Pudding & Me & Recorded Ustream video!

We were broadcasting live for SIX HOURS.

Six flippin’ hours!!!! Can you believe that?

That’s like longer than a radio DJ’s shift for one day… madness. It only felt like 3 hours or something though.

We didn’t manage to record the whole thing, only started recording bout 3 hours in, so here’s the recorded video for those of you who didn’t make it for the live chat!!!

P.S – Just realized how distorted my face looks on webcam, lol!

P.P.S – Girls couldn’t stop commenting on how cute Sam looked!!! I’ll agree, super cute looking there baby, hehe!!! ♥


Haven’t really been posting pictures recently, so here are some random pics from like 2 days ago!!

I would totally blog more, except that my days are SO extremely lazy I absolutely have no activities to blog about! It’s like me and Sam would wake up, find something to eat, then watch a movie at home or play with my hamster, than go out for dinner again and probably watch another movie or play an online game or go swimming….

Plus I’m almost 99% wearing casual (meaning unattractive) clothes and without a trace of make up so I’m not in the mood to take a lot of pictures.

Yes, we’re sloths, and I am the mother of all sloths. I just woke up and decided to blog, and it’s like 3pm now!! Madness.

I sleep at 6am average everyday.. this awful sleeping pattern has to stop!

Besides these random pics, I wanted to blog about an issue that’s been on my mind recently, and even though it’s a sensitive, sort-of-personal topic I REALLY wanna share because… it’s so juicy and ridiculous and fun to bitch about other people to that I can’t help myself!!

Maybe if she really persists and annoys me enough, I will blog an epic entry, which will obviously work towards my advantage because it’d be great content for my blog and I’m sure my readers would be able to relate ;)


Piccy time!!!

A pair of heels that I’d bought recently!!

Aren’t they cute?

At first I thought it was too much lace, but then I figured the whole lace and cut out feature made it adorable.. plus the fact that it’s made of suede!

I almost never buy heels but this one’s very forgiving on my feet, it’s actually walkable-ish in so I just HAD to buy it. Plus it was only 50 ish bucks.

I feel like a giant every time I wear heels… with these sort of heels I’m around 1.8m!! Ridiculous!

I think my hands are possibly my least favourite feature about myself. Why do they look like crab’s claws in this picture!!!!

♥ my hair colour here!!!

Was annoyed with my super flat hair so I was fluffing it up, add an over the top expression and it’d make a good picture!!

Who knew?

Candid shot after fluffing up my crazy hair and I don’t know why I was smiling like that hahahah I think Sam said something funny

Be prepared for cute OVERLOAD!!!!

Lotsa hammie pics coming up ♥ ♥ ♥

..Pudding nomz on carrotz!

I wuv my ham ham!!! ^______^

I was showing off Pudding on live chat the other day and they asked why I called it “ham ham” when its name is Pudding..

Ham ham is just a nickname for any hamster!! Kinda like how I call kitties “meow meow”… LOL or am I the only one who does it?

It’s nomming on another treat I gave it!!!

It’s so cute, super docile and almost never bites until I poke him really hard when he’s sleeping, LOL!

I can’t say how happy I am to NOT have a roborovski… I can easily pick up Pudding any time I want, sometimes I’ll put my hand in the cage and he’ll automatically jump onto it!

I’ve been letting him around the house recently.. something I would have neverrrr dared to do with my roborovski because she runs at the speed of light and would end up being lost in some obscure corner in my house and we’d find a dead hamster 3 days later -_-

I’ve always wanted a pet but never had one and a hamster is just the perfect pet at the moment!!!

Momma won’t let me get anything bigger than a hammie, but I really want a kittie or a doggie.. maybe both! I can’t wait to get one when I have my own place!!!!

Me and Sam were watching funny hamster videos yesterday and laughing our asses off - I just HAD to share some with you guys!!!

HAHAHAH OMG this seriously made me giggle non stop!!!

I nicknamed this one Lan!! LOL Sam kept laughing when I told him so.

Why are some sisters hammies so psycho??? What makes them so miserable, and why did they turn out so much worse than the others? Food for thought!

Another one of my favourite! It spazzed and squeaked and bit the girl super hard!!!! Funny as


This is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

The 0:57 mark is awesome, when he goes “BAAHHHHH” and even though the guy was speaking in Russian I’m pretty sure he said something like

BAHHH run for your fucking lives!!!!111″

Look at that thing go! It’s completely unafraid and it’s so brave for fighting off 2 giants of its size. It’s an endangered European hamster and is totally wild…

I reckon it’s a RATTATA!

A wild Rattata appeared! Rattata used Growl!

But it is not effective!!


End of spastic hamster videos. Back to my amazingly adorable fluffball!!!! ^.^

…..Shooooooooo cute!!! *dies*

Sorry for my terrible nails o_x

Ham ham in its toilet roll tube!!! He shredded that thing to little pieces!

Ham ham dropping out of his tube O_O

He likes to take suicide leaps out of my hand… so I have to hold him still.

I hope he comes a little less active when he gets older so I can just sit there and cuddle him without having him keep running around all the time!

End of random pics!!!

Big thanks to everyone who joined us for the live chat that day, we had over a thousand viewers and it was totally fun!!! ♥

We might have one again this weekend. Who’s up for it?

style=”font-style: italic;”>Till then, talk to you guys soon :)