Sam Nang Chan’s 25th Birthday!!!

August the 9th
was Singapore’s National Day, but what you guys don’t know is… it was also Sam’s 25th birthday!!!

I had him utterly convinced that I had NOTHING at all planned. He didn’t take that very well and kicked up a petty fuss haha… Well I don’t blame him. This was true up until the night before his actual birthday – I panicked and came up with a pretty good last minute plan!

It’s the first time we’re celebrating his birthday together even though we’ve been together for 2 years now, it just so happens that every time it was the 9th of August, he would be in Melbourne, while I was an 8 hours flight away, across globe in Singapore. So I wanted to plan something really really fun like a short getaway, but we’d already been to Bintan recently, so I opted for something personal and cozy.

(and preferably relatively inexpensive lol we’re saving up for our aussie trip in september)

Thanks to Sophie’s bf, Alaric, I managed to get him out of the house for a couple of hours and while he plays DotA in a lan shop, I’m coming up with birthday plans!

Surprise number 1:

25 reasons why I love him,
written in color pencil on small hearts that I’d cut out of drawing paper, hidden in various inconspicuous corners of my room for him to find! Like a Scavenger Hunt.

Image is purposely in bad quality and small-sized so you can’t see all of what I’d written lol. Some of them are personal hehehehe.

He started out with a large blank piece of canvas but he’s meant to find all 25 hearts hidden in my room and stick them onto the big white card with glue! I sort of #FAILED because it was like 3am at night and I’d actually FORGOTTEN where I placed some of the heart cards. LOL.

They were hidden so well that we spent at least 40 minutes trying to find all of them -___-” #notetoself: The next time you plan a surprise, don’t screw yourself over, lol.

25 reasons completed, yay!!! This is stuck onto our wall now :)

Some of the “25 reasons why I love you” include:

You always let me eat your food or decide what’s for dinner (What?? I love sharing food! By sharing I actually mean stealing other people’s food.)

You can’t sing but you go to karaoke with me because I like it

You’re never embarrassed to carry my handbag for me in public

You give awesome massages

You let me rest my leg on you when we sleep (I HAVE to do this. It’s hard for me to fall asleep otherwise lol I’d just put my whole leg over his lower body lmao)

Surprise number 2:

I told him I was going to cook dinner for him… but at the last minute I told him I couldn’t cook because the supermarket was closed and there was no groceries so we had to go out instead!

In actual fact, instead of going to a random restaurant, I brought him to Clarke Quay for a surprise dinner. Well not just ANY dinner, we had a special section of the restaurant decorated and booked out for him!!!

A table reserved for the both of us @ SQUE (click for more info)

sQue Rotisserie & Alehouse

6 Eu Tong Sen Street / #01-70 The Central (from the taxi stand, walk to the left past subway and keep walking)

Tel: +65 222 1887

The food’s soooo good. It’s a Rotisserie and Beer place, exactly what Sam loves!

He’s all like… “AWWW, all this for ME?! *hand action*”


Yep, he’s 25 but he still gets helium balloons for his birthday. If I could, I’d get him helium balloons for his birthday every year :)

Thank you Janice dear for making all of this possible!!! (the one taking his order. she’s the manager at SQUE, if you visit their restaurant say hi to her, she’s really friendly!)

I was stuck with Sam at home (swimming, playing online games, doing anything to pretend I didn’t have any plans so the surprise would be more surprising lol) and couldn’t go out to buy the decorations and jazz up the place myself. She had it ALL arranged for us when we arrived!! Without her, I dunno what I would’ve done for his b’day because we were so busy with cake orders I couldn’t take time away to arrange something completely by myself.

They have gorgeous alfresco seating where you have spectacular views of the buzzing nightlife along Singapore river and the other restaurants / pubs around, but we chose the indoor seating coz we preferred the air con lol. We cannot survive in anything more than 24 degrees.

Been hearing quite a bit about SQUE from Janice so I was really excited to try their food. Famished, we wasted no time in ordering a heap of food!

The food did not disappoint. In fact, it well exceeded expectations! It’s been awhile since we had good, authentic Western food and this was fantastic. It was the SQUE platter, came with crab meat cakes, baked potato stuffed with chicken, onion fried in batter, and chicken wings. (which was ok, everything else was yum)

They also provided 4 different types of dipping sauces which I LOVED.

That’s Sam’s sian face because he’s effing hungry but I’m stopping him from digging in cuz I need to take pictures. LOL. Rib eye stick with herb butter & skinny fries!!! YUMMMMERRZZ. Omg I’m so hungry now I cannot wait to finish this blog post and go out for dinner haha.

This was my fav part of the meal. Very tender and juicy!!! It’s not charred and doesn’t taste like your typical steak outside, this received mixed reviews from the other people who were present that day (which you’ll find out more of later on) but I personally liked it. A lot.

Beef cheek and pasta… this wasn’t exceptional, but it was yummy nonetheless. Very tender and juicy once again. I love pasta so this goes down well with me! But we probably appreciated it the least because it was the last dish to be served, and since their portions are pretty big, we were stuffed silly by our 2nd main course.

If you wanna head down there for a meal by my recommendation, be informed that their prices are not exactly cheap (but reasonable considering the quality and quantity), their main courses start from $30 plus per person but the servings are generous and they have amazing meat so I reckon it’s money well spent. Any money spent on food is well spent. :P


I’m not one for alcohol but it was a celebratory occasion and we had THE BEST peach beer ever!!! I dunno what it’s called but it’s so good. If you head down to SQUE they will let you know what it is coz it’s really popular. :)

The expression says it all. “DIS BEER IZ GUD.” Lul

Just when he thought that good food and a romantic table set up was highlight of his evening…

Some of his friends showed up at the restaurant to wish him Happy Birthday and joined us for dinner!!! Hehe. By no miracle of course -wink wink-

They were awesome for making it down on such short notice!!!

The rest of the night was… catching up, more beer drinking, more eating, rowdy laughter, nerdy discussions of virtual games and rubbing our full stomachs in happiness! (actually it was more of like… Ughhh I’m so full. *bloated face* )

Albert and Pearlyn! The rest were very camera shy.

For dessert, I ran out to get the cake I made for him which was sitting in SQUE’s fridge…

They helped me light the candles, I walked back into the restaurant holding an oreo rainbow cake with lighted candles and everyone started chorusing…

Happy Birthday to you….

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Happy Birthday *insert name here*

LOL this was the funny part. A lot of his friends present were from his World of Warcraft guild so some called him by his alias, SpiritEater. Some just said, “Sam.” As for Janice, I think she called him by his full name – Sam Nang Chan?!?!

Hahaha and as for me…. I just kept quiet because honestly I didn’t know what to say. Should I sing “Happy Birthday dear boyfriend?” or “Happy Birthday dear Sam?”

“Make a wish before you blow out the candles!!!”

Made me happy inside that people were excited about the cake! SQUE’s staff were like “You made this yourself? Nooo way!” and when people saw the rainbow interior their reactions were even better!

They even took the leftovers home!

It’s a simple butterscotch rainbow layered cake with oreo frosting and oreo cookies lining the bottom. The black smudges on the left side of the cake was from cutting into the black oreo frosting.

The face of the cake just has the words “To: Sam. Happy 25th Birthday!” I wanted to make him an epic dinosaur cake (if you remember I made a fail one for him last year) but I’m hopelessly busy these days so that wasn’t an option. Anyway we make so many cakes all the time I doubt he can be arsed with cakes anymore lol.

We’ve made probably like 100 rainbow cakes by now for other peoples birthdays, yet Sam and I have never had ONE to ourselves! (besides the first time we ever made it. our recipe has improved since then)

Thought it’d be nice if he was on the receiving end for once :)

Made our way home around Midnight.

It’s been like 2 weeks since his birthday but the helium balloon is still floating! Amazing.

Happy (belated, hurhur) Birthday Sam!!!

Lots of love,
from the best girlfriend in the world. (You Know It. LOL)