Video tour of Marina Bay Sands Suite

I took this video some time ago while waiting for Sam to fly from Melbourne to Singapore.

Uploaded it but forgot about it so I thought I’d share it with you guys now. I spent the day here with Wendy and Kay Kay, but at night I got really bored (internet wasn’t working wtf) so I filmed a video room tour of the suite!!

It’s not very good video quality and the room looks rather dull because of that, plus my camerahand work was shitty but whatever!

The room’s massive and really nice in real life. Could do with a bit more furniture and final touches but I’m not complaining :]]]

I was so excited to have it all to myself!!

Probably the biggest hotel room I’d ever been in. And the best bath tub too!! Glorious bubble baths happened that day. Of course I’ve been in bigger villas and resorts, but this was a ginormous room smack bang in the middle of Singapore’s bustling city 50+ storeys in the sky… Can I just add that I think MBS offers the best view in the whole of SG?!

I know the lights don’t seem to be very bright and twinkling in the vid but gosh, you gotta see it for yourself people. Nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Even if you don’t intend on staying in MBS, you should consider paying the entrance fee to go to their sky deck just to look at the views. Maybe take a swim in one of the coolest pools in the world too? So lovely and I’ve never seen Singapore look this good before. Go at night of course!

I hear their suites get MUCH much grander. With pool table and many different well-furnished rooms… I hope I get lucky and get upgraded to a higher suite next time!!