Marche, Hangover, Hermes, Lychee Tea, Varicose Veins, Roses & Bangs.

Before I start,


10PM, 10th June!!! Be there with me!
I will be launching my new website at 12am sharp. :)


Lol check out the ultra long blog post title!

Abstract or what? Coming up with interesting blog titles for random posts is always hard to do, so I decided to just say it how it is.

2 days ago I finally met up with Nich again after soooo long! He’s one of ma best school mates from MDIS :) And one of the very few I actually still keep in contact with.

He’s always so full of smiles!! (and full of shit LOL he cracks the lamest jokes)

I think who you choose to stay in contact with even after school has ended says very much about your friendship… Sometimes you think you’re close to someone but then school ends and you never ever talk again. Wtf.

*is thinking of a girl’s name but won’t say it*

Having lunch at 313′s Marche!!! (PS-ed the shit out of my eyebags as you can probably tell, I’m so tired these days e.e)

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee their crepes. (and their rosti too!) Smoked salmon with sauteed mushrooms in cream sauce and fresh veg. THE BEST OF DA BEST!

Btw, how do you pronounce crepe? I always pronounce it as “creep” and I’m pretty sure that’s wrong lolol. “Let’s go have some creeps for lunch!”

The first thing I noticed about Nich was how TALL he was. I always remembered him as tall, but not that freakishly tall! I’m 1.7m and he must be at least 1.8 or 1.85 that day?! I was like “Wtf why you grow so tall suddenly?!?” and he’s like “It’s my shoes lah!!”

To which he proudly kicked up his foot to show me and I was like… WAH! NICE!

I casually asked him what brand it was, and he replied “They’re louboutins.”

At first I thought he was just teasing me and I was like “…o.O Huh? They have guy shoes meh?” and when I figured out he’s being completely serious, I excitedly asked, “Omg do they have the signature red soles too?!”

And they do!!!!!! -easily amused- I never imagined guys wearing louboutins.

LOL my $5 pair of slippers from Bangkok look soooo sad and dirty besides his shoes FML. I feel damn cheapskate suddenly hahaha.

There is a great story behind this pair of louboutins!!!

Firstly, his partner bought him a pair of Gucci shoes and Nich said, “You know chinese superstition has it that if you buy your lover a pair of shoes, they’ll walk away from you.”

Like 2 weeks later he woke up to a box of spanking new shoes and a note by the side of his bed saying, “Baby, if those pair of Gucci shoes would make you walk away from me…. Surely this pair of Louboutins will have you running right back.”

Now tell me that isn’t the awesomest shoe story you’ve ever heard!!! :DDD

Lol I was so excited and squealy throughout lunch as he told me all about his life that I’ve been missing out on since I left school!

After lunch we walked over to Cineleisure to catch Hangover 2 (which I was actually looking forward to see because Hangover 1 was hiillaaariioousss)

However it was so disappointing!! There were a few good laughs but that was about it. I definitely wasn’t rolling on the floor howling with laughter like I was with the first.

Who’s seen it and agrees?

All the jokes were old, the start and middle of the show was too draggy and the end was abrupt and anti climatic. It’s really sad how sequels to shows are 99% shitty!!! It happens with every good show.

Pirates of the Carribean, Mean Girls 2 (did you know there was mean girls 2?)

After I finish typing this blog entry I’m gonna watch Kung Fu Panda 2 with my family and I can bet it’s going to be a shitty too zzz please let it be at least bearable. Sam’s been dying to watch it so I’m just accompanying him.


Us having tea at Mandarin Gallery like bored tai tais, because Nich couldn’t stop raving about this tea lounge “Arteastique”…

I’m like, “By tea, do you mean pastries etc?”

And he was like, “No. Tea tea. Leaves. You’ll like the place, not because of the tea, but because you can people-watch the rich people there and soak up the pretentious atmosphere!!!”

LOL true enough when we got there, there were pretentious people everywhere wtf. Sitting around with their prissy Chanel bags and adjusting their hair, or they have their head in a book about living the zen life or something. Not a bad thing besides the fact that the moment you step in, you feel people judging you from head to toe. I mean seriously, who actually has time for tea like that? You must be one bored mofo!

(and we WERE bored mofos that day hahaha)

My lychee tea that Nich ordered for me! I’m no fan of tea (I’m still obsessed with soft drinks like a kid wtf) but this was actually really refreshing and nice! I wouldn’t pay 7 dollars for it, but you know, if I had nowhere else to go and wanted a relaxing place to catch up with an old friend I wouldn’t mind going to Arteastique (even the name gives off a pretentious vibe)

Check out my new birkin!!

Lol you didn’t actually fall for that right? If I had spare money to blow on stuff like that I wouldn’t be making cupcakes everyday and I would go to Maldives for a holiday instead!!!

I DO kind of want it though…. *grabby hands*

Anyway if you’ve ever wondered what’s inside a birkin bag:

The most RIDICULOUS bag content I’ve ever seen!!!!! Hermes organizer… Hermes men bracelet…

I’m a girl and I carry around 4 things. My phone, cash, my make up pouch and an extra sanitary pad.

“Nicholas, is this really necessary?!?!”

“….No. I’m so full of shit right? LOL omg”

At least he admits it hahaha! That’s what I love about him he always says what’s on his mind. Also because he’s super funny to be around lol. I’d feel insecure if I walked around at night with that much stuff that screams “rob me!!”

On a side note: I totally love the prints of my F21 maxi dress! ♥ I know it’s not Spring anymore but I couldn’t care any less. Singapore doesn’t have seasons anyway!!

The iphone 4 cam is actually really good (better than my compact cameras wtf) but this pic was edited by Nich to make our complexion smoother LOL.


Afterwards, we walked around town to try cupcakes from different stores (monitoring competition!! doing research for my potential future-store) and I can’t believe how unappealing cupcakes are outside.

They either have shit designs or none at all, tastes like crap or ridiculously overpriced. I mean there are a few good stores of course, but most are junk.

After trying out cupcakes from a store in Centrepoint that I thought would be our biggest competitor, I can safely say we’re so ready to take on this business in Singapore wtf. Coupled with all the good reviews we’ve been receiving from customers these days, I’m so stoked abou doing this!! My mom is coming back to Singapore tonight and it’s about time!!!

I’m under 21 so I can’t do much on my own, need her to be around to sign papers, etc. I really hope this works out somehow. But even if we don’t get our own shop eventually, I’m happy staying at home making cakes for a coupla more months before going to uni.


A really dead-looking pic.
This is what I’m like 90% of the time.

I keep working and working, that I don’t even shave, or put on make up, or dress out, or do normal things that people do anymore (been trying to change that this whole week)

And I decided.. that this has to stop!!! I can’t let cupcakes take over my life, though it is my interest. I can’t let myself go at 18 because of work. At least I still have to be moderately interested in having a normal lifestyle. I mean, who’s going to read my lifestyle blog if I don’t have a life, right? LOL.

I put on make up probably less than twice a month, so I don’t post many pics of myself at all, but a couple of nights ago I decided to snip my fringe off (with a pair of kitchen scissors LOL) and embrace a new look!!

By a new look I don’t really mean brand new since I’ve had bangs before, but I thought having thicker eye make up drawn on in a style I don’t normally wear and putting on blue contacts plus styling my hair and taking vain pictures would be kinda interesting!

Blue contacts from Maxi Eyes. They make me look kinda scary at times D: But it’s ok scary is better than boring, right?

Act cute also better than boring right?

LOL ok not so sure about this one. I’m meant to be gasping btw, I’m not holding up 4 fingers like a retard for no reason. Like “Oh! Reflection! I never knew you were so beautiful.”

My skin has been looking literally perfect ever since my first trial facial session at New York Skin Solutions, wtf. I’m not trying to haolian ok I just want to share with you girls a good deal.

I’m not wearing any form of bb cream / sunblock / powder in these pics btw! And my skin isn’t photoshopped. I’m REALLY tempted to sign on with New York Skin Solutions’ 10-sessions package but I know it will be sooo expensive…

They have a first-timer promotion going on (actually maybe ended IDK you can call them and ask), I went for a 2 hour + collagen facial for only 10 dollars!!! CRAZY. Be prepared for a lot of hard selling tho, we spent 1 extra hour listening to them trying to convince Sam and I to buy their products or to sign onto their package haha.

Even Sam’s skin has a noticeable difference afterwards!!! Looking smoother, firmer and fresher. I highly recommend (if you have the money, if not you can be cheap like me and run away after the first $10 trial)

I’m taking reflection shots instead of just normal camwhoring shots dead-on because I believe people look better in their reflections. Like the camera may warp the proportions of your face sometimes depending on the angle, but if you take pictures via the mirror it’s the closest thing to real life you’d get!

Amirite?? LOL

-imagines some physics teacher shaking her head and sighing at my bullshit-

Pfftt hair why you grow so slow!!! It’s been more than 6 months since I’ve cut you and you’ve barely grown 2 cm. T_T

Hokay I look slightly possessed here.

After having dry lips for many years, I have figured out the secret to having soft and nicely colored lips! (without the lip color bleeding or having your lips dry out halfway during the day and become flaky with dead skin)

I can finally pull off nude lips (so-long red lipstick! remember those times?) because healthy lips look the best in nude / natural colors!!

My blue underwater cam looks damn obiang :P

iPhone pics time… because these are so pixelated they don’t need to be photoshopped :]

Onion head!

iPhone image editing apps are so much fun to play around with!!!

LOL vain bitch

Something about bangs make me look like a 3 year old. Fml.


End of photo spam!

Sorry this post up later than promised :(

I fell sick unexpectedly… for the dumbest reason.

I took this pill (a drug prescribed by doctors for overweight people to lose weight)

Because a friend took this and apparently lost over 10kg!!! Amazing right? I read reviews online and apparently the results are GUARANTEED, no matter how modest. I got too excited and actually bought the pills without a prescription. I thought I could miraculously shed the weight I put on over the years in a month.

Normally I wouldn’t do something so stupid and screw around with my health (I used to have low blood pressure & anemia & I still have a rather weak immune system) but recently I’m kinda desperate and my judgement got swayed because of THIS!!!!!!!!!!


Just looking at them makes me wanna cry.

I don’t wanna have zombie legs!!!!! They look so motherfucking scary like I’ve got some sort of disease. Have you ever seen a zombie apocalypse movie? Before they turn into flesh-eating monsters, this is what their veins look like wtf.

At first they started off as very faint lines which I thought were stretch marks, but they’re not. They turned out to be varicose veins and they’re spreading!!!

I googled for some cause factors and the most common reasons are:

1) Poor blood circulation / sitting cross legged often, causing unnecessary constant pressure on the affected area, stressing the blood vessels

2) Weight gain, also got to do with putting pressure on the blood vessels

3) Inactivity or long hours of sitting / standing.

I tend to sit down a lot, whether I’m surfing the net, sleeping or decorating cupcakes and I ALWAYS sit cross-legged or in some funny position with my legs up in the air!!!!

And of course, the unhealthy weight problem too.

They can be lasered off, but they say if you don’t get to the root of the problem it will come back eventually. And lasering them off can cost up to thousands (or so I’ve heard) :(

Does anyone know how to get rid of them??? :(

I’m desperate!!!!


…..Ok, I got sidetracked a little there.

So as I was saying, I took the pill without a prescription and now I’m paying the price for it. ***Warning: Follow statements are gross but true. Don’t read if you’re easily grossed out lol.

A few hours after my first capsule, my stomach and abdomen area started having discomfort and strange cramps…. then I started leaking OIL.

What the pill does is that it blocks like 30% of the fat from the food you eat, preventing your intestines from digesting it, so obviously the oil has nowhere to go but to get released through your asshole right? (this is where the real gross part begins)

I read that the side effects of the pill is oily stools, but instead of oil, I shat out BLOOD. Not like trickles of blood, like bloody 10ml of blood or more la!! Well IDK how much exactly but I was hollyyy shit my toilet bowl is red.

My friend reassured me that some people have blood when they first start on this pill and not to worry. Throughout the rest of the night, my stomach discomfort and cramps continued… and even worse – whenever I thought I was gonna fart, I was actually discharging oil instead. This continued for a full day!!!! And the oil is motherfucking smelly and it’s like orange, as my friend described, it looks like satay sauce LOL. OMG I can’t believe I’m telling you this, I’m really sorry if that’s too much info ok skipping the gross part and onto my main point.

I woke up the next day with extreme fatigue.

Like fuck man, my bones ached and my muscles were so fking sore and I couldn’t even get up to ice cupcakes properly. I just felt like I needed to sleep the whole day away (which I sort of ended up doing) and that I had no appetite to eat anything (because that would mean more disgusting oil discharge) or any energy to do something productive.

Even my breathing seemed really heavy.

And this was just from ONE pill. -scary epic music-

I stopped taking the pills after the first 1 because of the abdomen discomfort but this is my 2nd day since I’ve taken the pill and I’m still suffering from the side effects. The oil discharge hasn’t stopped, and I’ve been having the mother of all migraines the whole of today. My head is throbbing about as hard as my heart is beating.

This sucks BALLS.

Serves you right Jess, for trying to take the easy way out!!!!!!! I didn’t put on the weight in 1 day so I shouldn’t expect to take it off in another, I know, I know. Exercising and eating healthy is the way to go. Well, try telling that to a lazy person and see if they listen.

As I’m typing this I’m slightly feverish but ahhh I guess I’m feeling better. Hope tomorrow I’ll feel normal again by the time we start the live chat. I can’t believe the adverse side effects just from 1 pill. I’m swearing off these sort of things again… I’d rather be fat than dead!!!!

It’s a pity the side effects are so horrible though I mean the pill is actually effective.

At least something good came out of this! Sam has been treating me nicer and he bought me flowers today ♥

He also went out to buy groceries, came back and cooked lunch, cleaned up the house awaiting my mother’s return from Australia, and later he’s going to give me a full body massage to soothe my aching flabs. Sigh

Thank god.

Things aren’t so bad after all.

Ok, off to watch Kung Fu Panda 2, bai!