What’s Bakin’?

Some of the latest creations from Shiberty’s Sweets!!!

Because good things in life ought to be shared.

(well you can’t eat them unless ya order from us but at least you can look!!)

Piggy cupcakes version 2!

We had these sent to a chick’s office during her working hours from an “anonymous sender” along with a funny romantic poem.

Perfect way to brighten up someone’s day and if you don’t wanna turn into a pig yourself, you can distribute the cupcakes among your colleagues :P

Pretty flowers made for a pretty girl ♥ I’m in love with these colours!

I told you my flowers would keep on improving! Whaddya think of these ones?

These blooms were done for Nira, and she even did us a huge favour by blogging an awesome review, you can check it out here

Bright orange basketball cupcakes that will score with any hoop shooters.

Finally, a cupcake design that’s a little more “manly” rather than ultra feminine and cutesy themes. I hope people order soccer balls next :P

I actually don’t like doing repeated designs because there’s no room for creativity!

Oh, what’s this?

Nothing much, only the most amazing chocolate cupcakes you have ever set sight upon, that’s all.

Wipe that drool off your monitor screen now!!!

Moist, fluffy rich chocolate cake base topped off with creamy, smooth chocolatey buttercream.. Does it seriously get any better than this???

Baby pink buttercream and rainbow sprinkles with frilly borders for a birthday girl. Wait for it, it gets better!!!

Besides being smothered with fresh whipped cream inbetween the layers, the inside of the cake also happens to be….

Rainbow coloured!!!! It’s almost blindingly colorful, eh?

My (self-proclaimed) famous rainbow cake, remade – version 2. I loved the colours and texture more this time around, looks yummier and more moist! These pics were sent to me by the girl who ordered the cake, obviously I can’t cut into their cake to take pictures then sell it to them hahaha.

Buttercream + fresh whipped cream + rainbow vanilla cakey goodness dammnnnn I wish I had some for myself now!!

Next up is something possibly equally impressive or even more so, since you guys haven’t seen something like this on my blog before, I got heaps of compliments via twitter yesterday for twitpicing this!!!!!

Instead of the usual buttercream, this time we got to play a lot with fondant pieces!!! Super excited to do these cupcakes because they’re something really different from our usual ones.

As you can tell the theme was CA$INO, VIVA LAS VEGAS!!

(Actually the customer specified “MBS-style gambling” but whatever Las Vegas sounds more exciting LOL.)

Yes, everything is edible. If you’re wondering… cards were hand drawn with edible markers!

We made a fortune that night!

(actually it was just last night)

I think my mum would be more than delighted if she saw these! :)

Speaking of my momma, she’s coming home tomorrow. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I’ve missed her heaps. She’s been away the whole time since we’ve started up Shiberty’s Sweets, I can’t wait for her to see in person all the work we’re achieving!

Breakdancing dance poses silhouettes!!
Pretty bad ass for a cupcake huh?!

Sam made this batch all by himself! I find them to look very accurate and realistic.

I just want y’all to know that I don’t make these cupcakes singlehandedly, my boyfriend is my other half so if you wanna give praise, don’t forget about him too!!!! :D

Btw, everything that is written on the cupcakes are specifically specified by the customers, so if it’s “Me ♥ Ace” instead of “I ♥ Ace” it’s because they wanted it to be that way, it’s not my own grammar mistake!

Clearly I did the colorful bits because they are so undeniably girly hehe ^.^

No, it’s not christmas yet, but someone’s husband’s nickname is apparently “Ho ho ho”! #Don’tAsk

You might’ve noticed by now that I do cartoon faces like ^.^ for all my animals because I can’t draw realistic living things for nuts!!!!

Plus I think it adds an instant “kawaii” factor.




The end!!

For now at least. More work again to be done tomorrow!!! But it’s the sort of work I look forward to, so technically it’s not really work at all. No payment is greater than fulfillment.

….Ok I lie. I’d be fucking happy if you paid me a thousand bucks for one of my cakes, but still, LOL! This has probably been oversaid and done by now, but I wanna thank everyone again for their incredible support. :)

The only bad thing I can tell about this is, I cannot resist nomming on the leftover buttercream / cupcakes and the fact that people are calling me a “BAKER” now, wtf?!

Baker sounds horrible!!!! I dunno I just sound like some boring old auntie who works in a bakery making plain loaves of bread or something. Sounds as boring as “gardener” or “shoe polisher” wtf. I wanna be called a “Cupcake Artist” or something equally pretentious and self-gratifying HAHAHAHA. Wendy and Qiu Qiu suggested that “Pastry Chef” sounds nicer. But I’m not really a chef, and cupcakes aren’t really pastries, are they?!

So for now I am happy with “that chio girl who makes even chioer cupcakes.”

*nods furiously*

P.S -
Depending on response, I may be doing step by step picture blog post tutorials or even how-to videos showing interested parties how to decorate cupcakes like I do, so you can request a tutorial for any cake / cupcake technique or design you’ve seen on my blog so far, in the comment box below.

Plz no rainbow cakes because that is very #duh and brainless!!!!