The side of me you don’t get to see..

So I was just going through the pics on Sam’s iphone the other day and I thought many of them were hilarious!!! It shows a side of me that you guys don’t get to see often, if ever at all.

Some are not suitable for sharing with the public online (me looking worse than death and more that your imagination can’t handle xD) but here are some funny PG-safe ones!

We used to doodle on the iphone a lot… when those drawing apps were still popular!!

Drew this while trying to nudge him awake in the morning ^.^

He drew an adorable snowman because we were all excited to spend our first Christmas together in Orlando, Florida :)

And yeah, some of these pics are pretty dated back!

Although our real Christmas didn’t end up looking anything like this, it was still amazing. I go back to December all the time :’)

…December 2009 that is.

HAHAHA Sebastian the crab!!!

I think this was when we had just visited Disney World and we were in the whole Disney mood..

My idea of the perfect beach holiday :)

Needs a whale / dolphin (preferably an orca) splashing in the background.

LOL, you can probably guess who wrote what!

I was drawing that cute little preschooler daisy and he had to go and draw that stupid complicated looking rose to outshine my daisy ~.~

AHAHAHAH wtf??????!!!!!

Don’t even ask.

Awww yeh my infamous stick figures :]

Next up…. photos of me sleeping -_-

Sam has DOZENS of these in his phone!!! He just loves taking pics of me sleeping because apparently I “look like an angel”.

Personally I think I look like a pig.

These are the better looking ones, most of them are of me sprawled ungraciously on the bed looking like a lazing hippopotamus.


Me waking up in the middle of the night going, “hmmmm? are you taking a picture of me? x)”

As you can see I like to sleep in one particular position – with my back on the bed, I will cover myself completely (up to the neck) with a thick fluffy blanket and at the bottom I usually have 1 leg sticking out of the covers!!

2 legs covered = too hot.

2 legs uncovered = too cold.

1 leg sticking out? …. Just nice!!!

Until a ghost or a demon creature reaches out and grabs your leg in the middle of the night while you are sleeping and drags you to hell of course. :(

I always imagine that happening. Damn you horror films!!!

The only half decent photo of me napping.. Always take photos of a girl from top-down, not bottom-up!!

Random ass picture of me slurping on udon and grinning like a kid, so proud of myself for doing something stupid :P

And I just thought I’d post a picture of myself in everyday clothes, in glasses and without an inch of make up.

You know… bring myself down back to earth and reality. Can’t live in make up + photoshop fantasy land my whole life!!

Despite what you see on my blog, I actually look like this 99% of the time because in all honesty, most of the time I can’t be fucked putting on contacts and make up.

When I do though, I usually try to take heaps of pics!!!

….In my defense, that was before I got my eyebrow embroidery done so my brows don’t look as bare and non-existent now :P

Picture of our matching Scrumps rag dolls (from Lilo & Stitch) that I bought from school!!!

Sam used to drench the “female scrumps” in my Chanel perfume so that it smelt like me and he’d proceed to take it back to Melbourne and huggle it to sleep every night.

Pevert HEHEHE.

I must have 5 or 6 soft toys bought from that pushcart outside the canteen selling plushies in my school.

What can I say??? I LOVE my soft toys!!! Especially Disney related ones ♥ ♥ ♥


Totally random pic of Sam when he bleached his hair last year!!!! Fuunnneeehhh. Makes me wanna try some crazy hair colours now! Speaking of hair, I cut my hair short. Like shorter than I’ve ever had it in my whole life! Will post pics soon.

Surprisingly enough, I don’t miss my long hair…. yet. Only a matter of time before I start crying out, “O HAIR, WHERE ART THOU?! Y U NO LONG?!”

Me sucking on an orange popsicle.

Because I’m cool like that.


TERRIBLE photo of me that Meanie Sammy took while we were on a ferry from Indonesia to Singapore with my mouth hanging wide open!!!!! I fell asleep because the ride was 1 hour and I was very pale because I was extremely seasick :(

I look like I’m dying LOL.

A mean photo but super funny, I’ll have to admit that!!! I seriously dunno why I enjoy going on social suicide sprees like this by posting such pictures up but I figured if it made people laugh, then it’s good entertainment, right?

I like lying down on Sam’s lap horizontally in the backseat of my mum’s car, cuz Volkswagen Beetles are so bloody small wtfbbq @%#&*@!%@^&^

So these are some snaps he took when he wouldn’t stop annoying me and let me go to sleep on a ride back home ;_;

Tryna act cute so maybe he’ll let me sleep…

Verryyy unhappy indeed!!!!

*super grumpy when I don’t get like 10 hours of sleep minimum a day*

Random cute pic of us ♥


And here we have random screenshots I took from his phone!!!!

Re-reading our texts always make me smile :)

HAHAHAH omg I know I am so racially ignorant but she didn’t take offence at all at least (good friendS)… we both just stared at each other before cracking up. FMyMalayFriend’sL

x) Just a cute text of my bf telling me how much he loves me, and me feeling the need to tell the world how smart I think I am in class.

And you didn’t need to know that!!!


BEST. effing. text. conversation. evarrrr!!! Wuv you honeybee ♥

Btw the “ice cream” walk is this lame catwalk thing I did in a video featuring “ice cream”… Kind a long story, but since it has my ex-bf in it I don’t feel like posting it on my blog. Pretty sure you could find it on Google if you looked hard enough though.

Us just being us. :P



Abrupt end to random post!!!!
Did it make you smile or laugh???

Of course it did! ;)