My first day in Sydney!!!!!


Yesss it’s another one of those. Me and you all night long. :)

And about 100 other people. Lol. I’LL BE STREAMING LIVE VIDEO from my webcam in my bedroom so drop my blog at that time to see me on Ustream and to ask me weird awkward questions (like: what underwear are you wearing now, if any?) and get instant answers, I’ll make your boring weekday a little less mundane. ♥

It starts at 10pm… and ends late. So be here at 10!!!! LOVE YA! :)))) xx


So it has taken me awhile, but I’m finally blogging about my Aussie trip!

I’d like to start this post with a classic epic #fail, not uncommon in my every day life… I SHOULD be embarrassed about this but frankly it’s too funny to not share.

This is me checking in at Terminal 1 of Changi Airport.

Woman at Emirates’ Check in Counter: “Mam, can you answer a few short questions?” (just the usual routine)

“Did you pack your bags yourself?” —– “Yep.”

“Are you heading to Melbourne?” —– “Yes.”

“Thank you. Please check that the particulars on your boarding pass are accurate, and have a nice flight.” —– “Okay, thank you!”

I walked away, looking at my boarding pass. About 3 footsteps later, I backtracked and went, “excuse me! I’m sorry but my name is not JESSICAMS. My name is just Jessica.”

The woman at the Emirates counter gave me a very funny look before saying, “That’s your title Miss, as in how we address you, Ms Jessica.”

LOLOLOL. Holy guacamole am I a dumbass. I actually said out loud “Wow that was dumb of me” and the woman just smirked. Quick Jess, turn around and walk away as fast as you can.


This is me on the plane.

Very unexcited about flying. For 8 hours I’m just like “I DON’T WANT TO DIE OH PLZZ DON’T CRASH” and I need to stop replaying plane crash scenes when I’m flying 30,000 feet in the air..

I think about September 11, the part where the plane goes down in LOST, the scene from Cast Away… and then I get sweaty palms lol. I NEVER get sweaty palms except when flying or perhaps making a speech. Since when did I ever make speeches?.. Well that’s besides the point.

* inappropriate joke time *

I can’t remember who told me this, but someone once said “Flying Emirates is great. Not only is it one of the top airlines in the world, you also need not worry about terrorists blowing up your plane.”

I chuckled to myself silently with this thought, and it somehow did make me feel a little better. Anyway I find Emirates to be the best airline I’ve ever flown with. Puts Singapore Airlines to shame. The ladies in Emirates are really good looking and the service / food is definitely top notch! They make economy class feel like business class.

I flew Emirates from Singapore to Melbourne and then Tiger Airways from Melbourne to Sydney. Think I saved myself a good $300 by taking 2 flights instead of a non stop one, Singapore to Sydney is like 1k, so ex!

Total traveling time is like 12 hours.. oh the horrors. My next visit to Australia would probably be Western Australia, Perth is only 4 hours + away thank god!

This is me in Melbourne waiting for my transit flight.

Horribly underdressed, wearing pink havaianas and a t-shirt thin floral dress with a jumper thrown over. Everyone else was decked out in ugg boots, winter coats and thick scarves. Stupid me assumed Spring in Australia = perfect weather, like summer but cooler.

When I think Spring, I think of floral dresses and cute sandals and light frocks, not winter wear. Damn you Melbourne!

Spring in Melbourne turned out to be FREEZING. Like 10 degrees or lesser cold! Didn’t help that I was in Melbourne in the morning and it was super windy. Australia’s weather is crazy. You get Spring in the morning, Summer in the afternoon and Winter at night.

Thank goodness I have big steel balls and it kept me from turning into an icicle in my Singaporean outfit lol.

Sam walking me to the Domestic airport where I took my flight to Sydney.

He didn’t come along, he stayed in Melbourne to spend time with his family while I jetted off to Sydney to meet my friends!!! Woohoo!

ILU Tiger Airways. Your rates are always the best. :)

So this was the best thing that happened to me in Australia. I bought a prepaid card that came with UNLIMITED SMSes, CALLS, AND 3G DATA!!! Because Australia is a massive country, this means the offer stands for when I traveled to the Gold Coast from Sydney a week later.

Freakin’ unreal, I used to be so shy with my phone when I was overseas (I once raked up a phone call of $1k + when I was in Vegas FUCK that shit ain’t happening again) but I was Whatsapping, Twittering and replying emails on the go and calling Sam every night! It was awesome. I think I’ll swear by prepaid cards the next time I travel for an extended period of time.

When I touched down in Sydney, the first person I called was Kew, aka Andrew aka Kewbiez my L4D mate!!! :D

We’d been talking about this meet up for awhile now and it was pretty surreal seeing him in person. The great thing about being a gamer is that you can easily develop friendships with different sorts of people from all over the world and all walks of life. At one point in time me and Kew gamed for hours together almost every day!

Him being nice and lugging my luggage around for me! 20kg worth of shit inside that Mickey Mouse luggage HAHAHAH my mum bought it for me for Christmas 2 years ago ok don’t judge me.

When me and Kew first met we were all like:

“OH HEYYYYYYYYYYY *hugs*……. Well, this is awkward.”

I think virtual relationships are just as good as real-life ones. As you can tell, the internet is a major part of my life. My cake business is hosted online. My social life revolves around my blog, twitter, facebook etc. I really enjoy talking to and getting to know people online. Some of my online friends have proved to be much better friends than people I know in real life, and hell, I met all of my 3 boyfriends from games, so I’m all for meeting people on the world wide web :)

The first thing I noticed about Sydney. They have double decker trains. Woah.

Kewbiez and his best impression of a tour guide hahaha. I insisted on the upper deck of the train. It’s the same thing with double decker buses. I HAVE to be on top.

We took the train to Bondi to check out the apartment Fidelis and I booked!! He was a pretty good tour guide, narrating every train stop and pointing out the major landmarks in Sydney as we passed through the City.

Taking public transport while lugging around 25kg worth of shit in a foreign country is a crappy thing to do. But it’s especially funny when a 2 meters tall guy wheels around a Mickey Mouse luggage and everyone stares. Sydney’s train system is unfortunately not as accessible or convenient as Singapore’s MRT so there was a lot of tricky terrain to be covered.

And hordes of noisy, sweaty school kids to dodge.

But after much hassle, we finally arrrrrrrrrrrrrive at Bondi Junction!

Took a cab to our apartment (almost 30 AUD for a short drive fml) where we met up with Fidelis!!!!! :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When we arrived at the apartment, I was like…

“Oh, no.

I hadn’t seen pictures of the place prior to my arrival but I had sorta expected the outside to look a little swankier. It was a tourist destination after all! But it literally WAS… a hole in the wall. Lol refer to picture above. It didn’t make things any better by having the WORST lift I have ever seen in my life!!! Omg.

I dunno how to describe it to you, but it was a real shithole, you have to PULL the door open yourself (with quite a bit of strength) and it made all sorts of creepy noises while it was operating and it smelt like paint and it was big enough for only 3 people and I took a video of it so I’ll upload it next time.

Their only saving grace was that they had a nice-smelling, vibrant flower shop right next to it.

I breathed a huuuuge sigh of relief as Fidelis opened the door to our apartment when we got to the 6th floor. It WAS nice, much nicer than I had expected, after seeing the outside!

This is the kitchenette and the living room. Yes, it’s tiny, but comfy and livable for 2 asian girls who are only staying for a week.

The bedroom, which Fidelis and I shared. This is the place I discovered she sleep talks. A lot. LOL.

Thank goodness we’ve already had sleepovers and even showers together (HAHA I CAN’T BELIEVE WE DID THIS LIKE 2 YEARS AGO) so it wasn’t awkward at all having to live in the same room as her.

The tiny bathroom, to the left is the shower and the washing machine and dryer. Hooray. My number one factor to look out for when booking apartments? Washing machine + dryer and a bathtub / spa!!!! I absolutely hate having to carry around dirty clothing on holiday. And I love jacuzzis and bubble baths.

Need I say more?

In the lift of death.

Ready to hit the city!

Sydney, here we come!!!!

I got changed out of my ghastly plane clothes, and we took a cab to Circular Quay.

Kew tryna look all sexy-like and whatnot

The first place we visited was Circular Quay because Andrew wanted to show us the pretty city skyline and of course, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House!

The flight of stairs that leads you down to the harbour… *must. take. pictures. everywhere*

Taking a nice leisurely stroll with ma girlfriend on my arm :D

Despite how unpredictable it is I do love the Australian weather. Considering I live in Singapore…

Kewbies and Cuby!!!! :)

And bits of the harbour behind. More of it later on. I nicknamed Fidelis Cuby because she sounds A LOT like the iphone game / app “my pet cuby” HAHAHA I laugh whenever I think about it.

Awww at when when you introduce your friends and they get along and they look all cute together n shit ♥

#hermionePOAmoment: Crap, that’s what my hair looks like from the back?! Note to self – do something about it soon….

There’s a lot of walking when Kew is involved. He seems to be allergic to rest and standing still. He is freakishly tall so he walks realllyyy fast and me and Fidel are always struggling to keep up! Slow down cowboy.

WE ♥ SYDNEY!!! :)

With my baby girl!

Vintage photo edited by Instagram.

OMG seriously look at how tall Kew is!!! I’m 1.7 at least, so he’s 2m I’m guessing?

There are plenty of benches along the harbour for you to just sit and admire the views.

And that’s we did. We sat down in front of the beautiful harbour and soaked up the atmosphere.

I’m sorry that my pictures don’t do the Sydney skyline and harbour side any justice but I assure you it was pretty awesome. We people-watched, stared into the distance as boats went by and laughed at stupid sea gulls.. my favourite bit is the smell of fresh (or perhaps slightly salty) air and the wind in your face and hair.

I like it.

They like it too.

I hate it when sea gulls stalk me.

I can feel their eyes on my every movement. That’s one problem I never head to deal with in Singapore… protecting my food from Sea Gulls. They’re EVERYWHERE whenever there is water and they are incredibly annoying (though funny)

I can’t help myself from running at them and watching them take flight in a fluster hahahaha it’s hilarious. At least I think so.

I told Fidelis: “I feel like chasing that bird.”

And she’s like: “Do it.”

*stalks seagull*






Sea gull regains composure after 2 seconds and appears unfazed, #likeaboss.

Me: “What the fuck is wrong with that bird?!?!”

Second attempt at scaring it away. “BWAAAAAAHHH!!!!”

And when that didn’t work…..


I chased that fucking bird around like a maniac HAHAHAHAH. That’s probably Kew in the foreground thinking, “what a psycho”

Ooooh that is not a good look Jess.

We made our way over to the Sydney Opera House which was surprisingly…. unimpressive.

It wasn’t grand and pristine as I had imagined it to be after all the hype people make of it.

It was in fact, yellowish and looks like it badly needs maintenance. (although I’m told it costs a lot to maintain it a year)

We walked away after 5 minutes. The bridge was a lot more interesting considering you can climb it as a tourist or cross it for a practical purpose. And the bridge makes for better photos :D

Fidelis told me a funny story of how a guy climbed to the top of the opera house and vandalized it, writing “No war” or something hippie like that. He got fined (and possibly jailed?) but later on made money off it by selling miniature Opera House figurines with “no war” (his message) on it. Hahaha what a joker.

Shopping and other touristy sightseeing activities ensue!

The weather was cold, but more bearable than Melbourne. It was about 12-16 degrees c in the day time.

I heart Alfresco dining in cold countries and warming up under outdoor HEATERS! Like a god-send during Winter.

Kew took us to see quite a bit of Sydney that day! We saw his university, passed by several popular spots and chinatown. (which we didn’t bother going into lol)

If I had to choose between living in Perth or Sydney (I don’t like Melbourne that much) I’d definitely pick Perth because Sydney is extremely fast-paced! Sydney is charming in its own way, with is victorian-themed suburb houses and there’s always something to do around the corner. But I’m a pretty laid back person and I enjoy more relaxed places and destinations.

EVERYONE is always in a hurry to go SOMEWHERE.

I prefer the suburbian life much more to the city life. Everyone should take a chill pill. *stares at Kew* Including you Mr Long Legs!

Them with their “COME ON CATCH UPPP” stares. Hmph.

I like this stop sign.

Take some time to stop and… smell the roses. :P Or rather, wait up for your physically unfit friend who’s lagging behind. Fml.


That’s a good look on you, Andrew. He ended up buying something from Diva roflmao

The problem with blogging about a trip after several weeks have passed is that you tend to forget the little details.

Like why I’m laughing so hysterically in this picture... I’m sure it was funny though.

Kew said he’d take us to the other side of town, a different harbour not the one at Sydney Harbour Bridge but even more gorgeous according to him!

Taking pretty night shots at Darling Harbour! I love looking at twinkling night lights. Sparklyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. :)

Sydney has so many pretty places to take pictures at~ ♥ ♥ ♥

Group shot attempt 1 fail

Group shot 2.. fail again

Group shot 3 – okay!

It’s sad that in the only in focus group shot of us I had to look buck-toothed and spazzy.


After taking this shot, he reviewed it and said, “I look ah-mazing.” without any shame.

LOL I miss Kew.

Me :)

Me. ^.^

Me again!!! :DDDD You know you love me lolol.

Random touristy pic of Fidelis and some freaky lookin woman O_O

LMAO @ this. Definitely one of the strangest things I’ve signed up for.

We were discussing where to go at night, and Kew was on his iphone browsing when he suddenly went “OH OH OH there’s a new oxygen bar in town!!! Let’s go.”

Me and Fidelis were like, “Wtf is an oxygen bar?” o.O

My first thought that popped in my head was… a regular bar… where it’s filled with oxygen. *scratches head* Isn’t that every single bar? I at least hope so!

He showed us the website and was superrr enthusiastic about trying so we made our way to The Rocks to try out this “oxygen bar” thing.

And this… is it. LOL.


They insert this tube up your nose (yes, it’s as uncomfortable as it looks!!!) and you breathe in 90% more oxygen than you normally would. Naise one Andrew. -_- LOL

Fidelis at the start of the procedure: Oooookay this is interesting!~ ^.^ This is cool.

Fidelis after 5 minutes: Ok, this isn’t so cool after all…. It is in fact quite uncomfortable and nauseating for some reason.

Fidelis after 10 minutes: FTS. Can I go home now?!

But hey… at least it makes for interesting photos, right? Lol.

Check out all the amused spectators behind Fidelis! It was like that the whole time. Just people walking pass and stopping abruptly to stare at us like some freak show. And I can see why. We look like hospital patients hooked up to colorful oxygen tanks!!!

Trying my hardest to look like I’m having fun for Andrew’s sake. When really, I just wanted to rip that shit outta my fuckin’ nostrils and breathe normal air. Lol. (which I eventually did, and the salesgirl was all like WHUT R U DOING?! *cue horrified face* You don’t get the full benefits this way!!!111) chill out cowgirl! some ppl are ok with normal air.

Ok I haven’t properly explained what this really is. I hear this is all the rage in Japan at the moment.

There’s about 4 different “flavored” purified oxygen tanks that you breathe in, and the different flavors are meant to have different benefits. For example, when you breathe in Lavender flavored oxygen you are meant to feel gradually more relaxed… A normal person only get about 20% of oxygen in the air they breathe in (don’t quote me on this lol my memory sucks) and breathing 90% more oxygen is supposed to be good for you.

And according to the sales girl, you need minimum 15 minutes of breathing this purified oxygen before gaining any of the so-called benefits. Any less and it’s probably a waste of time. General benefits include “being more awake / alert / rejuvenated” for people experiencing fatigue, curing hangovers, fixing jet lags.. none of which it did for me, lol. All I felt was an incredible urge to pick my nose and I was so scared that when I pulled the blue tube out of my nose some sticky booger would come out along with it #LOLSHIT

The strange thing is the oxygen flavors don’t really smell like anything, in fact they have this pretty unpleasant smell to it. Kinda smells like hospital. Smells sanitized and clean and hospitally which I totally hate! It’s so purified that it smells kinda sick. Am I making any sense? Smells like chemicals.

You pay about $12 AUD or so for a 15 minute session and while you are breathing in their awesomesauce air you also get to play with an iPad and you get a free bottle of water. Lol.

So think of it as an internet cafe + free water + free oxygen. Woohoo.

Kew on the other hand, was all raves about it.

He’s all like “I FEEL GOOOOOODD NOW” and he sounded high off his nuts. He even walked funny. Me and Fidelis think he’s slightly cuckoo LOL nvm I still luv u.

Well thankfully that experience didn’t last very long and our next stop was DINNER!!! :)

We had Pancakes On The Rocks as it was recommended by readers and friends and BOY WAS IT GOOOOOOOD!

Thanks for the awesome intro!

I’m definitely craving it now!!! Something I could never get in Singapore :’(

We ordered a pizza, a savoury crepe, nachos, beef ribs and wedges and pancakes to share. Out of all those dishes, only 3 are worth mentioning.

While waiting for food to be served, we all set in silence… Exhaustion would be an underrated word to describe how we felt.

That’s a tired face if I ever saw one.

I think it’s amazing I managed to accomplish so much in my first day of Sydney because prior to this grand day out, I was traveling in planes and transiting in airports for more than 11 hours!!!!!! And I’m about the laziest person you’d ever meet. That’s an achievement.

All was right in the world again when the food finally came.

FOOD FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD!!!! ^____________^

The best Nachos I’ve ever had!!!

And I don’t even like Nachos that much because usually the dips it’s served with comes in miserable portions but this one was overflowing with yummeh toppings. Bolognese, tomatoes, onions, shitload of cheese and sour cream etc etc!!!

Where to have good Nachos in SG? With similar portions hopefully!

The beef ribs was KICK-ASS!!!! -wants-

Fall-off-the-bone tender and absolutely flavorful. Awesome wedges with yummy dips too. I’ve never actually had beef ribs (only pork ribs) so this was realllyyy good to me.

And to finish off a great meal…. amazing pancakes. ♥

By the time we were done with our savoury food they were hesitant about ordering pancakes but I’m all like YESSSS LET’S DO IT.

Haha how can we leave Pancakes On The Rocks without havin their pancakes? Apparently it was a good decision because the moment it got set on our table, it was completely gone in another 2 minutes.

Buttermilk pancakes drenched in butterscotch sauce, served with vanilla ice cream and grilled bananas! Divine.


We said Goodbye to Kew for the day, and slowly made our way back home. And by home I mean our rented apartment. Lots of walkin and train taking and bus taking ughhhh. But I was happy to be heading towards a bed because god knows I desperately needed sleep. So effin’ exhausted!


Taking public transport back. Look ma, no hands!!!

I’m so proud of myself for taking so much public transport rather independently the whole time I was in Sydney. I don’t even take public transport in my own country. I cab everywhere or demand to be driven around coz I’m spoilt like that.

…Jk, I’m just really bad with directions. And I tend to get lost. A lot. I could get lost in my own high school even after studying there for 4 whole years. Fml. To be honest, the thought of traveling alone is still a super daunting idea to me.

I’m not exactly the most street-smart person around. In fact, I’m blur as fuck. I tend to zone out a lot and the simplest tasks confuse me sometimes.

Like counting the correct amount of change for the bus driver. I get nervous because the other bus passengers are staring at me all like “HURRY THE FUCK UP BITCH I WANNA GO HOME” and I’m still fiddling around with a hand full of coins coz I can’t count for shit (I got consecutive F9s for math in class) and I get increasingly nervous as I stare at the foreign currency going “WTF why is the Australian 20 cents coin so damn big for?! I thought it was a 50!”

and then I go and do something douchey like drop some of my coins on the floor as I’m counting them ending up taking so ridiculously long that the exasperated bus driver goes, “Gimme that!” and I hand him all my coins so he counts them for me. I then make my way over to the back of the bus where people stare at me with evil eyes or shake their heads in a “You poor thing” sort of way.

And that is the story of my life. I blame my dyslexia.

Despite all of that, I managed to emerge from my 5 day Sydney trip safe and sound. I didn’t get lost (too many times hurhur) or get raped in a scary dark alley or such. Eventually I took the trains and buses around with enough ease. Imagine that.

GO ME!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this brings us to the end of my Day One in Sydney! Not bad itinerary for the first day huh?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post… because it took me an effing long time to edit and post so you betta have liked it mf :P

I am so glad that I’ve got so much blogging material lined up for me! No need to fret over what else to post for the next 2 weeks. Expect a lot of pretty pics and exciting adventures await. Watch this space!!!!!

Have a good Sunday y’all.