Gwen in Singapore!!!

My hands were awkwardly squashed because I had to hold my laptop up in the weirdest position ever :3

Gwen and Blake are in Singapore and we’ve had so much fun the past few days!!!!

Swimming in the pool and funny wrestle matches, midnight movies and awesome meals, marina bay sands and board games and cooking and wii!!! AND MORE!

Can’t wait to blog about it but I’m sooo tired now.. something about bubble baths and hotel beds give you a lethal drowsy combination.

I promise lots of beautiful happy photos soon :)

So much to share. 2011 has been so eventful thus far, let’s hope it stays that way!!

P.S – Check out some Photoshop work I hastily did while I was bored!!! A 10 minute job or less but I think it’s a good look if your aim is to resemble a porcelain doll.



Never believe what you see on the internet, people!

And this is coming from the girl who’s past 3 boyfriends have all been from different online games. Way to go.