Moreton Island

Rise and Shine!

We got up in the early morning, hopped onto a tour bus, and made our way over to the Port of Brisbane, which was an hour’s drive away..

Today we’re heading off to a secluded island called Moreton Island....

To SNORKEL and go sandboarding!!!!!! :D

No food provided on the tour bus, but my trophy boyfriend made me chicken caesar salad the night before, so I didn’t have to starve during the journey… Woopie!!!

I can’t stop snacking when I’m on road trips. This is SERIOUSLY addictive stuff.. peppery and salty and chewy. Wishin’ I had some now.

And we arrive at the Port of Brisbane! It’s such a beautiful day, thank god for gorgeous weather that shined down on us.

Getting boarded into the boat that would take us to Moreton Island… it definitely wasn’t the tour boat I expected. O_O

You’ll see what I mean in a bit.

This is Fidelis going.. “WTF so cold, how to snorkel later on?!”

This little food corner in the boat was a lifesaver. It was another an hour ish before we reached Moreton Island.

Steak pie. NOMZ.

Hey you! Haha he looks so scruffy in the mornings.

Kept my make up minimal that day because it was going to be a day of full of physical activities, sun, sea and the sand… surprisingly my falsies did NOT drop off nor did my eyeliner get smudged at all.

Am I good or what? n_n

A pretty blue pic of Brisbane’s port :) We were soooo lucky with the weather, it didn’t rain once during our 3 week trip!

As we’re approaching the island, we got called to the bottom floor of the boat… where….

We saw a LOT of big cars and trucks. O______o

This boat actually transfers people AND their cars to and fro islands. Of course, only 4WDs were allowed considering the rough terrain of the island..

Why would people need their cars on a secluded island?

Well you’re allowed to drive all around the island, so I guess you can get a lot more sightseeing done this way? You cover more ground, and get shielded from the sun. Some people drive deep into the island and camp in the bushes!!!

It was extremely amusing seeing everyone buckled into their cars, ON A BOAT. I was like…

“Ok, I’m in a car. On a boat. On the sea. This isn’t strange at all.”

The tour we booked, if you’re interested.

However, I do not highly recommend this… There are possibly better tours out there. Moreton Island is beautiful, but this particular tour was kinda overpriced and shit at some points, though it did have its unique highlights.

Excited munchkins!!! Time to soak up the sun! The weather warmed up a little bit, but was still less than 20 degrees..

We drove off the boat, onto Moreton island…. where I took a first proper look of it.

And I was just like…


WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT! I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen bluer skies and waters?!?? Promise you it looked like this or even bluer in real life!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

It was just amazing how serene it was.

Those old, rusty looking boats are shipwrecks by the way.

Purposely sunk there more than 30 years ago!!! Because of the shipwrecks, it’s a protected and safe place to snorkel (no sharks or predators or jellyfish or rip currents) just tons & tons of harmless fishies!

Very reassuring for a noob first-time-snorkler such as myself. :D

I do have a mild fear of the sea.. it is SO incredibly beautiful, what with its vastness and sparkling waters and the beautiful animals that live in it, but honestly, if you don’t know what you’re dealing with you could die in it within a couple of minutes.

So much could happen. Drowning, jellyfish stings, stepping on sharp coral and sea urchins, getting sucked out into the open sea by rip tides, eaten by sharks…. and more. Okok enough with the morbid talk.

This place was a haven. :’)

Gotta get geared up and into the water quick, we had finish snorkeling before the tide changes!

Sammy the Sea Lion in a wetsuit…

HAHAHAHAHAHAH it was our first time trying on wet suits. Superrrrrr difficult to put on pls I could barely get it past my fat thighs and ass LOL.

Fidelis & Me!!!! Lmao @ how everyone’s eyes are closed in pics cuz the sun was so harsh!

PLEASE try your best to resist your urge to burst out laughing at the sight of me squeezed into a wet suit. I know I look like a hei ba zhang ok… lol.

There you go.

If you ever wanna black mail me, you know which picture to use!!

Gearing up was harder than I thought… Sam had to put on my wet suit and flippers on for me. :3 I am so helpless when it comes to outdoorsy activities.

You have to put on your flippers at the water’s edge (you’re not meant to wear them on land) but when I tried lying down and put my flippers on, I kept floating around like a ball?! LOL.

Couldn’t stay still enough.


I dipped my little toe in and immediately let out a shriek. The scorching sun is so deceiving, it does nothing to heat the water up. Since the air was less than 20 degrees I have a feeling the water must be barely 10+ degrees at most.

Thank god for wet suits, I might’ve hyperventilated and froze to death otherwise. I think the adrenaline and excitement helps keep your body warm too.

I was too busy making stupid happy faces at my camera to notice anything else. LOL.

Funny and friendly Indian guys in our tour group.

They frequently stopped and asked me if was OK, cuz I was always lagging behind… It’s so heartwarming when strangers are that kind to you! ^___^

Fact: snorkeling isn’t a glamorous activity.

Your nose and mouth gets squished, and most of the time you’re spitting water out of your mouth. LOL it was still incredibly fun though!

You see this pink boogie board? The tour guide gave it to me because I told her I wasn’t a good swimmer.. (LOL NOOB RIGHT) considering we were gonna snorkel for an hour straight, I figured it was good measure to keep it with me.

Turns out I didn’t need it at all because the wet suit keeps you so buoyant, you can float “standing” in the water like this! :

In fact, the boogie board was more of hindrance than help. :3

Funny pictures of Sam hahaha it was his first time snorkeling too!

The thick orange gloves was to keep our hands warm and protect ourselves from sharp coral, potential bites from fishes, etc.

Say cheeeeeseee!!! :D

At first I was trying too hard to adjust to breathing underwater and keeping up with the rest so much that I couldn’t really enjoy the view beneath…. so I took meh pictures of shipwrecks, of the sea bed and of people in the water.

I think a sting ray was hiding underneath the sand!!!

The pictures do get better later on (sort of, still just fishes though), unfortunately most of the coral / fishes weren’t colorful and the colorful ones were too fast and squirmish for me to take pictures of! I didn’t see turtles or exotic animals like I’d expected to. :( I heard another tour group saw baby reef sharks and dolphins!! LUCKY!!! I would’ve died of happiness.

But, something really REALLY amazing happened later on in this trip which made up for it (save it for another blog post omfg so excited thinking about it) that totally changed my mind about having bad luck with wild animals. The experience was incredibly special. But that’s for another time!!!

Sam says hi!

What the deuce is this intestine-lookalike-thingy lying on the sea bed? Dolphin poop? Sea snake sheddings? Sea worms?!!?

Striped fishies!!!

I think the shipwrecks were pretty hard to navigate through, some passages were so narrow and sharp, it’s inevitable you scrape yourself on coral or rusting metal while trying to swim through.

Lucky our wetsuit was real nice and thick, I reckon it would’ve resulted in extremely painful cuts otherwise.

A lone starfish

Snorkeling with false eyelashes on. #winner

Don’t mind my picture spam, I was having such a good time, couldn’t stop snapping :)


Sam said he found the elusive Loch Ness Monster. HE IS SO MEAN LOL

Eventually we got surrounded by more fish….

And more fish…


So much fish, that I was almost scared I’d get lost in a maze of fish and they’d all eat me alive. o_O

In my past life I was a mermaid. #thingsyoudidn’tknowaboutme



/End of snorkeling pics.

Even though we didn’t see as many sea animals as I would’ve liked to, I still concur it was an awesome first-time experience, being able to take a peek at what life is like underwater. It was safe, guided, and so much fun..

I can’t wait to go snorkeling again!!!!!!!!! ♥

We got out of the water and our wetsuits, basked in the sun for a bit while we waited for lunch to be served!

An assortment of cold food, like ham, cheese, crackers, tomatoes, veggies…

So this was my lunch. Potato chips, dijonnaise and sweet chilli sauce, tomatoes, ham, cheese, salami… wrapped together and eaten like that!

It sounds disgusting but really, it wasn’t that bad. Kinda nice actually, the chips made it crispy, sauces made it tasty, and the ham + cheese gave it substance. I’m a simple person. Lol.

(not really, I just eat anything when I’m hungry)

Sam looking tired from snorkeling~ It’s pretty tiresome to swim for an hour straight, even if the wetsuit helps keep you afloat. I did better at it than I predicted I would!


Our next activity got the best of us.

We got roasted (as roasted as a turkey on Christmas) in a hellish glasshouse non-air-conditioned bus for 30 minutes while we drove towards the sand dunes, preparing to go sand boarding down the slopes.

It was just TOOOOOO DANG HOT to be out in the sun unsheltered, let alone be walking through this godforsaken desert in the middle of us!!!

This picture is deceiving. Made it seem fun when it wasn’t.

It really didn’t help that we were all dehydrated from swallowing sea water from snorkeling before. Worst part of the tour?! No supply of water or sunblock… -______-

I remember telling Sam, “I would rape someone for a drink right now. Kill a baby bunny for a 7-UP.”

Everyone soldiering on.. but I know they were all dying inside.

I’ve lived in Singapore for 19 years (and this place is hot, hot, hot) and I’ve been to boiling places like Indonesia and Phuket and all the tropical places near the equator, but I’ve never been in a hotter place than THIS.

The desert was so dry, so hot, that BEES flew into my ear. Why the hell would bees fly into my ear?! Good question.

Sam said because my ear hole was cool, and that it had the most moisture out of anywhere else in the desert, the bees got attracted to it and wanted to fly / stay in there.. but of course my trashing around and shrieking disallowed it to do so.

WHAT the FUCK. T___T

Oh yeah. I forgot to mention we also had to carry our sand boards and walk a few hundred meters in the sun and thennnn climb up a STEEP, giant sand hill.

Climbing up sand slopes must be worse than climbing up snow. The sand just keeps giving way under your feet, and you keep losing your footing, it’s impossible to climb up……….

All I could remember thinking was, “Why did I pay money to do this? Why???”

This was how steep it was. It doesn’t look that steep in pictures but considering I was going to take a nose dive down this hill…. yeah, seemed a lot steeper in person.

Everyone getting prepped to go downhill

Sam waxing his board up. The waxier your board is, the faster you go!

The landscape was sort of beautiful. If you disregard the fact it felt like a hell hole.

………And I’m off!!!!!!!!!!

“Elbows out to the side like chicken wings!” – LOL.

I was rather apprehensive about doing it… (I like going downhill and getting air-time, but only on roller coasters, not having my body fully exposed on a flimsy board fml) but I thought to myself, “Don’t be a pussy. What’s the worse that could happen right? It wouldn’t create a painful impact, even if I fell it would be a cushioned fall thanks to the sand.”

But I was so wrong.

It was the SAND that eventually did me in. As I was going downhill, I had my whole face and mouth filled with sooo much sand, I CHOKED and teared like mad.. almost had to rip out my contacts. I kept trying to spit out the copious amount of sand I accidentally swallowed on my way down, to no avail.

That shit gave me the worst sore throat I’ve ever had in my life.

The sand from sandboarding + dehydration + sea water from snorkeling fucked my throat up real real real good, spat and coughed up blood the day after that, lost my voice and got a raging fever a few days later, and throughout all this I had an amazing amount of thick, dark green / yellow phlegm for the next TWO WEEKS after that. I coughed like shit every day, and had to have an empty cup ready by my bed side because I would cough and spit in it every few minutes. Actually, half spitting half vomiting lol.

I coughed so hard, it was hard to breathe normally, and I puked in my own mouth a few times. I didn’t BREATHE, I just WHEEZED. And I think I also spread the virus to Sam and Fidelis.

Couldn’t sleep well or enjoy myself properly. :’( It took more than a month for my cough to finally go away. Sounds dramatic but it’s a true mother fucking story. #pissedoff

I was so glad when the sand boarding part was over, and we could go back to the boat.

Fresh air!!! Ahhhh…

Sat on the top deck enjoying the views and the sea breeze. Oh and we bought ourselves a soft drink. The best tasting drink I’ve ever had in my life.

Amazing how the weather and landscape changes to a desert just 20km inland.

I was chatting with other people onboard the boat, and a guy told me how he caught a lot of fishes and saw sea turtles and dolphins while he was on a fishing boat. He wasn’t even snorkeling! ;____;

Check out the beautiful holiday apartments!!! Super duper jelly. I saw other people going on ATV tours, which was something I’d muchhhh rather have done than sandboarding.

Moreton Island ♥

Doesn’t this picture look like postcard material?

Farewell now Moreton!!!!!
Despite my crap experience with sand boarding, I still had a great time, and tons of beautiful & funny pictures to show it!

The boat ride back to Brisbane was really nice and relaxing. It was about an hour long and I had ample time to sit back, relax, and look out to sea, thinking about everything and nothing.

The sun had gone behind the clouds but it was still bright and windy.

I told Sam,

“Hey, let’s try to spot dolphins, I REALLY want to see some!!! You take the left side, I’ll take the right side, if you see some dolphins, YELL OUT.”

And so we did. We kept our eyes peeled for signs of animals in the sea, and concentrated intently on making out dorsal fins shapes in the sea.. Whaddya know? After 30 minutes, Sam goes,


And would you believe it - we spotted 3 dolphins jumping in and out of the water!!! FWAH.

That was my first time ever seeing a wild dolphin!!!!!!!!!! You have NO IDEA how long and how much I’d waited and wanted this moment. They disappeared behind the waves within a few moments, but I was happy just to catch a glimpse.

It felt like they made a special appearance just to make me happy, even for just a bit. I know it sounds silly, but that’s how I felt anyway. :’)

It made a very special moment for Sam and I to be alone at the back of the boat, looking out to sea while the sun was setting in the background, spotting dolphins together ♥

I think it’s these quiet, personal, I-love-you-so-much-I-feel-like-flying-let’s-sail-into-the-sunset-in-each-others-arms moments like these that really count in our relationship.

And that was one heck of a day at Moreton Island.