What’s Bakin’? #2

Not sure what to get your mum for Mother’s Day?

How about some pretty & yummy cupcakes / cake from Shiberty’s Sweets?

While stocks last… we’ve got a pretty packed schedule already!

13 yao ~ For the MJ lover in you! MJ tiles’ details were hand drawn with edible markers.

Actually if not really 13 yao don’t blame me ah I don’t play MJ one we just copied MJ tiles off the net LOL

La la la la ~

La la la la ~~~


Loved watching this cartoon as a kid, adorable! ^.^ Me and my boyfriend had immense fun singing along to Elmo’s theme song the whole time we were making it.

Chocolate cake interior, if you were wondering.

Two words for this set: Chocolate Romance ♥ ♥ ♥

If cupcakes could look sexy, this would be the epitome of sexy VA VA VOOM cupcakes!!!

Sam even said the red frills remind him of red lingerie.

….Perhaps he’s just perverted LOL!

So this is probably one of the craziest cake ideas ever – A cupcake CAKE!

This thing was massive. More than 20x the size of your normal cupcake, it actually weighs more than twice of a newborn baby :P

The inside of this cake was layered pastel rainbow. All in all it was a rather difficult cake to carve and to mould.

She asked for colorful pastel shades and for the cake to have a whimsical feel to it. I hope I delivered, I personally think this cake is one of a kind and very happy looking!

Have a blessed 21st! This set came along with 15 pastel-colored cupcakes to match.

Our new oreo buttercream recipe is unlike ANY other. My first bite into it = instant foodgasm.

I know what your burning question is – do they taste as good as they look?

In all honesty.. Absolutely YES!!! Topped off with juicy and fresh strawberries cut into a heart shape :)

Choo choo!

Oreo cheesecake cupcakes (DIVINE. Creamy, cheesy, smooth, sweet and sour with a kick of oreo crunch) with train fondant deco, grass and railway tracks are made out of buttercream.

Does this bring back nostalgic childhood memories for you?

Now that’s a load I don’t mind carrying. :)

Lavender Swirls Round 2, replicated for someone who liked the design and asked for an exact copy!

For a girl who adored wedding-like elegant fondant cakes but was daunted by their prices, we can do similar but at a fraction of the price :)

Rich red velvet interior.

Roses and leaves handmade with fondant!

Vroom vroom! Buckle up ladies and gentlemen!

Who says cakes can’t double up as “real presents”?! Just look at all that delicious chocolate frosting and tell me who wouldn’t like that for their birthday.

(if so, what’s wrong with you?!)

Cake has a rainbow interior to boot! (my customers LOVE rainbow cakes haha)

Even comes with a gift tag and a little fondant ribbon on it.

Jut more sweet flowers :)

Rainbow in a cup ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ !!!!!
(that’s 10 hearts)

All ready for nomming!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we go!

*opens mouth and chomps*


And the deed is done.

Gorgeous rainbow interior :’) Almost too pretty to eat.

Almost… but not really. *chomps the rest down*

Zombie Farm cupcakes,

All these were drawn after reallll characters / stages from Zombie Farm!


Tropical sunset!

Gotta love those sexy pink polka bikinis ;D

I am REALLY feelin’ like a beach holiday right now!!!!!!!

P.S I love the little coconuts on my lil palm trees, but Sam said they look like ball sacks hanging out from a wee wee hahahahaha

Magical surfboard surfing on the waves by itself :P

I knew it was only a matter of time before someone ordered a Hello Kitty cake!!

Meow ^.^

…….Does she even mew? o.O


Lol ok that was just my fail imitation of Stitch.

Ohana means family. ♥

Family means nobody gets left behind…. or forgotten :’)

That quote still makes me shed a tear till this day. I L♥VE that movie, definitely one of my all-time favourites in the world.

Haz u carrot 4 me?

Ruffly choco madness!





Sqqquuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! ~~~~~

Everyone loved these :)

Someone ordered Tiffany blue themed cupcakes, so I thought I’d add a touch of old school glam & romance for her :)

Simplicity at its best!


I made these just yesterday and I LOVE em! I get really excited when customers order fun themes!

Whole time I was making this, “California Gurls” song and video replayed in ma head! *squirts whipped cream from boobs*

Candy wrapper ^.^

A cupcake. LOL they’re sort of candies too right?

Pink lollies!!!

Yes, as you might’ve noticed recently I’ve been obsessed with sprinkling these tiny gold pearls on as many cupcakes as I can.

They just seem to add an instant dramatic flair to everything they touch! :D

So proud of these!!!!!!

100% original idea that popped into my heead all of a sudden and it turned out better than I thought. Pretty ingenious if I do say so myself :)


Hope y’all enjoyed viewing the piccys!!