Brow resurrection!!! Hallelujah


I have exciting news to share today! ^___________^

Few days ago, I went to get my eyebrows done at Browhaus and the treatment is called Brow Resurrection.

It’s kind of like eyebrow embroidery / tattooing, but less painful and of course more professional… it won’t look as fake / drawn on and cheena-ish and won’t leave weird reddish / greenish marks when the eyebrows fade off. (have you seen those aunties and their faded tattooed eyebrows??)

Example of a not so well done brow job… @_@
Pic credit

I’ve been meaning to get my brows done for the longest time…

You might’ve noticed that I’ve complained bout my brows time and time again.

People always tell me they look kinda weird / fake, and the thing is, I KNOW but I can’t do much about it!!! Frankly speaking I do a great job with drawing my brows already because THIS is what it looks like completely natural:


I mean who the hell is born with such terrible brows?

They might look overplucked / shaved / whatever, but I assure you that’s not the problem. The problem with my natural brows is that they’re very scarce and droopy-shaped and simply plain ugly.

I’m satisfied with my looks but I really can’t stand my eyebrows because when it comes to things like these it’s not a question of VANITY anymore, it’s more of the fact that I feel like a freak of nature.

They’re so bare that they don’t even look like they exist when I don’t have make up on and sometimes this gets really weird remarks from other people… they even raise their own eyebrows at me as if to say, “What happened to yours?”


Here’s a few pictures of really bad eyebrows to highlight my point:

HAHAHAHAAAA oh my godddddddddddddd…. so epic.

Looks like I took a permanent whiteboard marker and started drawing on my face. In my defense, this was taken for a Halloween party during 2008 ok!!!!!

It looks so shitty because my brows were all over the place… if you have a good set of brows naturally, drawing them is very easy because you’re simply following the natural shape and filling the color in but when you got brows like mine… Wtf you meant to do?

Think of it this way.

You’re given a colouring book with outlines that you just have to sketch over, simple enough yea? So when you’re done with your artwork it looks neat and everything

But my version is just a blank piece of fucked up crumpled paper with absolutely no outlines to follow whatsoever so obviously my artwork is not gonna look like Picasso’s!!!!


Sometimes they’d be reaaalllyyy thin looking…

Something about thin brows and excessive lashes screams trashy!!!!

And yes I also did have a fake eyelash problem. I fixed that now… well sort of.

I’m not proud of these looks but then again I WAS 16 years old and trying to be trendy so give me a break. I bet you looked shitty when you were 16 too!

Recently my eyebrow drawing skills have gotten better I think… in the past it used to be stupidly dark or strangely out of shape or too thin / thick, but nowadays it’s got a more standard consistency and it pretty much looks like this:

Still looks like sharpie brows, meh, I know but at least they’re better than the pics above!!!!

My mum has ALWAYS told me my brows were ugly (well, thanks mom) and I’d told her about the Browhaus treatment months back when I was first considering embroidery but wanted to go for a better option.

I checked out the price and I was like… WOAH.

1 thousand plus SGD $$$ to get my eyebrows done?? Are you kidding me!!!!!

With a thousand I could do so many things!! I could go on a shopping spree and buy shitloads of stuff, or fly myself to some faraway exotic country and have a holiday, or even save some poor man’s life by giving him an extra thousand to live on…

I didn’t wanna blow that kind of money on my eyebrows butttttt my mum, being the crazy woman that she is (haha jokes mum I ♥ you!) signed up for it on the spot for a package for 2, and told me she’d sponsor this treatment for her precious daughter!!

I was sooo happy (and relieved) but at the same time I was putting off my appointment for months, always calling to book but cancel it on the day itself because I’d been dreading the pain… It’s kind of like tattooing your eyebrow in.

Same concept right? You get some permanent dye, some sharp needle thing and start poking away at the skin… ouch.

Well few days ago I finally plucked up my courage and told myself to stop being a wuss and here’s pictures to show you guys how it went!!!!!!

Weee all ready set for new eyebrows!!! My hair’s so poofy and red!!!!! Love!

This pic’s just to show off my cute new summer dress and hair. I know my right eye in the pic looks weird.. ignore it. Tried to save it by photoshopping but still failed -_-

So after some cheap shopping in City Plaza (cheap for me coz I bought a sunhat for 10 bucks but my mum bought a gown that’s imported from Paris and mothertooting expensive wtf) we drove over to Paragon’s Browhaus….

They made me wait around for like 20 mins before I started complaining then they attended to me. Not exactly the best service…

hello I’m paying 1k+ for your mad overpriced treatment are you seriously gonna make me fucking wait!!


After complaining and demanding for attention, a china lady then started drawing different brow shapes with an eyebrow pencil that she thought would suit me and asked me for my opinions…

She was quite pushy, and whenever I told her what I wanted, she kind of argued (in a non-rude way) and told me that her way of drawing brows is better because of so & so…

Finally we compromised and settled inbetween for something both me and her liked coz she managed to convince me that her opinion is trustworthy in the end. Damn salespeople!! If you do go, make sure you’re very sure of the shape you want otherwise you’re gonna have to live with it for 2 years and there’s no way to remove it!

When you finally decide on what eyebrow shape and color you want, it’s time to put on some numbing cream before the procedure starts!

And here I look like a corpse…. (Y)

Left the cold numbing cream on for about 20 mins and then she started poking away at my skin!!!!

It felt VERY weird because I can FEEL and hear her scraping my skin with that weird needle thing of hers, and it made a creepy noise (imagine what thick needle scraping hardened skin sounds like.. the cream made my eyebrow skin stiffer)

But it wasn’t very painful at all….

I have very low pain tolerance (cried from getting my eyebrows plucked LOL), and if I say it’s not painful then it really isn’t!!! You can definitely feel the blade cutting into your skin but it’s like an ants bite at most. There was NO blood at all and very little swelling when the whole thing was done.

It was over in about 30 mins, didn’t take any pics coz I didn’t wanna camwhore and accidentally cause her to screw up my brows lol

The REAL pain s
tarts when the numbing cream wears off (usually about 5 mins before she finishes tattooing on you) and you can officially feel the stabbing pains from the tiny movements made with her super sharp blade that she’s cutting your skin with!!! Stung like a bitch.

Like a million bee stings concentrated over a small area. Made me cringe and whine quite a bit T_T

You get the most MASSIVE headache ever, both me and my mum did, because your eyebrows are very close to your head so that much pain and trauma is gonna make you feel a little light (or heavy) headed…


But the pain and money was all worth it because

♥ ♥ ♥ I LOVE MY NEW EYEBROWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TA-DAH!!!!!!!! ♥

Omg I love them soooooooooo much.
Even without make up I feel awesome and confident!!! GOODBYE SPARSE HIDEOUS EYEBROWS.

I know they look super dark now, like black almost, but they say it’s going to fade after 2-3 weeks and become a LOT lighter, so if they don’t make it super dark now it’s going to be close to invisible in a couple of months.

My mum did hers a few months ago and it was dark when she first came home but now it’s heaps natural and pretty so I have nothing to worry about!!! Can’t wait for it to become lighter and brownish because I look a little fierce with such harsh brows.

When you compare it with THIS, it’s like a miracle!

It feels so good to have nice eyebrows anytime, anywhere… don’t ever have to draw em again!! For the next 2 years at least lol. I can swim, shower, not have make up on and still have eyebrows that look like they’re perfectly groomed…

Most of all I can look NORMAL.

Wait, better than normal, because I absolutely freaking adore my eyebrows!!!!!!!!!!

I mean COME ON…. don’t you just ♥ the shape?? I shall call them supermodel eyebrows from now on. LOL.

Makes my eyes look more awake and slightly bigger too! It even looks realistic because of the drawn on individual hair strands!!! MAD!

Really excited to see what it looks like in a month’s time… I get a free touch up in 1-3 months, just in case I don’t like the shape / colour / intensity I get to change it FOC, yay!!!

For those of you who are gonna say “Meh they don’t look that great / I have natural brows just like that” well go away I don’t like you.

I’ve never noticed how underrated eyebrows are…. like they are so important in framing your face and my old brows were seriously FUGLY I don’t know how I lived with them for so long??

These treatments are so worthwhile and awesome plus they are great confidence boosters, I recommend anyone who has the spare cash and less than satisfactory eyebrows to go do it!!! :)

Ok this is not exactly related to my eyebrows but someone left a comment on my Formspring saying “you’re so fat and ugly and you have auntie hair and make up. go look like an 18 year old pls”

Why should I look like just any other 18 year old? I love embracing my own individuality!!!!!

And if looking different means being unattractive to you then I can’t help it if people like you are so shallow. I’m sure your definition of being pretty is being really skinny and having rebonded ah lian hair and being as fair as possible.

What’s new?

Stronger brows means I should put on less eyeshadow.. don’t want the look to be too overpowering.

I ♥ it, it’s so 1960′s
and retro especially with my poofy hair!

Totally glad for the brow make over… it’s given me new found confidence that I never knew I needed.

I’m going for teeth whitening next! Also quite costly but it’ll be worth it. I’ve nice straight teeth but they’re just a lil too yellow for my liking which makes me self conscious about my smile so I don’t show my teeth in photos like, ever. Don’t wanna gross people out.

KK this may seem a bit excessive to some people but don’t worry I’d never go for plastic surgery!!!!

Okie dokie, toodily-doo!

Gonna rush out some advertorial now… jeez, am I never rushing out an advertorial? The deadlines are all so tight!!

Hope you guys had a nice weekend. Mine was pretty good considering I FINISHED ECONOMICS PAPER and I think I did relatively well for it… for my own standards at least.

Hell yeah!!! Another hurdle I conquered.

I seriously didn’t think I was going to pass. I realized that econs is a lot easier than I thought.. once I got over my fear for numbers and formulas. Great thanks to Victor who came over to my place at 9pm, very short notice, the night before my exam just to help me pass!!!!