom (which is exactly what I did) and the only other people there were elderly folks who were nodding and humming away to the tunes.. but what the heck.

I figured everyone should try everything at least once.

I love the twinkling lights.

#Epic moment in the train when we were so glad to have bought tissue boxes because our apartment ran out of toilet paper 2 days ago. LOL.

I miss Australia.