What’s Bakin’? #8

All creations you are about to see were lovingly done by Shiberty’s Sweets! ♥

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Bright flowers and swirls done for dear Nich’s birthday a few days ago!

Sadly, he just enlisted into NS yesterday :(((( I’m going to miss you so much Nichyyyyy. Our karaoke and supper and monopoly and hanging out sessions every few days!!! 2 more weeks till you’re out of confinement. *waits patiently*


For a girl who loves cows, I suppose. A strange design for a 21st birthday, but very unique and cute I’d say! :)

Angry birdie.

Hello Kitty cuppies!!!

I think I did a much better job here than my first few hello kitties ever drawn (see the pic here mad fugly LOL)

While we’re on the topic of Hello Kitty… here’s our hello kitty cake version 4.

You’ll see the previous 3 designs in our gallery!

Alice in Wonderland themed

A three tiered Sakura-flower design Sam came up with for his little sister’s wedding!

In spirit of the soccer hype a couple of weeks back

If you’re looking for a really simple and sweet present-like design for a girl, this is pretty much it. Or if you want something a little more loud, there is also…

This. ;)

Riiiilakkuma chocolate cake!!!

I know he isn’t very “accurate” in terms of facial features’ size and shape, but I thought he looks much cuter and dopier this way.

Rilakkuma version 2, he’s sitting on top of a 2 tiered cake! This one’s much more accurate, but he looks kinda… solemn. Don’t cha think?

This is like the previous Hello Kitty, but a My Melody version! We can vary the design and do pretty much any cartoon. -nods-

For a mickey mouse lover! She left the design up to us and this is what we came up with. Her set came with matching cupcakes that I forgot to take a picture of lol but it sorta looks like this.

Top view


…Oink oink.


If you can’t buy a girl a Chanel bag for her birthday… get her a Chanel cake.