Advertorial: DIYGalore

Looking for cute and affordable accessories?

DIY Galore
has cute necklaces, rings, scarves etc all going for only $3.50 per piece! You can find similar pieces at Far East Plaza going for 10+, 20+ dollars.

Here’s a collage of my personal favourite pieces from their ongoing Accessories Spree:

They have a huge range of designs for sale on their website. Sassy, quirky, nerdy, trendy… they have pretty much everything. There’s something for every type of girl in there. I ♥ the Peace sign ones, love the light-colored gold.. apparently they’re Juicy Couture inspired!

This spree
is closing on 14/10/2011 so if you spot anything you like, you have to be quick!!! :) You snooze, you lose. Items will arrive within 21 days.

Free Smartpac (like registered postage) when you spend $150 and above.

Why shop at DIY Galore? Hear it from them!

- DIY Galore strongly believes in efficiency. Once items arrive, we will mail out your item within the next working day.

- We do not drag and take our own sweet time to do refunds for Out of Stock items.

Like their Facebook page here
as they do spontaneous giveaways every now and then! Who knows, you might get lucky ;)