Things I’ll miss in Singapore when I’m gone…

So, it all feels very real now.

When I think about it, my heart beats a little faster, and I sorta spaz out and panic thinking, “OMG I have so little time left!!!!”

Now you might think I’m going to die, but no… really, what I’m talking about is going overseas to study. I’ve been talking about this FOREVER, like what, since 2009????

But NOW it’s finally happen!!! Paying my first deposit for my school fees, applying for a student visa and looking for accommodation.. It’s only going to be 3 years, and I’m sure I’ll come back to visit Singapore often, so why am I so nervous??

Chill out Jess!!!!!!!

You are only going to move to a completely different country filled with white people instead of asians and you have to learn to drive or take public transport and enter university and hope to make new friends and hope your new life doesn’t turn out absolutely horrible and hope your boyfriend treats you nicely when you’re stuck in the same house together.

As terrible as I make it sound out to be (just the nerves talking) I’m sure it will be awesome anyway!! I am SO excited about the cooler weather, changing seasons, nice beaches, outgoing people, new school environment and everything else.

So I keep talking about Australia, what about…. SINGAPORE?!?!!?!?

Some people are under the impression that I hate my own home country so much that I desperately wanna escape it, but that’s not completely true.

I’ll admit that I definitely prefer living in another country than Singapore, but Singapore is lovely in it’s own way too!!!! So this post I wanna show some love to my hometown, especially since I’m moving out for the first time in my life omfg I’m so going to miss it more than I’d EVER know!!!!

Here you go SG!!!! You are not just a “fine” green city! For my overseas readers who’ve never been to our little city before, here’s what you can expect to love about it.

Awesome thing about Singapore I’ll miss #1: Safety.

I CANNOT stress this enough, how grateful I am to be living in a safe country like Singapore. It is undoubtedly the best attribute about this place. Fuck “golden work opportunities”. The working environment here is like shit (worse actually), but where else in the world can you take a stroll down the streets at 3am and feel completely safe and at ease?!!!


Where else will you never get earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, forest fires, floods, (come on Orchard Road flood nothing la), volcano eruptions and other freak of nature disasters???


Our country is so protected by a cluster of surrounding neighbour country and islands that we are pretty much protected from any catastrophe ever happening to us except world war 3.

The very recent Japan earthquake tragedy really got to me and realized how fortunate we Singaporeans are in the sense we’ll never have to wake up one day to our houses being swept away by tsunami or risk getting crushed under falling debris.

I know I haven’t blogged about it, but I don’t like blogging about sad things.. my heart really goes out to everyone who was affected :(

But back to SG.

We may have our (rare) occasional cases of psychos and murderers and idiotic gangsters slashing people up, but that’s really NOTHING compared to what other countries have to deal with. Almost every single time I’ve been on holiday, I’ve had to freak out about my safety. People always tell you to “be careful.” when you travel..

Has anyone ever been to Singapore and needed to be “Extra careful”??? More like you can let your guard down! I’ve heard stories of people going to the supermarket at 3am in America to get a midnight snack, and poof, what happens? They get mugged and they’re at gun point. That’s what happens when guns are so readily available in a country.

And I totally believe that because when me and Sam were in Florida catching a movie at 10pm, we saw this super dodgy black dude walking around with a fucking KNIFE wrapped up in newspaper. I imagine he just chopped someone up with it.


I have never seen anyone else in another country brandishing a knife around like that. It wasn’t a pussy sissy lil butter knife either it was like a parang wtf. If you dunno what parang is pls google. What would you do if you walked past a psycho-looking person holding a dangerous-looking knife unashamedly? Quickly avoid eye contact and hope he doesn’t suddenly decide to stab you with it??? That’s what I had to do.

Having been to Australia a couple of times, I think it’s rather safe but in my opinion NOWHERE is safe when compared to Singapore. I’m afraid I won’t be used to being exposed to dangers out there and will easily become prey because I’m so inexperienced in that sense.

Dude, once my friend Gwen who lives in Perth told me that on her way home from school, she got attacked by this vicious bird (magpie, is it?) that ATTACKED and pecked her until she ran home crying!!! And this bird lived around the school grounds and supposedly took a boy’s EYES OUT. I dunno whether it’s true or not but my mouth is hung open in horror right now wtf.

I’ve never come into contact with any wildlife in Singapore before, the most I’ve had is the occasional stray kitten and dog, and sometimes giant rats or cockroaches, that’s it. Human-attacking birds?! No way!!!!!

Please please please let me not meet any weird people in Perth and have that taint my impression of 90% of Australians being super nice educated friendly and all.

Awesome thing about Singapore I’ll miss #2: Food.

I’ll miss bedok 85′s $2.50 bowl of minced pork noodles, Jumbo’s black pepper crabs, and I’ll DEFINITELY miss my favourite Indian restaurant at Far East Plaza (Mumtaz Mahal, 5th floor. Plz go patronize them when I’m not around so the business won’t dao bi and it’ll still be here when I get back, thanks!)

Food in Singapore is cheap and good!!! Hawker food is the best. You can get a nice meal for under $10 SGD, and what’s even better is the fact that food is available EvvvvEErrrYyyWWhhEErreee and some places even open 24/7.

Everyone raves about Singapore’s food!!! There is something for everyone. All sorts of cuisines, reasonable prices… extremely accessible…what’s not to like?

All my overseas friends get super jealous when I tell em we have Maccas 24/7 delivered to our doorsteps here. Woot woot! I know McDee’s isn’t the best food ever and nothing to be jealous of, but seriously? When you’re hungry at 4am, you’re not going to be complaining.

The only meal of the day I really can’t be bothered to cook is breakfast because I’m always too tired in the morning. Thanks to Maccas I am also like 5kg heavier though lol. /hate

Awesome thing about Singapore I’ll miss #3:
Late night Karaoke and Taxis!!!!

Taxis are so wonderfully cheap in Singapore… :’)

It’s my main mode of transportation and if it wasn’t at such a reasonable rate, I’d be forced to take the train which I really really hate. I hate standing around and rush hour traffic. I don’t mind long bus rides so much though, as long as I have iPod with me.

Most cabbies are knowledgeable and trustworthy enough, so you can fall asleep in the cab without being raped. I do it all the time.

As for the karaoke thing, I’m a huge singing addict, I like to pretend I’m my own Mariah Carey but I dunno if they have good karaoke systems in Australia!! Considering Perth is like the most expensive city in the whole of Aus (correct me if I’m wrong but I hear from people it’s true), I’m assuming karaoke would be ridiculously overpriced such as their taxis, so I will be doing it a lot less. So I’ll miss it :(

One thing I won’t miss though, is the shit service at International Building’s Party World KTV. Disgusting customer treatment and I’m glad service in Aus is generally much better.

Awesome thing about Singapore I’ll miss #4: Nightlife.

I don’t mean partying at clubs and stuff, but more of the fact that stores open late all the time! There’s always something to do at night, be it a midnight movie or karaoke or playing pool or whatnot. Can’t believe shops close at 5pm in Perth. That’s retarded. It will save me a lot of money at least -_-

This city is always full of life!!!

And everyone sleeps late in Singapore hahaha!!! The average person sleeps later than 12am. I like staying up till late at night surfing the net and bothering online peeps and going for spontaneous suppers and having lengthy MSN conversations, so no idiot will ring my phone in the morning. I definitely prefer nights to mornings

(well in SG at least, maybe things will change in Aus)

Awesome thing about Singapore I’ll miss #5: Tech-savvyness.

Eh, what’s the proper word for it?! State of the art infrastructure? Media-absorbed geeks? I love it. I love how there’s 3g connection and free WIFI everywhere I go, and how Singapore always keeps up with the times when it comes to media. Media is so big here, everyone blogs, uses twitter, facebook etc!!!!!

There’s TV screens in taxis, giant LCD screens on the walls of malls and other cool stuff everywhere!

As you can tell, a lot of my life exists online or is technology-based (gaming, blogging, etc) so it’s a huge deal to me. I still think of Aus as a very country kind of country (wow that didn’t make sense at all) so I hope I won’t be too affected by how “slow” the country is.

Singapore is always improving, revonating, the malls at Orchard Road are always new and sparkly, awesome!!!


Liddis how to blog????

Apparently they have a limit for downloads (SMLJ?) and many gamers get capped internet so once you go over the limit (which isn’t a lot) your internet is basically unusable (painfully slow speeds) and ya gotta wait till next month for the meter to reset. GROSS.


…Ok, this is all I can think of for now!!!

You can add what else you love about Singapore in my comments if you like, it’s always nice seeing people show some love for their country ♥

Of course, I’ll also miss my readers in Singapore!

I may not have met all of you before but I kind of like getting recognized on the streets (oops my secret is out) and believing I am semi-famous to a certain group of people. :P

When I go to Perth, it won’t be “Jessica the blogger” anymore, I will be known as “That chick from Singapore” or something. It’s like my identity will be lost almost, I bet it’ll feel weird to be completely unknown and supposedly unimportant.

Nobody gives two shits about international students!!!!!! Boo