Caversham Wildlife Park

Back to my Perth travelogue!!!

We had breakfast at the Botanical Cafe at Kings Park (yes, again) because it’s such a beautiful place to be in!

Great views of the city, good food, calm scenic gardens.. (Y)

I’m always strangely chirpy in the morning when I’m on holiday!!

I will drag my ass out of bed at like 7am just to get ready (going to sleep at like 2am the night before)

Another reason why I ♥ hanging out with Gwen - she’s always so enthusiastic about taking pictures!

She’s like “aww that’s such a cute pose… I wanna take more!! closer! smileeeee!”

Didn’t wanna bother anyone in the morning having their breakfast to take a picture for us so we took one ourselves!

I swear me and Sam always do the same weird poses coincidentally wtf. I so did not ask him to stick out his tongue.

Hahaha we are adorable.

Oops did I just say we?… I meant them. o_O

Ordering fooooooooood! I ♥ my royal blue coat, it screams for attention!

I miss winter fashion!!!

I used to like ginger ale / beer… until it got all too gingery for me. If you buy the real bottled stuff like this, there’s real pieces of ginger floating around wtf!! Very different from your canned version

Gwen saw this picture and she’s like “That’s such a Jess smile” and I was like, “what??” and when I got home and edited all the pictures I realized… Holy shit I really do smile the same all the time!!!

Well how many smiles can a person have?! It’s not as if I’m on a roller coaster and having different spastic expressions :P

I’m just posing for touristy photos.. LOL

Gwen was wearing a really cute beret (I had a slight obsession with berets then) and I wanted to see how it looked on me…

Ta-dah!!! Whaddya think?

I think it’s pretty cute but it suits Gwen waaaaay more! I’m not really a hat person.. hard to find one that doesn’t make my head look gigantic (it is)

Gwenny with my black headband on!!!!

I told her she should totally wear headbands more often because they look adorable on her but she disagrees..

Tell her she’s wrong!! She looks so innocent and doe eyed with it :P

Om nom nomz. This was Gwen’s meal. Huge Aussie portion of a chicken sandwich thing!

And this is an extremely flattering picture of me being the glutton that I am.

Thanks for the capture, Gwen!

I was actually having this dessert that came in a rather small portion so I almost gobbled the whole thing up by myself without offering Sam any, hence his “Ugh, what a pig” expression LOL

Seeing Sam’s :[ expression, I decided to give him the rest of it….

So I’m like -_- and he’s now :]]]]]]]]] lol

I was reapplying lipgloss after the meal and this goon said he wanted some lipgloss too.

Or did he say he wanted to kiss me?? Anyway one thing led to another and somehow I ended up applying lipgloss directly on his lips!

I made his skin extra smooth and fair so he looks super girlish LOL


*blows kisses* ;)

Hell yeah beeeeeyotch!!

Can’t touch this!

FML my boyfriend’s lips are more pouty and luscious than mine!!!

Us in Kings Park!!

I look really stiff here because my coat has this thick satin inner ling which meant it couldn’t stretch or move like at ALL

HAHAHA we are SUCH asian tourists!!!

Anyway this is a really bad photo… Looks like it was taken by some shitty digital camera. I blame the photographer :x

Not used to seeing low quality pix on my blog ever since I got my DSLR

Mmm maybe I shouldn’t have blurred the background

For some reason this photo makes me think of Gossip Girl!

I think it’s all that red and blues and headgears lol

Such a vibrant happy photo :)!!!! Love

It’s a little awkward going out with only your bf and a female friend, it’s like, whose hand should you hold?! (HAHAH yes sometimes I do hold my friends hands. WHAT??)

If both talk to you, which should you entertain? I usually entertain my other friend coz Sam’s always going to be around, but I see Gwen like once a year!

Admiring the views of Perth City.. never understood why people say it’s exceptionally boring there. I actually think Western Australia is really beautiful.

I live in a big city like Singapore and it’s even more boring… Nothing to look at besides big grey buildings and people. Melbourne city was boring too. Hell I went to Las Vegas and I even got bored sometimes there!!!! Every city is boring if you don’t do the right things with the right people.

I find nature a lot more interesting and WA is definitely scenic as hell ♥

WTF when did I become such a hippie?!? Lol!


…The skyline actually looks very similar to Singapore’s, except their skies are bluer (IT IS TRUE) and there’s a great big river across the whole state.. which makes it pretty.

Having a nice waterfront makes the most boring old architecture look good!

Sam tryna be gangsta :P

Lots of pictures of peoples backs this post… LOL

Gwen camwhoring in the back seat of our car!

I was in a dilemma at that point because I didn’t know whether I should hang out with my mum or Gwen and Sam.. My mum wanted to go out with me but I was already out with G and S so I finally convinced my mum to come along!!! (she flew to Perth a few days after I did)

Made a little detour to Burswood and picked her up from Uncle John’s place and we were all in the car together… yay!

She wanted to go shopping but I wanted to see wildlife.

We compromised and did a little bit of both!

Kangaroos, buffalos (???), BOBTAILS (?!?) and protected snakes crossing!!! Probably your grandmother crossing too!

They’d might as well just say “do drive at 20 km/h. lots of things you could knock down here. heavy fines”


To my absolute horror, when we finally reached the wildlife park, my mum said she was wearing high heels so she couldn’t join us for the trail.


And to my amazement Gwen actually said she would stay behind with my mother waiting for us in the car. I was in utter disbelief… It was sweet of her, but but but..

They cheated me!! Well Gwen’s already been to Caversham Wildlife Park, so I can understand if she didn’t wanna go again but mummmyyyy you bluffed me :(

Sam said we were already here so we should just go ahead and have fun, make it a quick one then go back to them ASAP so we did.

I was gonna type “this is a picture of some bird” when I realized I actually knew what this bird was!!!!

I typed “cuckoobaroo” into google images and nothing came up. Shit.

I tried “kukubaroo” HAHAHAH and again nothing…

……………I finally found out they’re called “kookaburra” instead. WTF.

No idea where I got kukubaroo from… Hey, at least I know the birds species! Well sort of. Am impressed by my general knowledge haha… not by my spelling

Kukubaroo looking at yoo!!!!!

I’ve actually been to this wildlife park before… Only realized that when I got there -_-

I was here like 2 years + ago……. with……

… my ex boyfriend…. -_______- x 999

Mr. Wallaby!!!! Hehe definitely got this one right

Creepy ass bats..
same as the ones we saw in Orlando last year!!!

They are so motherfucking evil looking wtf. But apparently very harmless and timid.

I actually made a point to read the sign displaying the animal’s name… but I forgot what it’s called. Anyone knows?

Tried to capture pictures of many colorful birds but all I constantly got was this instead wtf.

Believe it or not, at that point I didn’t even know how to MANUALLY FOCUS my DSLR yet!!!!!

Who buys a 1.6k camera and then decides not to learn how to use it properly? Me.

I now know how to manually focus my camera but still no idea how to change my lenses hahahaha I have 3 spare lenses at home dying to be tested wtf. I really can’t wait to try out the macro lens on flowers.

I’ll go learn soon I promise!! Feel so guilty


Just FYI they’re just called “koalas”, they have no relations with any bear of sorts.. So don’t call em koala bears!


They look soooooo EBILLLLLZzzzZzz *runs around screaming*

Like they wanna fucking rip my heart out with that sharp beak of theirs… Where’s their goddamn eyes??!?!?!

How come they only have slits? And they’re so quiet and creepy, never calling out or even moving… They just stare at you silently (I assume those are their eyes?)

If aliens had a face it would look something like this I’m sure!!!

More evil flippin’ owls... whatever happened to cute, snowy, mythical looking ones like Hedwig in Harry Potter?!

Wtf are these?

If you’ve seen THE FOURTH KIND (thriller movie about alien abduction and owls) you’ll know why I’m so creeped out by them now.

It’s actually quite a good movie.. Very mind-fucking and scary. If you want a good thriller show I highly recommend watching The Fourth Kind! The ending was stupid but overall pretty good.

Still feeling freaked out by the evil owls, I went over to the cage next door to it hoping I’d find something a bit cuter…

This owl kept making weird spastic noises and had its face constantly turned around. I thought to myself, “Damn it why won’t you look at me? I’m trying to take a picture here!!!”

And just when I got REALLY close to the owl (I put my face up to the cage to inspect it closely)



It’s eyes almost popped outta its sockets!!!! WTF.

It’s almost as if it read my mind and turned back to look at me going, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT?”

Damn that’s one pissed off looking owl!!!

Too bad the owl itself is not in focus otherwise you could see its full freaky glory. I felt so victimized for some reason. What did I do wrong to get terrorized by owls like this???

Frightened me half to death…. Damn these owls. I officially hate them now. Except for hedwig.

Onto something MUCH cuter and friendly…


They are just as docile and gentle as I remember them to be!

They don’t fight with each other, they are never aggressive even when it comes to sharing food!

(there’s no need to fight for food coz tourists overfeed them wtf in fact they’re super lazy) and their saliva doesn’t stink!

I know this because I put my hand up to my face to smell it after feeding them HAHAH /sicko

It looks like a llama in this pic!!

Sam with a kangaroo that’s got an itchy backside hehehe

Wow finally!!!

ONE good photo with perfect lighting, sharpness, composition and angle that a tourist took for us.

Big tip for travelers…

ALWAYS approach the people carrying bulky ass DSLRS themselves, or people who look like they’re really interested in photography (the idiots who stand in one spot forever trying to take THAT perfect shot) because your photos will turn out so much better and they are a lot more willing to help out!

Don’t approach families or old people because those are the worst.

Super shaky hands and they really couldn’t care less. Approaching other young couples instead of random dubious men is also a good idea because they cannot run away with your camera as fast :P


Doesn’t it make your heart melt to see your big burly boyfriend become all gentle and caring around more fragile things?

Lookie, an Albino kangaroo!!!

Albino means the animal has no color pigments in its skin and is all-white instead of being their usual colour and usually has reddish eyes.

We have albino humans too.. you should google image them, very interesting!!

Albinos are considered to be a genetic problem and are very rare so I was very surprised to see one in the park… but I realized they have MUCH MORE than one. They must have over 10+ albinos!!

Do they specifically mate the albinos together so they can have “special” kangaroos or what? So weird.

For some reason this albino kangaroo looks so sad and unhealthy / frail compared to the rest.. I suppose they suffer a lot of health issues :(

Sharing some love with it!!!

I soooooo miss my long hair. So…. Shiny.. *__*

*misses brushing through it and waiting for it to dry at night*

Piccah with a normal kangaroo!!!

And I have the same “Jess smile” again. I KNOW WHY I SMILE LIKE THIS NOW!!!!

It’s so my face looks normal and proportionate.

I realized that whenever I smile really widely, my nose becomes HUGE and flat and my face looks extra chubby and a whole lot of other problems la.

So I do a :] instead of a :DDDDDD usually lol!

….I was super shocked when I saw this!!!

OH NO, YOU DIDN’T!!!!!!!! Not in front of all the kids D:

Can someone tell me what the hell they are doing???? They can’t be…..

Surely not…..

Say it isn’t so T__________T

Lazy kangaroos.. They have like 50 of them!!!

And look, even more albinos!

Good life lah…. Just act chio lie on the grass and wait for people to hand feed you food wtf

kangarooz sayz bye byez!!

Am I crazy?? Or does this black swan look evil too, with its devilish red eyes and beak?

I think anything with red eyes or extra dark coating scares me…

Who else likes sitting in parks throwing bread at little ducks swimming in ponds?? :)

We saw this really interesting flower but couldn’t get the camera to focus it properly!!

I kept complaining to Sam that I needed to learn how to manual focus it NOWWWWW right there and then in the park coz it was driving me nuts..

And so he figured it out for me!!!

Turns out it’s super simple.

You just flip a button and turn the lenses left and right -___-

First ever shot of us using manual focus…. Focus is kinda wonky here lol but it’s a start

10 seconds later, we took another shot!

There, much better!!!!!!

And lastly, the ultra in focus stand out one :P

I was so happy because for some reason I thought manual focusing was very hard, like you had to press a lot of buttons and adjust for a long time and stuff….?

I guess that’s setting the exposure and stuff but focusing itself is relatively easy.

You just have to look very carefully and have a sharp eye for detail, because if you’re using the digital screen to view everything instead of the viewfinder, everything looks sharp until you enlarge it on your computer screen and some parts are blurry as hell!

Before shot:

After shot:

Success!!! Isn’t it pretty?

I ♥ flowers and taking pictures of them. I’m dying to use my still-in-packaging macro lens and fly myself to Australia to take pics of their wildflowers…..

I WOULD go to Botanical Gardens but it’s so effing hot here in SG, totally no mood to take pictures outside!

The first thing I do when I’m under the sun in is to run under some shade and seek refuge in an air-conditioned place. Otherwise I’d seriously die of a heat stroke.

So pretty…
but poisonous!!!

Kind of like some girls I know hahaha.. except they’re not that pretty.

Sam’s like, “here, I’ll take a super in focus shot of you now!!” but I look really ghastly here for some reason o_X

went back to take a properly focused picture of a bird just for some self satisfaction.

OMG LOOK!!!!!!!!

An albino peacock!!!!!!!!!!
Wtf so pretty.

I really wanted to see it spread its feathers and it’d be like a sea of white… too bad it didn’t but I got a pic of it anyway.

How come Caversham Wildlife Park has so many albino creatures??? They’re super rare in the wild!

I’m seriously thinking they’re specifically breeding albinos here to increase publicity or something because no way they’ve captured these from the wild right wtf.

If it’s true, that’s really mean because despite how unique they look, it’s unnatural and they’re more prone to numerous diseases / illnesses as compared to their normal counterparts… :(

Random pic of a peacock perched on top of a shed

End of Caversham pics!!!!!

As you can tell I was in a really good mood hehehe. Had such a good time… :)

We walked back to our car to find Gwen and my mum laughing their heads off and looking like they just had a great time being stuck in the car together for the past 1 hour WTF. I was really shocked.

I knew my mum would like Gwen but I never thought they’d get along so well… it’s definitely a good thing though!!!

I get along with her parents too, they’re lovely! Also love the fact that they’ve been living in Australia for so long yet they’re still such a Singaporean at heart.

Could recognize the singlish accent anywhere.


We went shopping at Harbour Town after that, wanted to bring my mum to check out all these cool discount stores but we didn’t have much time to shop because they were gonna close at 5 ish!!!!

Wtf seriously horrified at how early things close in Aus. That’s one thing I can’t stand..

I love how everything opens late in SG. Can find a 24 hour food stall ANYWHERE. 24 island wide McDelivery. 24 hour movies (well sort of. until 4am).. 24 hour cheap non-dangerous taxis. And more!!


Back to my post bout Perth.

Went back to UJ’s apartment to chill for a bit, then they brought us out for a nice Japanese dinner in some suburb.. I think Japanese may just be my new favourite cuisine!


We caught “Circus Joseph Ashton” at night because I wanted to do something different…

I suggested a circus show and we googled it on the iphone (thank god for iphone) and saw an ongoing show located on google maps (thank god for google) so we immediately drove towards that suburb!!

Took forever to get the location.. Got lost a few times, but we made it just in time. The show is actually pretty good family entertainment for the 15 bucks.

Ridiculous looking pony with purple frills :P

Don’t expect this to be like Cirque Du Soleil though, Circus Joseph Ashton is a very small-scale production run by a family. It’s interesting because you get to see different family members perform their different talents!!!

There was this adorable boy who was only FOUR years old but already started performing!! Mad. Imagine that…

You and your whole family performing your own circus show together. How mad would that be?

Woo.. if only I was that flexible and athletic

This guy is multi talented!!!

Very agile and precise. He did a comedy section earlier on, which was great, then he started walking on a tightrope, then he started UNICYCLING on a tightrope, then……

Started juggling three bowling bins. While balancing on a unicycle.

Still on a freakin’ tight rope.


Am I wrong to wonder how these flexible gymnasts / contortionists / whatever are behind closed doors? LOL you must wonder what sort of moves they get up to!

Last picture of the post!!

The “doll” that he’s sitting on is actually a real woman. A very freakin flexible woman!! Enjoyed the show quite a lot (though boring at times.. go with family!)


Like all good things in life and an enjoyable day in Perth, this must post come to an end!

Only 2 more posts of Australia Travelogue to go before I’m done with the whole batch!!! Have you guys liked the travelogue so far?

Anyway random fact: Less than 2 weeks to my LAST exam ever in MDIS, my Economics paper. Wish me the determination to study hard and pass with flying colours wtf like that’s gonna happen. I hate math possibly more than I hate butterflies and moths and ex boyfriends.

At least pass plz!!!