Ganbatte! Japan

Ganbatte! Japan
is a pro bono charity flea organized by Nuffnang and Park Royal hotel to raise funds in aid of Japan’s recent natural disasters.

I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t make an effort to donate a single cent before this. What? I’m not exactly a pro active person. I definitely donate when I see a needy person asking for money on the streets, but do I jump onto my paypal account to shower money on victims every time something bad happens to someone else?

No. And I felt kinda bad for it.

What’s the point of looking at the horrible pics of their tsunami’s aftermath and sob at my computer screen feeling sorry for them, when sympathy doesn’t fix houses or give people new homes?

So I thought to myself.. Don’t be one of those hypocritical pricks who keep tweeting / blogging stuff like #prayforjapan when they can’t even be bothered to do jack shit for them. To a person in need of financial aid, a 20 cent coin is worth far, far more than your “thoughts at night before you go to bed”.

What are prayers for? If prayers worked, their existence would be much more efficient if they worked BEFORE disasters happen, instead of after.

So for a change I wanted to do something that wasn’t all about myself, I wanted to contribute to a cause that is more than worth my time and efforts.

These were the lovely cupcakes from Shiberty’s Sweets that we brought to sell at the flea!

(2 boxes in total)

Vanilla buttercream with chocolate / butter cake and Chocolate buttercream with Chocolate cake!

Most common question of the day: “You made these yourself?!?!?”

We sure did!!

The place had rather poor lighting and I didn’t feel like flash photos that day so bear with my non-sharp piccys this post!

Sam got up at 7am to go out and buy the groceries for the cupcakes, then started baking them and then I got up at 10am to decorate the bulk of the cupcakes. If you ever wondered how we split the work..

You can say I’m the head of the design department and he’s the head of cold hard labour :P

Within minutes of entering the venue, we got our first customer!!!

After the first one came, the rest just kept on coming non-stop.

I felt bad for being an hour late for the event (we were late coz we had to make these cupcakes in the morning right before the event, I wanted them to be as fresh as possible) but felt a lot better when they were selling so quick because that means our job would be done in a jiffy!

Here’s Sam packing the cupcakes into little boxes – thank goodness he remembered to bring boxes because I totally forgot about packaging.

I was under the impression that people were just going to buy 1 each to nomz on but most of them actually bought at least 3 each to bring back for their friends and family!

You see that girl with long brown hair in the middle? She’s my primary school classmate whom I haven’t seen since I was like ELEVEN years old!!!

When I saw her I was like “OMG HI! Are you Linda?”

I still remember her name and everything! So good to see your childhood friends after a gazillion years :)

Thanks sooo much to everyone who came down and supported Sam and I, we super duper appreciated it!!

♥ Thousand hugs and kisses

Weeee!!! I think she came back and bought even more afterwards :D

Must’ve really liked them. This was the first time I’ve actually gotten feedback from customers since normally for online orders, they just come pick up their orders when they’re done and go bye-bye immediately afterwards.

This time around I got to see their reaction first-hand and I’m superrr pleased because the compliments and good reviews were overwhelming.

My regal looking name

Me being an over enthusiastic sales person. :P

People were so friendly and obliging to take a lot of photos with us that day!!!!

Taking a picture of someone taking a picture of my cupcake.

I iz artistic.

I tweeted about our success at the flea market and a friend replied saying

“Your sellout was made possible – I’m sure – in part to that amazing sign you created from notebook paper.”


Giving Ben Ben a hug!!! I adore this kiddo he is always so friendly and smiling :)

He sold hugs that day and raised quite a decent amount, only somebody as cute looking as him can sell hugs and get away with it la!!

Pretty Clara, a Nuffnang staff with someone’s super cute baby boy. SOOOOOOO CUTE :3

Sam saw me change my “sign” at the booth and went “awwww”

Altogether now….


I am proud of the both of us for many reasons.

Even though we’ve been crazy busy with a lot of orders, we haven’t slacked one bit. I didn’t think it would take off so fast but it is a pleasant surprise. And it’s not just about selling cakes. Through selling cakes, I’ve made new friends, got back in touch with old ones, got presented with new opportunities

(a website designer actually ordered cupcakes from me and is now offering to do up a professional layout for my blog for free wtf talk about good opportunities.)

Say, I’m even participating in charity events, something I hardly ever bother to do when I could be giving so much more. I think the last volunteer event I did was visiting an orphanage and playing with the kids there to make them happy like years ago.

Now, if things go well, I might be helping another friend out to educate / inspire less fortunate kids by teaching them how to decorate cupcakes and other skills!

Sounds like it’s going to be so much fun :)

Opposite us was Qiu Qiu and Sophie doing manicures. Other bloggers were scattered across the room, some had very interesting booths like offering makeovers and a mini photoshoot!

HAHAHA this guy was hilarious!!!

So they bought some cupcakes, then they stood around munching them and when he took his first bite, he went “MMmMMmmMMmmm!!!!” sooo loudly I couldn’t stop laughing and rushed to take his picture because his reaction was priceless!

I asked him, “Is it THAT good?” and he was like “YEAH!!! It’s damnnnn nice” (

or something along to that effect, super enthusiastic one)

Cute max!

You got caught noooooommminggg!

Our youngest customer!! :P

We ran out of boxes so Sam had to run to the mall opposite the hotel (I think it’s called City Square??) and buy plastic containers to pack the cupcakes in :3

We decorated the cupcakes so nicely but he bought the 4 cupcakes, put them into a plastic bag and started swinging it around on his hand when he walked off. Sam and I were like NOOOO!

Heart pain lol they’d be all smooshy.

I spy with my little eye… Sophie eating a cupcake.

And what do you know?!?

After an hour or so, we’re all sold out!!! Woopiee!

At first I was kinda scared that we wouldn’t be able to sell most of our cupcakes then at the end of the day we’d have to force it down our throats at night or give them to our neighbours again LOL but it’s all good.

Candid pic of me counting the money, secretly wishing I could pocket it. What??? I’m only human!

Greed does not evade me!

Flamboyant enough???

In case you were wondering, we had to accept payment via vouchers purchased at the flea market itself, so that’s why the “money” I’m holding in my hand looks like monopoly money. But it’s dollar for dollar so technically it’s the same thing.

After we sold all our cupcakes we got a little bored so we went exploring and disturbing other people…

Sam found this little podium and started to mimic Obama giving a speech -___-

And then he felt really lonely so he went to give Ben a super big bear hug, much to Ben’s greatest pleasure I am sure!!!


After the event ended, we packed up, and headed downstairs for dinner courtesy of Park Royal hotel with the rest of the Nuffies and bloggers!!

You shoulda seen me and Sam’s face. We were like….

“free buffet dinner??!!?!

O___O ……. ……. ……. ^_______^!!!!!

The buffet dinner TOTALLY exceeded expectations!!

My fav dish was the asparagus wrapped with smoked salmon and drenched in wasabi mayo + ebiko sauce. (Y)

There wasn’t a lot of people so I was thankful for the non existence of crowds. I am really annoyed by the large crowds at MBS buffet.

The buffet at Park Royal puts Marina Bay Sands’ one to deep DEEEEEP shame. It was almost HALF the price of MBS but literally twice as good.

They had free flow of fresh sashimi – not the already cut pieces sitting on a cold plate, they had a japanese chef standing at a counter ready to slice some fresh pieces for you!!!!

Crabs, assorted prawns, whole scallops baked with cheese (YUMMY!!!), indian food, western food, chinese food, ALL SORTS OF FOOD!! Definitely coming back here with Sam if we feel like buffet next time. I heard the price was 40+ for dinner.

You cannot tell from the pic but he was actually excited off his nuts.

He said, “Ok baby, you go home by yourself later, I’m going to stay here until this place closes” LOL

“Oi!!!!! Why are you still taking pics?! Let me eat in peace damnit!”

…..And that was the end of that. :P

Long funny conversations and catch ups with awesome people over a complimentary dinner = amazing time.

The event was so much fun, especially since I haven’t been to a social event in like, forever? It’s always been me and Sam, Sam and me… it’s really good to meet other people once in awhile. I should totally do this more often.

I had such a good day, and didn’t feel like I was “working” at all.

Huge thanks to everyone for being such good company (especially the hardworking Nuffies!) who made the event a success, and allowing me the chance to take part in a good cause!!!!

I ♥ Nuffnang muchie muchie.