Clover Fashion Shoot

Been terribly busy recently. I have so much to blog about, but so little time!

Did a shoot for Fidelis’ blogshop at my place the other day, the photos turned out really prettyyyy, (better than I expected actually, I give props to perfect weather these days) so here are some of my favourite shots!

Pictures taken with a Canon 550d DSLR and it’s kit lens.

Dedicating this post to Fidel, stay pretty and keep smiling darling!

Thank you for being there for me when I needed you :) I’ll always be here for you too! ♥

Her friend Christy helped model some pieces too

Tons of fun taking these pictures and directing the shoot! Reminded me of the shoots I used to do years ago but instead of being the subject, this time I got to be the bossy photographer. Empowering bwahaha.

I would’ve enjoyed myself a lot more if the weather wasn’t so hottttt. I reckon if I lived in a colder country I’d be out and about taking photos EVERYDAY!

Anyhoo I have exciting news to share.. I’m planning my birthday in September (the 20th) and I might be going to various parts of Australia with bby girl Fidel!!!! OMGGG I can’t wait :)