Mother’s Day 2011 & Special Promotion for Shiberty’s Sweets & AWESOME CONTEST!!!


**There’s a surprise at the end of this post so remember to read until the end ok!!

Above is a big Instagram-ed piccy of me looking very self-satisfied with my $25 pair of Dollywink lashes.

Most expensive pair of lashes I’d ever bought, so must paste a big big pic to show it off -_-

Seriously what in the world got into me, why did I buy lashes for $25 for 2 pair?? I must be retarded like everyone else! I don’t know why every other girl goes OOOH AHH WOW DOLLYWINK LASHES ARE SO CHIO!

I mean they ARE quite nice but they’re almost like every other thick-ish pair of good quality lashes. Meh marketing hypes really do work. I’m in mass comm, I should know not to get duped!!!! Hen ben!!

With that aside… here I am to blog about Mother’s Day!

She wasn’t feeling like photos that morning, so took a photo of her nice manicure and the steering wheel instead.. her hands are so smooth and soft for someone her age wtf. Smoother than her 18 year old daughter’s LOL.

We were driving our way to Marina Bay Sands! Feels like I haven’t been there in forever, the last time we were there was with Gwen and Blake in like, February? Sheesh! I even believe it’s May in 2011 already. Say what?

Bright start to a beautiful day :)

I got up, showered, packed stuff for the overnight stay, put on make up, threw a simple outfit on, got into the car and went to pick my grandmother up to celebrate with her too!

Camwhoring in the car is pretty much mandatory for every self-loving girl. I tried to photoshop away my tired eyebags / dark eyerings but failed LOL now my under eyes look super squashed but whatever la lazy to PS again.

I put on BB cream that day!!!

The first time I’d worn a product on my whole face out in probably years. Usually I only put on eye make up and blusher + lippie, no powder whatsoever. But recently I’ve been more self conscious about my complexion – it seems kinda uneven to me?? Like my lower part of the face darker… (thanks to moustache and all LOL) so I bought a BB cream to see if it’d make a positive difference!

To be exact, I bought Rachel K’s CC cream because.. if I didn’t want it, I could pass it onto my mother, and it has stuff like anti-wrinkling and all that shit so it wouldn’t be a waste of money. I thought my skin looked slightly brighter that day, but a few days later (now) I have tiny break outs everywhere on my forehead… sigh.

I think I will remain nude faced until I’m like mid twenties or something. My skin’s totally not used to products on it, it can’t breathe!!!! Forced to have uneven skin till then.

Bling for the day - bought for me by my lovely mum! She’s always buying pretty stuff for me :)

Also all bought by my mum, haha! I guess she gets a little bored in Perth. Shopping for other people is always more fun than for yourself!

What’s up ah ma?!?!!?

The only way to take a pic of my grandmother is a candid one! She hates posing for the camera haha. She’d unwillingly take a pic, then afterward ask me to show it to her and she’d go “EEeeEEeeEe bu hao kan”


♥ ♥ ♥ My granny heaps too!!!

Whenever she comes over she makes sure to buy me yumz food (particularly lunch coz the maid never cooks lunch)

We were in the lobby of MBS waiting to be checked in. Turns out check in was strictly only at 3pm (-_- we usually get early check in coz of priority service but I guess it was mother’s day so…)

Went for a buffet lunch first!

Usually I’m not too excited about dining at MBS buffet, especially since we’ve eaten there countless times before but this time they had A DIFFERENT MENU!

To be honest on a normal day they’re a total rip off, the food is meh to average only, but the price is like woahhhh.

However on Mother’s Day they had a special menu (and a special price tag to come along) but I was pleasantly surprised!


I mean come on, foie gras at a buffet!?!?!?!!? RIDICULOUSLY yummy. Just beautiful :’)

Although it was kinda gross coz they had the WHOLE piece of the duck’s liver (foie gras) sitting on a plate, and they’ll cut out a small piece for you… dude the liver was MASSIVE!! Like more then half the size of an average sized duck already. I knew they were force-fed to have their liver very fatty but I didn’t imagine it would be so drastic. Sent me on a guilt trip sigh.

Had to ignore my morals to enjoy my meal…

What can I say? I’m a practical person.

Among this selection they also had king prawns, fresh seafood blah blah blah all the usuals being served… so yeah, on that day it was actually very worth it to have dined there! 80+ per head for both lunch and dinner. We had other plans for dinner, didn’t wanna squeeze with the crowd.

When I saw the food I was like this:


Hahaha you might notice my photos are alternating between iphone photos and DSLR. Getting too used to snapping pics with my iphone instead of DSLR instead! Blame Instagram for being so fun.

Mum & I! Holding the pretty little carnation stalk they gave us upon reception at the restaurant :)

I’ve already dedicated many lengthy and heartfelt posts to my mother, telling the world how much I love her… well I guess one more time wouldn’t hurt!! I LOVE YOU MUM!!!

HAHAHA my granny is mad cute pleeeaaassseee!!!!

She will be one of the few people I’d miss the most when I move to Perth!

Will also miss all the Old Chang Kee curry puffs / cheese sausages she feeds me with!!! I can’t count how many afternoons I’ve woken up to those yummy food and seeing her watch TV in the living room. It’s a comforting feeling.

Pretty table flowers!

We sat there eating and stuffing our faces full of good for about 2 hours before it was time to check in into our room and go out for karaoke after that!

I love MBS’ full body mirrors in the hallway!

This is my mum singing her heart out at Vivo City’s Party World, and me being annoying beside her as usual :P

I’ve been keeping to promise of SWEARING OFF International Building’s Party World outlet! My impression of them will forever be tainted as Service Sucks Like Dog Poop and will never forgive them for my disgustingly unpleasant experience.

Granny: FTS I ain’t taking no dang photo.


One reason I just have to adore my grandmother & mum is because they’re always SO encouraging!!! After almost every song I sing, my mum would clap / cheer and shake the noise makers they provide you with saying “Hen Hao Ting”! (nice singing in chinese) and my grandmother would smile at me while enthusiastically giving me a thumbs up and nodding. Srslyyyy I feel so emotional as I’m typing this because I just realized I’m actually moving to another country in like 3 weeks.

So suddenly I’m acutely aware of my surroundings and the people that are around me.

I appreciate them so, so much more now. Not that I didn’t appreciate them before, but now that I’m gonna have to leave soon, it becomes painfully aware that a lot will be missing from my life when I go to Perth. I honestly hope this whole moving to Perth to study experience will be as enriching as I expect it to be, to cover the financial and emotional cost to get through with it.

Ok.. and this pic is fastforwarded to when I was lying on the bed waiting for room service!! After 3 hours of karaoke, we went back to the hotel, went for a swim at the skyparl’s infinity pool then came back showered and plopped onto giant white sheets of comfyness and ordered room service.

Nothing short of a splendid day! :)

Though I don’t have a lot of pics to show, it will be a very fond memory for me years to come!!!


And now, for other exciting news!

Unless you are incredibly stupid (:P), you should know by now I am moving to Australia to further my studies in about early June or End May.

I’ve only started Shiberty’s Sweets less than 2 months ago, but in my opinion we are already immensely successful, and for that I am very grateful. I want to thank everybody who has left us kind comments, compliments and encouragement to support what we are doing, customers who have ordered from us and sincerely appreciated our efforts, and everyone who believed in what we are doing!!!


So I thought…

What better way to thank my readers / customers by coming up with a promotion AND contest!!! *******Read on to the END to find out the contest for my readers.

Details for Shiberty’s Sweets promotion are as follows:

For a limited time only (indefinite closing date), we are having a promotion of 6 cupcakes for $25 nett.

Instead of our usual minimum 12 cupcakes per order, we are reducing it to 6 per order and you can get 6 customized cupcakes at only $25!!!

To order, click on the promotion button at the sidebar of!!!

The reason for this crazy promo is because I am going away for at least a year soon, and I know a lot of you guys haven’t tried my cupcakes yet but really want to because you

1) Are on a tight budget or

2) Cannot find an occasion to order 12 cupcakes for…

Well now you don’t need a REASON! Except of course, the reason is my cupcakes are awfully pretty & they taste just as good or even better than they look – and you KNOW you wanna give em a try! 6 is the perfect amount for personal consumption, or for sharing with one or two other people.

I want to spread as much cupcake lovin’ as I can to everyone before I leave!! Honestly I’m very sad to leave Shiberty’s Sweets behind in Singapore so soon when I’d barely started but it’s ok, I figure I could do something similar but on a smaller scale in Perth.

The catch for this promotion is that only SIMPLE designs in buttercream are allowed.

This means flowers, names / letters / numbers, swirls with sprinkles, certain animals (pig, lion) and the likes only.. Or you can leave it completely up to my creativity, but do include what colors you like unless you really don’t mind anything at all. For complicated designs / 3d fondant orders, pls stick to the normal ordering form, I will ignore you completely if you don’t follow this rule.

You are also only allowed 1 frosting / cupcake flavour since you’re only ordering 6. (normal orders for 12 get to try 2 diff flavors each)

Here’s a rough guideline (but not limited to) showing you what you can order for 6 for $25!

(the smiley faces in buttercream version)


And now, the fun contest part!!!!!!

I know whatchu thinking… “Yay freebies!! ^.^”

To thank my readers for their support over the years (actually not really la I just feel like being nice haha), I’d like to do my first proper contest (HEHEHE) that I hope you guys would love since it’s a personalized gift from me to you!

Sooo… *drumroll*

2 (or more) lucky people will be receiving a

Want a Rolex cake? Yea sure, why not???

You will get to choose any flavour you want, and any design you can come up with!!! It can be for yourself, your friend / family’s birthday, whatever. Date of collection is flexible for us. We will try to give you anything you want, that is of course, within our resources and limits.

We will bake and decorate your dream cupcakes / cake for you at no charge whatsoever :DDD

It will be all yours, for free!
You imagine it, I’ll create it!

If cupcakes aren’t enough, how about lollipops, ice cream and candy?!

So what do you have to do, to stand a chance to win a set of nommy cupcakes / cake for yourself? There are 2 ways you can try:

First method, Twitter:

1) Follow me on Twitter at @shiberty if you haven’t already.

2) Post a status update / tweet saying why you’d like to win the cupcakes, OR why you think our cupcakes are awesome, OR why you enjoy reading my blog!

(any of the 3, you can combine more than 1 reason or post more than 1 tweet if you like)

3) In your tweet, include this hashtag and mention: #shibertyssweets @shiberty

The most creative / funny / noteworthy / nicest tweet wins!


One of our favourite works done recently


Second method, Facebook - for people who don’t use Twitter:

1) Follow / “Like” my Facebook page, here.

2) Post a Facebook Status Update saying why you’d like to win the cupcakes, OR why you think our cupcakes are awesome, OR why you enjoy reading my blog!

(any of the 3, you can combine more than 1 reason or post more than 1 status update if you like)

3) In your status update, include a link back to my fb page ( and then post the SAME status update on my wall so I can track you.

The most creative / funny / noteworthy / nicest status update wins!


And it’s just that simple!

Obviously, try to make an impact with your tweet / status update so I’d be more inclined to choose you. If you get your friends to Retweet your tweet, I’ll see it more than once too!

I suggest taking part in both the Twitter method and the Facebook method to double your chances of winning or of me paying attention to you, although 1 person can only win from 1 category.

If you miss out on any of the steps, you will be automatically disqualified. I will check all entries thoroughly!!!! Collection of cupcakes/cake is to be self-collected at my place. (further details will be provided to winner)

And depending on response, I may choose more than 2 winners. Perhaps even 5 winners? Who knows! I’m feeling generous and full of love ♥ ♥ ♥!

Now you can own your first Chanel / Hermes handbag lol.

……Contest starts NOW!!!!!

Have fun and be creative! Or if ya can’t think of anything you can even just say “I WANT SOME FKING CUPCAKES PLZ”, lol!!! But of course… you probably won’t win. #justsaying

So get tweeting and facebooking for a chance to win the most awesomest cupcakes / cake you’ll ever taste / see. Closing date is indefinite, will announce it over whenever I feel like it.