Advertorial: Essential – Healthy hair even to the last 15cm!

It happens to the best of us.

Us girls constantly struggle with keeping our hair ends free of split-ends and dryness, because there’s no point having nicely colored or styled hair if it just looks like a frizzy mess. But that’s more than a lot of us can hope for.

The last 15cm of our hair is the most damaged, therefore requiring the most care. It’s at least 1 year older than the rest of your hair closer to the roots, so it would have gone through more rounds of harmful dye coloring, blow-dying, tonging…

I for one would know very well what happens when you don’t take care of your hair. :(

Check out these pics of my utterly HORRENDOUS hair, taken JUST last year in 2010!!! You DON’T wanna end up like I did.

I’d bleached and colored my hair, permed it, tonged it often, had hair extensions and did soooo much damage to it, felt like my hair was damaged beyond repair.

I had totally neglected my hair’s health and let it become the biggest frizz ball I’ve ever seen in my life. I could barely believe it was HAIR (on my own head!), felt and looked more like grass…. I tried to get out all the tangles in a salon, but my hair was so brittle and dry, it was impossible to get the tangles out (and it was so painful T_T)

Eventually I gave up, and painfully chopped it all off. Possibly every girl’s worst fear. *sigh*

This brings back nightmares. Without pretty long hair, I honestly felt like a boy. Feminine level dropped 200%. I now realize how important hair is, and why chicks create such a fuss over their long manes. I get it now.

It can make or break your look.

Thankfully, I never have to go through that nightmare again….
Because Essential makes taking care of my damaged hair so easy!!!

Depending on your hair style, you can choose between the Nuance Airy or Rich Premier range!

Rich Premier - Suitable for damaged hair that seems impossible to tame
Nuance Airy – Suitable for flat and limp damaged hair. (It calls my name!)
Basic care – Shampoo & Conditioner (needs no elaboration)
Basic treatment – Comes in a tube. To be used once or twice a week as it nourishes your damaged hair ends and gives it the revitalizing boost it needs. You can skip using conditioner if you’re going to use the treatment!

Intensive repair for severely damaged hair
Intensive treatment – Hair mask, with 3x more High Purity Honey and Milk Protein than Tube Treatment to care for your severely damaged hair.
Leave on treatment – Hair essence. This essence can be used daily on damp hair after shampooing to give your hair continuous care, and it can also be re-applied onto dry hair.

Let me demonstrate how simple it is to achieve healthy gorgeous hair with Essential products that will make all your girl friends jealous!!! :D

Yes, the following pictures were taken in my actual bathroom. And yes, I am in a fluffy pink bathrobe. ;)

Some girls only wash their hair once every few days because they’re lazy / it’s easier to style dirty hair.. that’s a no-no for me. Do salons ever say, “Hey, we’re going to leave your hair dirty so it’s easier for us to style now.”

No!!! They always wash your hair first! Because clean, healthy hair looks and FEELS good. I can’t stand my hair and scalp feeling oily / dirty or looking greasy. And you can totally smell a girl’s hair when she hasn’t washed it for more than 2 days..

I realize that softer, smoother hair = more cuddling from my boyfriend. He runs his fingers through my hair and pulls me closer more often. Score!
It’s a plus point that Essential’s products all smell soooo good! The shampoo was a nice milky texture that wasn’t too thick, so it’s easy to lather up.

Here I am happily lathering my hair up in awesome goodness n_n

If you’re wondering why Essential products are so good for your hair.. it’s because they contain awesome ingredients like shea butter & high purity honey extract, a deep moisture booster formula to care for your damaged hair!

Using conditioner after shampooing is Essential…. For tangle-free hair everyday. Skip this step and you might find yourself dealing with a tangly mess that is impossible to style or comb properly.

However, if you’re intending on using their treatment products, you can skip using the conditioner. I went ahead and used their intensive Hair Mask.

Making sure I’m getting my Essential hair mask onto everyyy single strand!

This hair mask was my favorite step of the routine!!! The difference before and after applying it was extremely noticeable. There is “after-conditioner” soft, THEN there is “after-Essential-hair-mask-soft”…..
Which is so incredibly silky soft, you’re gonna be touching your own hair like you’ve got some hair fetish the whole day. :P

Once you’re done with basic care and treatment, it’s time to wash it all off, dry your hair and prep yourself for one last step – the Hair Essence. You can use the Hair Essence on damp or dry hair, focusing on mid hair length to hair ends. Ideally, you should use it before blow-drying your hair to protect it from the heat and once more when your hair is dry, to give it a smooth and shiny finish!

This is a good reason why we need to pamper our hair with all these products.

Day to day styling is enough to wear your hair out over time.

Simple harmless looking devices like a blow dryer can suck the life and shine out of your hair if you do it often enough..

With my hair now completely dried, time for the final step!

You can use this product throughout the day. Having a bad hair day and need a quick fix before you leave the house? This will be your lifesaver.

If you’re about to go on a date and you want your man to take notice of your hair, apply this magic formula immediately. He’ll love how shiny and soft your hair looks. ;)

And now we’re ALL DONE!

Here I am, with hair I’ve never known could be so soft and smooth. :’)

If you have really flat, thin and fine hair like me.. chances are, you have problems with fly away hair. Essential’s Hair Essence minimized that worry for me by keeping my fine hair strands in place, for a natural and effortless sleek look.

You know your hair looks good when your boyfriend notices it’s different and improved without you having to tell him! Men never notice these things.

Living proof that damaged hair can and will get better with enough care and determination. The pictures don’t lie.

Thanks Essential, you worked magic on me!!!!

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Cheers to healthy and pretty hair!