What’s Bakin’? #5

All creations done by Shiberty’s Sweets. ♥

I ♥ MY iPHONE!!!! Just sayin lol

Colorful rainbow-themed cupcakes for Nadnut! Read her review on our cupcakes here!!! :D

2 tiered pastel colored vanilla cake! It was rather difficult getting the buttercream smooth on a square cake when you’re doing it by hand, armed with 1 spatula only :p

Light pink BIRKIN cake!!! Mango madness interior!!! Can you say…. realistic? Hehe. We can tell this is going to be a popular design (the iphone too!) once we post pics of it up!

Sparkly gold details for a bit of oomph :)

Our classic rainbow interior

HAHAHAHA! I laugh everytime I look at them cuz they’re sooo dopey 8)

I don’t normally like owls but I made these googly eyed and super adorable to my own liking, lol! I find real owls scary but these look like O.O so they’re cool with me.

Warning: NSFW content ahead! Possibly not safe for work or parents!!


What cake should you order for a hen’s night???

A PENIS CAKE OF COURSE!!! Impressive girth right? This caused a swell riot in my household! We went around asking people if they knew what it was (obviously they know but we too bo liao LOL)

My maid: “I don’t know, don’t ask me!!!” (pretend only one)

My mother: “HAAHHHH?? Who ordered this cake?! Why like this one?”

My grandmother: “EEEEEEeeeeEEeeee -makes disgusted face-”


One thing bad about such a large penis on a cake is that the cake FELL APART when it was passed to the customer, coz the penis was too heavy!!! AGHHHH. Thankfully we managed to patch it back within 15 minutes and it looked about good as new.

Now, to cleanse your mind!!!!

Let’s look at some Winnie The Pooh cuppies ^.^

Think happy thoughts. Penis.

I mean happy thoughts.

PIKA PIKA! Pikachu used Thunder. It’s super effective! Enemy has fainted and Pikachu gained 248 exp points.

LOLLLL I am / used to be? a huge fan of the game and cartoon series.

Pretty large cake, think it would’ve fed at least 20+ people!

Do you know what’s more impressive than a pretty 2 tiered cake?

A pretty 2 tiered cake with a rainbow interior. :P

Made this for Zoe Raymond’s sis, Zonia! It was her 21st! Can’t wait to see Zoe’s post on it weee

DSLR cake perfect for any photography enthusiast!!!

This was bigger and heavier than my real Canon 550d lol

Btw, pls do not ask about any price / order enquiries on my blog or my formspring, direct all questions via the Enquiry form on our website!

A sexy and contemporary wedding cake! Love this one!

Comes with 12 matching but individual designs to complete the set.

Hate to say this, but I think I’m falling in love with fondant!

I still dislike the taste very much (our frosting is too awesome to compete with :P) but it provides an impeccable and unique flair!

Cute teddies inspired by Rilakkuma!

Requested by an air stewardess who totally loved them, thankfully :)

j’adore paris ♥

..even though I’ve never been LMAO

Fierce little cookies!! GET EM BOYS!

Imba machine gun xD

The recipient of this set of cupcakes, Sarah, wrote a very humbling article on myself and Shiberty’s Sweets, and it’s featured on http://in2it.sg!

To read the article I’m featured in, visit this link! Thank you Sarah for your kind compliments and for sharing your review. ♥

Oscar, y so grumpy?

Graduation cupcakes!


GIANT bow and small mini bows 3 tiered cake for a girl who really, really likes ribbons and bows!!! This cake is probably the biggest we’ve ever done.

Gillian ordered these red velvet with cream cheese frosting cuppies for Clicknetwork!

Simple but cute Rainbow cake (yes, rainbow interior obviously) for Stacy’s 23rd!

I miss Orlando. #Isaythiswaytoooften

That’s all for this post! Was intending to post more but filtered out my favourites for your viewing pleasure ^.^

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