Penang Trip – Part 3

So I totally forgot to blog about Part 3 of my Penang Trip, lol.

That’s what usually happens to my travelogues.. When I first get back, I’m still super psyched from the recent trip and wanna tell you guys allll about it but give it a week or two and I’ve forgotten most details already LOL my memory sucks.

I know I haven’t been updating as often as most people would like me to, but I’ve been quite busy recently, and I really don’t have much else to say sometimes!! I hate blogging everyday mundane posts. If I’m going to blog, I wanna make sure it’s something actually WORTH reading, not something people would take a look at and go, “Meh.” then close their browser..


So I figured this blogging style suits me much better - instead of updating every 2 or 3 days with insignificant posts, I’ll blog once or twice a week with long-ass posts and tons of pictures or food-for-thought wordy entries.

Sounds good?

I think so too! Quality over quantity, people!

Anyway, here’s Penang Part 3.

Group picture in Shangri-La’s Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa lobby!! ♥

I really miss that hotel.. It had such a relaxing seaside resort appeal.

I’m leaving for Sunway Lagoon in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in a couple of hours and I’m gonna be there for 3 nights – I hope I’ll take lotsa nice pictures so I can blog about my trip properly!!

I miss shooting with my DSLR so much, but I doubt I can / should bring my DSLR into theme parks.. :3

The 2 monkeys I’m going to Sunway Lagoon with, along with Sam :P

Mum booked a private tour bus just for us so that we could choose the exact attractions that interested us most – and silly me went to pick a Toy Museum as our first stop of the day, LOL.

They call themselves the World’s Largest Toy Museum but I highly doubt that is true!! It wasn’t all that big (it was big but not OMFG MASSIVE) and wouldn’t there be ginormous toy museums in places like Japan where there are crazy fanatics of manga and anime, etc??

Anyway all of us have never been in a toy museum before, and thought it’d be something to see at least once in our lives… cuz um.. you should do everything at least once?

Rows of cabinets filled with collectible figurines!! They must have hundreds of cabinets in there.

The corpse bride… right?

Why does the chick on the bottom right remind me of America Ferrera?? (Ugly Betty)

I think it’s the far apart eyes and face shape.


Holy crap, scariest toy character in history, hands down. I remember watching Chucky when I was a kid and I wanted to throw away all my soft toys after that :(

Why would anyone want to keep a chucky toy?..


Chucky and friends… *whimpers*

Together they will take over the world.

Now, is this creepy, or is this fucking creepy?!

I didn’t mean to start my post in such a morbid way, really, but when I walked into the toy museum I was expecting things like Domokun, Hello Kitty and other cute stuff.. not I WILL EAT YOUR BRAINS kinda toys o.O

Soldier boys!! Pew pew

LOL Terminator!

Below is a whole series of us posing silly with famous life sized characters

Angelina Jolie lookalike..
. yeah right I wish!

Have no fear, Spidey is here!!

Actually I don’t even have to purposely stick my gut out.. I’m a natural at being an ogre hahaha

“Did you buy em from Forever 21? I also want~ Looks very stretchy and snug!”

Long lost brothers :P

HAHAHA looking at Kung Fu Panda always makes me laugh!!!! He just looks so fat and cuddly and funneh yet annoying at the same time. Don’t you wish you had a friend like that??

I wanted to take pictures with more life sized characters but mum was rushing for us to go to our other attractions so we moved on to the other toys section :(

Shoulda taken our own sweet time coz we ended up with heaps of extra time at the end of the day!

How cool would it be to see a real mummy in real life??

HUANG ZHU GE GE FTW. I never liked the dowager from the start..

Such intricate craftsmanship!! You gotta admire their work. I love little handicraft items like these!

Barbie and Ken gettin’ in the swing yo!

Tell me I wasn’t the only one who forced my barbie dolls to french kiss each other when I was 8 years old, LOL. I almost feel a little sad for all my toys.. when I was angry I’d make them “murder” each other and they’d have to start getting revenge on each other.

Sadistic kid :(

Why can’t us mortals really look something like that in real life? Without all the plastic of course…

Lao fu zi - lmao they really do have the randomest toys! They also have street fighter, and some hello kitty – anything you can imagine, really :)

However since we weren’t toys or figurine fanatics, our amusement soon wore off and we were off to our next destination of the day!


Our next stop was to visit a (supposedly rather famous in Penang) buddhist temple – which I enjoyed very much even though I’m not religious because I got to take a lot of nice pictures here!!

Squinty eyed people because the sun was BLINDING!! I was squinting even with huge shades on.. My brother was walking around with his eyes closed hahaha

I adore the beautiful, timeless architecture and design – churches, temples and mosques have amazing attention to detail! (well they did have a lot of money invested)

Gorgeous colours!!!

But sometimes these statues kinda freak me out.. though I guess that’s kinda the point coz I think they’re meant to guard against evil and scare away evil spirits?

Flowers in faithful devotion

How pretty are these candles?!
I wanted to take one home!

I really like snapping pictures of random stuff. This dragon looks so oil painting ish. Amirite or amirite?

Shoes must be taken off before entering the sacred temple!


What does the inside of this beautiful temple look like and what happened the rest of the day…?

I guess you’ll have to find out next time, coz I have to go now, so sorry people!!!!!

LOL wtf I know, I hate to do this to you guys but omfg it’s 6:30am now and I have a coach to catch that leaves at 8am, and I gotta be there at least 30 mins in advance, and I haven’t picked out my outfit yet and I need to find my leggings and my clothes are in a pile of mess wtf and everything is so last minute I’m MAJOR panicking here.

Can you believe I only packed for my trip 3 hours before we’re meant to go and we didn’t even BOOK our transport and hotel until like 8 hours before the trip.. madness.
I won’t get internet connection there so I can’t blog there, but I promise to blog ONCE I GET BACK!!! I will only be gone for 3 nights :)

Don’t miss me too much, won’t be moderating comments / answering formspring / updating twitter when I’m gone (crazy 3G data charges)

There will be plenty of nice pictures to look forward to though!!!

Take care everyone!

Wooooooo I’m so excited
even though it’s only Malaysia.. haven’t been on a trip in awhile and I really fucking miss being on roller coasters and just in theme parks in general I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

I’ll talk to you guys sooooonnnn