Fidelis’ 21st!!!!

A couple of nights ago, Sam and I excitedly attended Fidelis’ big 21st! I haven’t seen her in forever, and it was really good to catch up again.

Picture intensive post ahead! (66 piccys to be exact)

The best thing about being friends with bloggers is that even after many months (over a year actually) of not talking to each other, you still have a brief idea of what’s going on in each other’s lives because of blog entries, so you can skip the awkward “What are you doing now? What happened to your ex?” etc etc sort of talk.

It almost felt like nothing has changed, that it was 2008 again. I wish that was the case though.. but as long as everything’s all good now, I suppose it’s all that matters :)

Birthday girl dutifully preparing treats for her guests before they arrive. Her party was so much fun! Plenty of food, booze, non-stop flow of music, laughter and camwhoring!

She baked these meringue cookies herself! Yummeh. I LOVE MERINGUE ^.^ Egg whitey sugary goodness!

Candy floss machine! :D First time I’ve seen a mini version, so cute


I wonder if this was the stuff she put in the jello shots lol

These jello shots are AH-mazing! ♥ I couldn’t stop popping them. So petite and colorful, cuteeee! From the moment I arrived Fidelis kept shoving them down my throat. Trying to get me drunk tskkk!!!

It’s by far the most addictive alcohol drink / shot everrrr because the jelly and sugar made the alcohol taste so unoffensive, it was like liquor chocolate but better.. liquour JELLY! In fact I really want some now hahaha I can’t even remember how many I had, but the following pictures should give you a rough idea…

Val and I downing jello shots ;) First of many to come lol


And anotherrRRRrrrrRRRRRRrrr….

Valerie is sooooo tall! I can’t remember her exact height but I’m like 1.7 so she’s probably like 1.86 or something. I always feel unnecessarily midget-like when I’m around her, which isn’t fair because I’m not short in the first place LOL

So I made her bend down to take pictures with me n_n

Sam over enthusiastically urging me to drink with a SINISTER look in his eyes. I know your motives!!! You want to get me drunk then take advantage of me obvs. Ain’t happen bruddah!

To infinity, and beyond!!!!

I think 7 out of 10 pictures I’m in from all the pictures taken that night I had a jello shot in my hand / mouth LOL

Something about catered food makes me smile. I think it’s how all the food is neatly labelled and presented and knowing I could have as much of it as I want, the food’s just sitting there waiting to be eaten :P

I brought the special B’day girlie customized cupcakes from Shiberty’s Sweets to suit her Mardi Gras themed party! Green, purple and gold. Butterscotch and chocolate flavored. They received a lot of raves at the party, much to my delight ♥

Her other gift was a Victoria’s Secret perfume called “Sexy Little Thing” and it’s SOOOO sweet, it smells like you’re being soaked in vanilla fields. One of my fav scents out there, hope she likes it as much as I do!

Cuppycakes!!! ^.^

Fidelis actually handmade all these ADORABLE props for all of us to take piccys with!! My favorite was the hitler moustache hahaha

Actually.. it looks more like a Charlie Chaplin moustache when I put it on :P

HUA! I IZ MARDI GRAS POCAHONTAS! (LOL) Or is that a masquerade mask? I can’t decide.

*cue kung fu fighting song*

HAHAHA after he saw me wear the mask he was like, “GIMME!” with grabby hands, then started doing silly poses with it. Typically Sam.

My stern expression after seeing his antics. *not amused*

Him trying to be the same. He can’t pull a serious face for shit LOL

Taking a picture of you taking a picture of us! My lens is damn dirty o.x Time for a wipe-down.

Speaking of which, most of the pics in this post is credited to Chris L (dude in green obvs) and his pro Canon 5D camera hence the ultra clear quality! Knew him as a photographer since years back from when I used to do shoots.

LOL random gay moment.. by gay I mean happy of course, rite? Just so ppl don’t go all ZOMG U HOMOPHOB on my ass.

Playing with the Cotton Candy machine!!! Waited all night for my turn because there was always somebody fiddling with it. Lost interest after 2 minutes though.

SO SLOW!!! I need more candy then a few strands of candy per minute. om nom nom nomz -turns attention back to jello shots-

He’s such a kid :) It tickles me in a good spot to know that candy floss can still make my 24 year old man happy! It’s all about the little things in life.

When you turn this red -hic- It’s a good indication to stop the shots. By this time I’d already spilled 2 drinks (not sure due to my clumsiness or tipsy state? I wasn’t light headed tho.. I think)

Sam’s had a few himselfff hurhur

BNW white pic so nobody knows how notices how red we are :DDDDDD

Sam with Eugene, Val’s friend! You know when they say birds of a feather flock together it’s true because Eugene also damn tall wtf. I also wan to be damn tall!!! The air must be fresher up there!

And talking to shorter people must be fun because they must actually look UP to you (geddit?) if they want to hold a conversation lol

Lots of love for the b’day girl!!!!!

HAHAHAH omg my expression is so stupid in this picture!!! Chris why you take such unglam shots of me?

We were chilling in the bedroom upstairs watching Zombieland (yayy zombie movies!) on Val’s iPad 2 and she was showing off the cool functions to me and I think this was captured when she did the 4 finger swipe thing and I was like WOAH they can sense how many fingers are on the screen. LOL. I call this the /nubface/

Slightly better pic! Redemption.

At this time Fidel came up to the room to check on us and to offer us icy cold Sprite and other refreshments, and also to tell us that cake cutting would soon begin weeeee

Leon finally arrives and helps the b’day girl prepare the 2 tiered cake!

We didn’t manage to do Fidelis’ cake for her because by the time I’d received the invite, I heard from Leon that she’d already ordered her cake from someone else!!! Boo!!

But it was a good lookin’ cake nevertheless, and the best part was the extremely competitive pricing. *nods head and squints eyes…monitoring competition* :P

..And then it begins, all her friends clapping and chorusing in unison! I can see it in her face that she was really happy. ♥ Happy for her that she’s happy. Been damn long since anybody sang me a B’day song like that besides my bf -tear-

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy birthday to you!!!

Happy birthday little munchkin, happy birthday to you!


Was part of her 19th (only 4 of us at Leon’s place, good times), missed her 20th but thankfully I’m here for her 21st :)

Pictures galoreeeee

Kisses for you!

Oi, what’s that reaction?!? Dunno is flattery, disgust or confusion?

Out comes the cuppycakes to share with her guests!!!

Valerie aka potential future Miss Singapore savoring a cupcake! She’s running for this year’s title and I think tomorrow is the finals. Good luck Val!!!

I can’t wait till she wins, then I’d plaster this photo + her raves on the cupcakes onto Shiberty’s Sweets website. :P


Leon and Fidel’s friend giving LMAO expressions after their first bite.

In case you think it’s an unpleasant reaction, it’s not ok!!! They were like “WTF so pretty and so yummy one?!!!!! :O”

“Want to try??? Here, have a bite! Om nom nomz”

I think Leon has a damn classic comical face. I look at any picture of him in it pulling an expression and I feel like laughing LOL

While people were eating ma cupcakes…. I sat in a corner watching them, eating salsa with chips.

I also wanted a cupcake but it seemed kinda rude to eat your own cupcakes at someone elses’ party, no?! You’d think after being around cakes 24/7 for months now, I’d be sick of it, but I’m still not! I love licking the frosting the most, sets me on a sugar high n_n


Forget about sugar high.

I think me and Fidel were downright bloody high off alcohol already LOL coz we saw THIS:

Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps marshmallows!


..Ok bby girl, if it’s chubby bunny you want, it’s chubby bunny you’ll get!!!!! Be forewarned though, I’m kind of an expert in chowing down food. *grins*



Ready… set… GO!!!

*stuffs face in front of everyone watching*

Marshmallow one – IN SUCCESSFULLY! *says Chubby Bunny*

Marshmallow 2….. *muffled Chuwwy Buwwy comes out of Fidel’s mouth*

Man, these little fluffy duckies take up more space in your mouth than you’d think!

By the 3rd one, we started gagging already LOLOL. OMG WE LOOK LIKE BOOMERS ABOUT TO EXPLODE.

RUNNNNN, the horde’s about to come!!!!
Bile incoming!!!!

*tries to say Chubby Bunny but it sounds like… OOFEE BOOWEEE*

By our 4th one, we were falling to the ground, choking heavily on both marshmallow and our own laughter!!!!!!! You can’t even laugh properly because if you open your mouth too big all the marshmallow would stop popping out LOL

I think we stopped at our 5th one because we were about to throw up!!! We ran to the toilet to spit everything out. Ewwwwwwww hahahah saliva dripping all over my mouth, face and hands!!!

It totally didn’t help that the Peeps marshmallows were overly sugary and sweet but it was worth it. Haven’t laughed like that in so long!


Don’t fail me baby!!!! I believe in you and your humongous mouth! :D Make me proud.

The boys did the first 3 with ease!

Ohhh, Leon, showing signs of weakness so soon???

Watching your friends gag is so hilarious yet cruel ^_______^

It’s his 5th one!! Leon stares in disbelief coz it’s only his 3rd. His face spells – “What the fuckkkk, how big is your mouth you freak?”!

HAHAHAHA Leon looks as though he might launch a marshmallow cannon-spit-ball into Sam’s face!!!


We tell the boys to go spit out the marshmallows so we can count them properly and that was either a terrible or brilliant idea, depending on how you look at it :P

I apologize on Leon’s behalf for the string of saliva. LOL

But… he still seems kinda pleased with himself, because he scored FIVE!!!! Same as me!


But Sam emerges as the winner….. for he had SEVEN MARSHMALLOWS IN HIS MOUTH!!!!

SEVEENNNNNN. How does he even do it? Don’t ask me, but he’d make a great girl since his gag reflexes are close to zero lmao.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the face of d-e-f-e-a-t.

…With 5 marshmallows stuffed in it’s mouth and 2 middle fingers pointed towards the high heavens in anger. It is not a very pretty sight.


Well, in the end the boys shook on it and…

*deng deng deng deng deng*

We have a winner!!!!

Congratz darling! *blows kisses* No real kiss because he was dripping with saliva. LOL.


Happy Birthday babe ♥ ♥ ♥ We all had a fantastic time!

May all your wishes come true!!!