Buttercream cuppies!!! ♥

Hewo!! Another baking post because they make me happy :D

After doing a full whipped cream cake, Sam and I were really inspired to try making buttercream cupcakes after hearing much raved about reviews on how good they taste and look!!

My sparkly new Wilton decorating tips!!!
Happpeeeeeeee ♥

We went out to get a whole shit heap of baking supplies!!! Burned a hole in my pockets but worth it… I hope lol.

I still can’t get over how expensive baking is, you’d think it’s a cheap and easily sustainable hobby that bored housewives easily do but NO!! It’s neither easy or cheap. Wtf. Why do I have to like expensive past times??

Photography, and now baking which I hoped would be more pocket-friendly but boy was I wrong haha. Not as extreme as photography but daaammnnn one stick of butter is 3 dollars, one muffin pan is 20 dollars, food colouring is 20+ dollars… just to give you an idea of how much it totals up to.

Now I know why people sell customized cakes for 100+!! I always thought it was “just eggs and flour what”. -_-

Excited to play with these tips!!!!

…ok maybe I’m just a dirty minded girl but that sounded kinda wrong.

Rose nail!

This is where you’re meant to pipe the flower on, then transfer it on the cake. Wowowow I feel so professional now

Whipping the buttercream!!!

I can’t really give you an exact recipe, we kinda just winged it as we went along… We added icing sugar, egg whites, butter, and vanilla essence. It took quite a bit of tweaking before we got the right consistency, but you could work on this basic recipe:

2 stick of salted butter (about 400-500 grams), about 400 grams of icing sugar, 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence and 2 egg whites. If your butter is unsalted, add salt to cut down on the sweetness.

Start by making sure the butter is slightly melted (not liquid, just soft!), whip it reaaaaalll good till it’s super fluffy, then gradually add sugar and egg whites in. Most people use shortening instead of butter and milk instead of egg whites, but I ran out of shortening plus milk would make the buttercream WAY too buttery, it won’t hold up in SG’s weather.

As for the cupcakes recipe, you’ll find various recipes in my archive :)

My sweet chocolate cupcakes baking in the oven!!!! I assure you I didn’t have more than 2 whole cupcakes………..

Bright colors are totally essential for pretty looking cupcakes!!!! I swear by using gel food colouring for concentrated colors.

Sam’s first attempt at making a rose!!! Pretty good for a first try eh?

HAHAHAHAAH my first try. What a bloody fail!!!!!!!! *hides face*

But as you can see, the buttercream was all gooey and melted by the time he finished doing his rose, so I got the shit end of the deal :(

I know you’re all tired of me complaining about it but I really DO HATE Singapore’s weather!!!

♥ ♥ ♥ My boyfriend proposing to me with a buttercream rose :P

Second try!!!!

Looks a lot better already! But the buttercream still doesn’t look “dense” enough, like it’s too “fluffy” – I think the recipe we used wasn’t very ideal…. but I’m not complaining, everything can be improved with practice!

The good thing about it being “fluffy” though, is that it’s actually a lot yummier this way!! Doesn’t taste as sweet or feel as dense when you bite into it. It’s just a fluffy explosion of creamy flavour :D

Piping the rose onto the cupcake directly!!!!

People always ask, “how do you get your boyfriend to do such things with you?!”

Well what can I say? Me and Sam have very similar hobbies! It’s just like how I can spend days and days playing zombie blasting online games with him which most other girlfriends don’t do either.

And Sam is very willing to please me (sounds obnoxious but it’s true), so even if he’s not super excited about doing something he’d do it anyway to make me happy. But he does enjoy baking though!!! He’s quite an artsy person and he likes decorating cakes as he finds it a challenge :)

And sorry for the lack of inbetween pics, but my hands were covered in flour sugar butter and whatnot so I didn’t wanna get my camera dirty.

Anyway this is our end product!!!!! NICE???

Can you see the flower details??? :D I love it!!!!

I think it’s fab for what we had to work with!!! I woulda added more details but we made a giant bowl of buttercream yet only 1/4 was good enough quality to work with. (unmelted, that is.)

Random design… lol don’t ask me what it’s meant to be :S

Second batch – a more “sophisticated” looking batch!!!

I can’t decide which batch I like more :D Obviously the first one suits me more (I made them!) and Sam chose the design for the blue roses..

Our cupcakes combined!!!! ^_________^

Sitting there so pretty all ready to take over the world with their yumminess. :P

Drown in its prettiness now.

I can’t wait to make these again!!!!

The only problem I see is that there’s nobody to eat them :(

My brother had 1 cupcake out of like 20, he doesn’t really like cakes, Sam had 3, I had 2, and my neighbours like more than 10 LOL. I always bake random stuff and end up knocking on their door offering to them hahaha I am gonna make their 2 year old daughter fat!!!

They’re such nice folks though, always so friendly and always super polite and appreciative when I present them with cakes / cupcakes / cookies / whatever baking spree I go on.

They told me I should start selling my cupcakes and that they’d totally buy from us!!!!!

And I’m thinking… YEAH!!!

That’s a good idea!

No one ever eats my cakes at home anyway, so I might as well bake for people who’d appreciate it! So I’ve decided to start taking orders on customized cupcakes for birthday celebrations, office parties, farewell dinners, or just a gift for someone special!

I can do customized cupcakes, cookies, cakes… with the design you want!

All you have to do is tell me what sort of cupcake flavour you want, how many you’re ordering, the design (with picture references hopefully), any text / msg etc and any other details, when you need them by etc…

You know, all the nitty gritty details, and send them to Shiberty@hotmail.com! Or if you’re not really sure, just drop me a mail with a vague idea you have and we can discuss the fine details :D

Don’t worry, I don’t bite!!!

Now, since the whole point of this is to actually bake for people who’d appreciate them instead of making money out of it, I will not be charing the normal price outside for customized cupcakes (since I’m not even professional anyway, I just do it for fun and to please people so please bear that in mind in case you’re expecting pastry quality from a top restaurant!!! Expect home made quality cupcakes!)

What I’ll do is I’ll calculate the basic production cost of your order, then let you know that figure and from there you can quote me any price – how much you’d like to pay us for our effort, or how much you think they’re worth based on your own satisfaction, as long as it meets my basic cost price requirement, so I’m not actually losing anything besides a heap of time and effort.

I’m really not fussy about the money, I just like baking for a purpose and not seeing it go to waste, so if you’re interested, drop me a mail at Shiberty@hotmail.com and help me spread the word!

Honestly I don’t even know whether anyone would order or how this would turn out like, but I hope I get at least 1 or 2 orders so I get to try doing customized special orders for experience sake n___n

I need to practice a lot more, but I always run out of ideas so share some with me if you have any!!!!! I’ll be willing to hear out any opinions!