Sunway Lagoon

Backdated Sunway Lagoon post!!!

Wasn’t going to blog about this at first, it’s not exactly a particularly pretty / impressive / interesting place, but meh.. Better late than never I suppose :P

Sleeping on Sam’s shoulder on the unforgiving 8 hour bus ride there…

I like how he lets me rest my head on his shoulder and how I get foot massages when I plop my legs onto his lap!! Being a girl rocks. (just one of our many perks hehe)

Makes me feel like I’m going to Genting.. when in fact I’m going to Sunway Lagoon!!!!

Turns out I should have went to Genting instead, urgh at least I didn’t have high expectations for it.

I like long car rides when there’s pretty scenery to look at :)

Malaysia doesn’t have pretty roads but at least it has vast greenery! Anything is a refreshing change from the concrete jungle that is Singapore. I don’t feel so cooped up when I’m out in the open. It feels like the world is a big place afterall, can’t say the same when I get to one end to the other of Singapore in 50 mins!

My squishy heart cushion that helped me relax better during the long journey.

It started out relatively awful… massive jam which made the trip 2-3 hours longer than it should’ve been, and there was an accident…. I think I saw a dead man.

I was napping while we were crossing a highway with big traffic jam, and at a very specific moment I felt my eyes being forced open (like you’re sleeping and suddenly you jolt awake) and what should I see lying on the road but a corpse covered by a big white cloth???

Took me awhile to register what was going on. At first I was super sleepy and groggy like, “Huh? What’s this? Are we in Malaysia already???”

Then it’s like “OH FUCK IS THAT A DEAD BODY ON THE ROAD??????????????”

I’ve never witnessed a fatal accident on the roads before so I was quite freaked out… the image kept replaying in my head. Thankfully I did not see any decapitated head / limbs / grotesque images besides a still body lying on the road. I assume he’s deceased because they covered him with a white cloth……. and that really creeped me out.

Like why did I suddenly open my eyes at that very moment when the body was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME??? I was happily sleeping!!! God, what are you trying to tell me?! I took it as an obvious warning sign / bad omen and was very very careful throughout my trip. :(

Really just my luck to come across such a scene when I’m leavin for a supposedly happy getaway. R.I.P :(


Morbid details aside, we finally reached Sunway Lagoon after what seemed like forever!

Janice and Jeremy looking a bit funny after a long and tiring trip, lol!

Walking to our hotel…

And… it wasn’t very impressive. One of the less flashy hotels I’ve picked for our trips but not a lot of choices to choose from in that area..

It wasn’t so bad inside though I just think the exterior design is god awful.

Yup… an immediate improvement. My spirits lifted from then on because I love hotel stays!!!!

Where we stayed at. A huge plus point is that the theme park is literally next to your hotel! Only a stone’s throw away and from your room window you can catch all the action going on.

We went during mid-late January but they still had Christmas decorations up!!! I reckon hotels should keep their festive decor up all the time, year-round. It doesn’t HAVE to be Christmas, but how cool would it be if everytime we went on a holiday it felt like Christmas all over again!!!!!

I ♥ XMAS!!

View from our hotel room (which was very different from the pics on the hotel’s website, cheat ppl max), this was their water theme park. They have a total of 5 different themed mini theme parks combined into 1 large one but like only 60% of the theme park was open and available to the masses. A lot of attractions were renovating / closed which is really annoying.

What’s with Malaysian theme parks and their faulty rides?! I go Genting everytime also this ride spoil, that ride spoil. Like this don’t need to open for the day already la, waste people’s money!!!

By the time we settled down it was close to dinner time, so we had a nice early dinner, explored the hotel grounds and when night fell, we went for a spaaaaaaaaaaa treatment!! SHIOK LA I ♥ SPA!

LOL I it’s redundant for me to say “I ♥ Christmas and I ♥ Spa” because who in their right freakin mind wouldn’t?!

It was decently priced (cannot remember now maybe 200+ to 300SGD for like 2 hours plus for 2 person) and the service was excellent!!! I think great service is part of what makes a spa so enjoyable to visit. It’s the ONE place I am absolutely guaranteed good service. And good service is bloody hard to find these days especially in Asian countries.

For example, I had several mosquito bites that I was furiously scratching while waiting in the spa lobby while our room was being set up. The counter girl saw me looking very uncomfortable and she came over to offer us some lavender oil.


I thought she was trying to sell us some products but she told me to apply some oil on my bites and it actually WORKED! Itching stopped in a matter of minutes and the redness plus swell reduced. I was super amazed lol who knew.

Massage bed where we had orgasmic massages :’)

My masseuse had such softtt and smooth hands omg made me wish I had hands like that! So gentle to the touch. Too bad my job doesn’t require me soaking my hands in moisturizing lotion everyday!

Romantic candles, flower petals and bubble bath to start off with!!! Everything else… we had to wear minimal clothing so no pics lolol.


So let’s fastforward to the next day!!!!

Rise and shine!!! I am ready for theme park madness :DDDDDDDD

Much to our disappointment, it was raining and gloomy in the morning… but by the time we had lunch and we got down there it stopped immediately. What can I say??? God loves me!!!

Jan and Jer!!! I love her long hair omg I can’t believe she chopped it all off

Bb & me!!!!!! :)

Lolol it was unbearably hot so he ran into that mushroom fountain you see in the picture behind him and he came out looking like that

So my first impression of Sunway Lagoon is that…….

People are very weirdly dressed.

A lot of people weren’t even wearing swim suits, they were full on wearing normal going out clothes like long sleeves, tights / leggings and everything to go on the water slides and shit. Doesn’t feel like I am in a water theme park at all!!

Waiting for our turn at a slide!

The slides were ok ok lor… Quite boring actually. They look big but no thrill factor involved. Maybe I’m very biased coz I’ve been to really nice theme parks before and I’m very anal when it comes to holidays because I expect everything to be perfect! (like Orlando T.T)

Small eyes run in the Loh’s family blood LOL

Hi-yah! I am strong!!!!!

And my bf is cockeyed.

I photoshopped my armpits whiter, among a few other things :P I cannot stand girls who take pics showing their armpits, especially when it’s like hairy or dark dark one omg.

I liked this slide!!! 2 seater (LOVE coz I can hear Sam laughing hysterically and going WEEEE)

And we got to go backwards at the end part ^.^

It was really packed that day, we got bored of queuing up for like 40 mins just to go one slide so we chilled at the pool instead.

Janice and Jeremy are forever making out. Buay sian ah?!!!!??? Everytime we take their picture they’re either 1) cuddling or 2) kissing.

Well that’s one problem with going out with needy couples lol

We were making fun of them for always making out (reminds me of Gwen & Blake LOL) and so we had a KISS-OFF!!!!

Deng deng deng!!!

Round 1, FIGHT!!!!

Round 2!!! Good comeback, with female taking dominance this time! :P


I think I win, coz obviously my kiss is so magical that Sam’s hands are up in the air as if he so happy, he wanna fly. LOL!

Sam was posing under one of those giant pails that collect water and eventually topple over, unloading a tremendous amount of water onto the heads of people standing below!!!!

But we failed to get a good shot of him…

Pic 1 – ruined by running little boy’s backside.

Pic 2 ruined by random walking dude… MOVE OVER LA!!!

Pic 3…. again, ruined by people once more.

All this time we were trying to take photos, people just kept walking into our direction when they could’ve EASILY avoided us, not like we’re in a narrow pathway!!!!!

They see us trying to take a picture also won’t siam one! Just waltz across our way and plant their asses in the pic only.

HOW RUDE can these people be!!!
Srsly ffs.


Weeeeeeee wildlife park!!! Always fun to see animals :D

Holy shit, it’s a giant fucking CHINCHILLA.

I’ve never actually seen a proper pic or a chinchilla irl before, is this what they’re meant to look like?!!!!?!?!!? WHY PPL SAY THEY CUTE AH? Mad fugly!!!!

Looks like a mad oversized wrinkly old saggy version of my cute hamster, Pudding.

This chinchilla’s ears are so big I could shove my whole fist in there!!! And goodness knows what gunk would come out with it. Ewwww.

Another old-looking animal.. some white money lol.

Sunway Lagoon, y ur animals all look like they 90 years old and menopausing?!?!!? Not cute de!!

Urghhh I hate this ride!!!!! Pirate ship. All it does is swing you back and forth and mash up your brain. 100% puke.

Roller coasters, however.. are a completely different story!!!!

I love the feeling in my stomach when we go down the dips. I love the actual SPEED involved, not so much inertia shit going on because we’re actually making distance. I love the wind in my hair and watching everything look like a blur as we zoom past.

I love the involuntary screams I let out as we’re getting our body thrown around in all sorts of directions as the coaster picks up pace and sends us into a frenzy!!! Love love love it.

Sam was walking around the theme park topless, LOL. That’s what happens when you combine dry and wet theme parks together.

And that’s me looking funneh with all my make up washed off from the water slides before…. my fake eyelash from one eye fell out too hahaha

And we’re off!!!!

Having fun you guys???

Them going off in another coaster!!! My bro’s scared of heights / theme park rides so these mini coasters are the only ones he’d go on LOL

We walked past this water feature and I exclaimed, “Ooooh look!! Waterfall!!….. But why the heck did they have to put that massive fence and block our view for? Kinda pointless right?”

But soon we discovered the valid reason for it :P

There were 2 TIGERS in the enclosure!!!! Madness. They roar-ed a bit and wow-ed everyone there lol.

Here kitty kitty kitty… Who’s a cute wittle kitty kitty? ^.^


HAAHAHA reminds me of Carlos Mencia’s stand up show omgggg you have to Youtube “The Best of Carlos Mencia”!!!

And here comes the coolest part of the whole theme park – the world’s longest suspension bridge!!!! It really WAS extremely long. (423 metres across the whole area)

And really, really high up!

Best way to see the whole park.

Although you kinda wonder what you’re missing out on since a lot of the park isn’t open to public (closed, under maintenance, yada yada)

The colorful buildings remind me of Genting for some reason

Wasn’t easy for me to walk across this thing T_T

I have a fear of extreme heights. I am not DEAD scared of heights (I do like roller coasters, remember?) and I can look down 60 storeys from the top of Marina Bay Sands, no problem.

BUT I really don’t like it when I am forced to walk on shaky platforms (the suspension bridge bounces and creaks wtfsmlj) or when the platform I am walking on has holes / glass to allow me to look DIRECTLY DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

FEELS LIKE I AM FALLING T______________T And I get super duper scared. I clung onto the side of the bridge and onto Sam for dear life.

They seem to have no problem with the heights!

Felt my heart in my mouth everytime I glanced down. I know the trick is to keep walking and don’t look down…. but since when did “Don’t look down okay!!!!” ever work???

My only consolation was if I fell through the bridge at least I’d land in water lol (which at a certain height can feel like landing on cement anyway, I know, but it’s psychological comfort)

Our last stop for the day – ATV Riding!!!!

They made us wear funny caps. I wonder why they always make you wear shower caps when you ride on Go-Karts or ATVs??? Is it because they scared you got dandruff or what?

Sam being Sam.

Lol I love his eyes :)

Looking miserable because I was. EXHAUSTED from walking around the whole day!!!! Everyone else was complaining about being tired too so it wasn’t only me. I could barely stand on my 2 feet, I kept swaying while trying to stand still lol

AND I was being eaten alive by the second thanks to mosquitoes and 10 000 other random fucking bugs.


My loony bun is fine benny lava!

(IDK why but my bro in this pic makes me feel like singing that song LOL props to you if you know what I’m talking about!!!!!!!!! Have you been high todayyyyyyyyyyy?? I see the nuns are GAY!! I have the lyrics memorized omg what’s wrong with me)


And that was the end of that!!!!

We jumped onto the ATVs when it was our turn and it was probably my favourite part of the day. ATVs rock!!!! Talk about an adrenaline rush. I especially love it when we’re going uphill on rocky terrain coz it’s the hardest.

Reminds me of amazing times spent in Phuket with Sam, our first ever overseas trip together and that was when we JUST got to know each other!!!

You can read the post here, has hilarriousssss classic photos and funny moments!!!!

I don’t remember much of what we did after the ATV ride besides going for a nice indian dinner, lol. That’s why I try to take as many pics as I can to remember the moments!

They said Sam looks like Malaysian here. I agree. LOL.

This was us before we boarded our coach back the next day. We shopped around at Pyramid Mall and I got some really cheap stuff from F21!!!!!!!! Love how their F21 is sooo big and not crowded unlike Singapore’s stores always so many ppl.


In conclusion, I’d say Sunway Lagoon sucked. It wasn’t a waste of time since I DID have fun, and I did come back with fun holiday pics and a pleasant-ish experience but was it worth the money, the time and long bus ride? No!

Could have gone somewhere else, like to Phuket or something for the same amount of money.


Really stress + work overload recently :( Everyday means another endless list of things to do!!!!! Not enough sleep, muscle aches, lack of personal times… boohoo.