A complilation of some of my favouritest blog posts ever


This is my new Twitter Display pic ^.^

I hate how screwed up Blogger.com’s archiving system is!

Most of my entries in my archive cannot be read by a normal reader (unless you google for the specific blog post name) because they only allow limited number of entries per month to be shown, which is really really dumb (fo real!)

So for the convenience of newer readers and people in search of specific entries, I decided to compile a whole long list of some of my favouritest posts ever to include in my sidebar!

The three categories include, “Good Reads”, “About my Boyfriend” and “I love traveling”

I might have missed out a few, accidentally or not (specifically left out a lot of traveling entries with my ex-boyfriend.. we went to various parts of malaysia and australia)

Trying to track down entries from wayyy back proves harder than you think… but these are the ones I can remember clearly or think that they’re the most interesting so here you go!!!

Good Reads ♥

Never good enough

Cyber Bullying

Getting over heartbreak

Self-Esteem Issues

I don’t need a lot of friends

Things I’ve learned about Friends

What does Jessica want to be when she grows up?

I am not possessive

How I’ve changed over time

17 things I did when I was 17

Don’t expect me to be your friend

For anyone who’s ever been in a Long Distance Relationship

What Inspires Me

Killer whales in Captivity

Rainbow Cake (just because so many people have been asking about it…)


About my boyfriend ♥

Sam is my new boyfriend

Sam’s first blog entry

Are we together?


I love traveling ♥

Viva Las Vegas! Nevada, USA

Fabulous Vegas

Legend of the Seas (Cruise, Part 1)

Legend of the Seas (Cruise, Part 2)

Adventure World (Western Australia)

Cottesloe Beach (Western Australia)

Phuket, Thailand (Part 1)

Phuket (Part 2)

Phuket (Part 3)

Magic Kingdom! (Orlando, Florida, USA)

Animal Kingdom (Orlando)

Christmas night at ICE! Gaylord Palms (Orlando)

Sea World (Orlando)

Clearwater Beach (Orlando)

Hot Air Ballooning over Florida

Aquatica Water Theme Park (Orlando)

Epcot (Orlando)

Universal Studios (Orlando)

The rest of Orlando

Road trip to Albany (Western Australia)

Road trip to Albany (Part 2)

Road trip to Albany (Part 3)

Kings Park (Perth, Western Australia)

Caversham Wildlife Park (Western Australia)

Fremantle (Western Australia)

Great Ocean Road (Victoria, Australia)


As for a new blog entry, I’m churning one out tonight!!!

I have to go cook dinner now, then I’m watching a movie after that, but I promise it will be up by lateee tonight and definitely by tomorrow :)

Just been having some time to myself to readjust to being alone again.. Y’know. Being emo lol

Come back tomorrow for a new post (of fluffy white snow!) and for people who haven’t read some of my older entries listed above, I hope you like em! Any new comments on old entries are still welcome hehe.

If you think any other entry should be added to the list, let me know.. and if you’ve any favourites, let me know too!