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After we checked out the beach, we walked around the town trying to find food.. but the only thing we found was the realization that small towns like Albany have NO independent restaurants/cafes!!!

They only had Hungry Jack’s (Burger King imitation wtf) and KFC and those sort of fast food outlets…. Horrifying.

I asked Sam “what the hell do small towners eat” and he said that most of them cook their own food because eating out is unhealthy / expensive and there are very little independent restaurants / cafes because there is not enough business plus rent is expensive in town so if there ARE any cafes, they would be tucked away in obscure little corners that tourists like us would never reach.

Anyway we went to eat at Dome and took drives around the scenic little town afterwards… Didn’t take many pictures because the lighting was pretty shitty but I love driving around small towns and suburbs because I like looking at peoples houses!

In Singapore, 99% of the time I see condominiums and HDB flats…

Public housing is so boring, because you can’t see how big peoples houses are, what kind of structure and exterior design they chose, what kind of car they drive and have parked in the driveway and my favorite…

What kind of flowers they grow in their garden!!!!

It’s extra fun when they have their windows open and you can see right in!!! I love observing people and their houses… It says so much of what kind of people they are. I like watching kids run around their houses, parents lazing on the couch watching TV, families having dinner…

Makes me want my own house soooo badly too!

Not an apartment building, not a condo… A HOUSE house. Like I can call the entire thing my own!

One downside to houses though.. they have less security than condominiums and stuff. A lot less people around you, no security guards and much easier to break into! Whenever you watch burglars break into houses in movies, they always break into houses and not condos (well duh) and quite frankly I’m scared of people breaking into mine wtf I’ll tell you guys why a few days later… (we stayed at a proper house)


Gwen and Blake in front of the wind farm!! One of Albany’s trademarks.

They are hugeeeeeeeee fan-like electrical thingies that help generate electricity.. for FREEEEE! Yay for natural resources.. There’s so many around, I think it helps power most of Albany’s electricity!

Sam looks sooo much like a china man sometimes lol and note to self – full white outfits make you fucking gigantic!!!

The wind mills don’t look that big in the picture, but after this we walked nearer to them and they’re MASSIVE when you’re standing right beside it!! They must be at least 20 storeys high or something.

Awww I like this picture even though lighting is shit and it’s blurry.. I like it when Sam wraps his arms around me, yay!!

So blueeeeee :)

We went sight seeing in other places but I didn’t take any pictures coz it was dark and I suck at night photography…

I hate it when you can’t describe sightseeing properly and there’s no pictures to show either, it’s like it didn’t happen.

The only pictures I took were silly ones of us in the car lol floating Sam head

We obviously didn’t know how to use the camera back then… Had to reply on Auto Focus instead of Manual Focus because I didn’t know how to change it -___-

Actually I don’t even know why most of my photos are SUPER grainy!!! I don’t think it’s the ISO problem since it’s set on Auto? I remember playing around with the settings and I might have accidentally done something wrong to it..

Any photography experts have advice or suggestions as how to take less grainy photos? (besides the obvious – avoid low-light situations. but mine happens even in bright light)

Finally an in-focus picture…

My nose and cheeks look huge wtf and I’m lazy to photoshop it too. Why do I look extra fat in photos. I have super sharp facial structure in real life!!


…So after a few hours of having fun driving around in the dark, we popped by IGA (Australian Supermarket) and grabbed some groceries to cook dinner!

There wasn’t any nice cafes around so we decided that if we wanted to eat something nice, we’re gonna have to cook it ourselves!


They have an amazing variety of products… They honestly have EVERYTHING you ever need.

It’s so much fun picking out stuff that’s useful to have lying around the house… It’s annoying how I always can’t find products that I need in Singapore.


They’re really big compared to the ones we get back at home. They’re a lot sweeter when they’re bigger… yummm I love onions

Big Orange!!!!

Even bigger sweet potatoes!!! Big is seriously an understatement.

One of those is all you need to feed a family of 6.. and lol @ Blake’s pose

Rabbit meatttttttttttt!!!! D:

But the bunnies are so cute…. How could you kill something so adorable sigh. I guess it helps that they’re not very smart… Killing really intelligent and social animals are so much worse. (like killer whales.. thank god they’re not hunted anymore)

I vow to never eat rabbit meat!!!! (even though I assume it must be really yummy. Twenty dollars for something so small)


I love apples, they’re so juicy and refreshing and not overly citrus-y.

Speaking of apples, I had a fail smoothie moment yesterday…

I came up with “brilliant” recipe in my head where I blended two apples, a cup of soy milk, some ice and green apple flavouring together, expecting it to taste awesome but needless to say it tastes like shit lol.

Apples make really shit smoothies since they leave you with a “sandy” texture instead of being smooth!! Such a pity since I really do like fresh fruit smoothies and I like apples.


We went back home and got right to making dinner!!!

Gwen preparing the onions… I didn’t want to touch them because apparently they make people cry LOL I’ve never experienced it before and I’m not intending to anytime soon.

Blake washing stuff…

I love seeing guys do household / homely / feminine things. It’s like a side of them that’s hardly seen but so very appreciated!

Couple preparing food!!!

I love cooking with them, it’s super fun cuz they are very agreeable and will help you do the tiresome stuff like washing the dishes and chopping onions and I get to do the fun part – the actual cooking process and throwing ingredients together lol

Me and my boy!!!!

Cooking is so wonderful (when you have the right ingredients and appliances) it builds up the anticipation and hunger, so even if the food is just alright it will taste amazing anyway!

Plus you get to cook it the way you want…

We’re cooking creamy mushroom pasta here, and I added extra butter, extra mushrooms, extra cream and extra onions!!! Love it. Extra everything fattening and yummy of course.

Some of you asked for the recipe and how to cook the creamy mushroom pasta that’s been featured on my blog recently…

I don’t have a full and exact recipe for you, since I pretty much googled several recipes online and fully altered them to suit my own taste, so this is my very own rendition that hopefully you guys will like too!

I love making this dish since it’s super yummy and pretty damn cheap and also much better quality than the shroom pastas I get in restaurants.

If you’re not interested in cooking, scroll down to read the rest of the post and skip this but if you wanna know how to be an awesome first-timer cook, (this recipe is fail proof) give this a shot!!!

This recipe serves 4 very hungry people (big serves) and takes a total of about 1 hour to prepare and cook!

You will need:

Two medium sized or large onions —- (because I love onions!! and also, they caramelize while sautee-ing so they don’t have that sharp, almost sour flavour.. they’re sweet and nice if you do it right)

Shitload of mushrooms —- (don’t ask me how much, ask yourself how mushroomy you want it to be and how many you wanna serve!)

Butter —- (to sautee the mushrooms and onions in, I usually don’t use oil since I love butter)

Milk —- (about a full cup of it to make the cream sauce)

Cooking Cream —- (1 and a half cup but I think we used 500ml.. I can’t remember but this is mostly for thickness and texture so you can add according to your own preferences, we like it super thick!)

Beef Stock —- (about a full cup of it to let the mushrooms sit in.. if you’re buddhist you can use chicken stock too)

Spaghetti —- (or your favourite pasta, but spaghetti works the best for this dish because of the smooth, creamy texture!)

Chicken —- (if you’re like me and you NEED meat in your dinner otherwise you’ll feel unsatisfied, add chicken!! forget this if you’re vegetarian)

Grated Cheese —- (we used parmesan but you could use mozzarella for a less strong taste)


…Ok, let’s start cooking!!!!!

First, you prepare the mushroooooooomsss!!!

Always pick the brown / button mushrooms or even better, use Portobello mushrooms!!!

Using any other mushrooms (like oyster mushrooms / shiitake mushrooms / *insert weird mushroom here*) will NOT work and would end up tasting really weird and shitty.

Trust me, I just tried it 2 days ago… I used some weird chinese mushrooms and it tasted so awful I could barely finish the whole plate of it, which is saying a lot since I usually like my own cooking.

Use a lot of mushrooms (don’t be cheap la, this meal is very cheap already!!)

I always recommend plucking out the stems because they’re super tough and bitter, which ruins the natural sweetness and smooth texture of the specific mushrooms we picked out!

After removing the stems, you can peel the skin if you like, and proceed to chop them up into really small pieces.

Mushrooms shrink when they’re cooked, but I like my mushroom pasta to have super small bits of mushrooms everywhere instead of big, awkward pieces so I’d recommend thin slices.


Get big ones if you can, since they’re sweeter. After peeling and slicing the onions, heat up your pan with some melted butter on it and then throw in the mushrooms + 3/4 of the onions and let them sit there for about 15 minutes!

Mushrooms take awhile to sautee and turn brown-ish and caramelize because they start to lose a lot of water… As for the onions, leave them be – you can never overcook onions.

We wanna wait until all that water is mostly dried up before continuing onto our next step!

Once most of the water from the mushrooms have dried up and your funghi starts to turn a little brown, add your 1 cup of beef stock to the same pan and just let it sit there, stirring occasionally.

What I love about this dish is how fail-proof and simple it is… All you have to do is throw in the right ingredients, let it sit there and sit occasionally! I usually cook this dish over medium high fire.

At this time you can start cooking your chicken… I’d suggest just plain boiled chicken because the mushroom sauce itself is already so flavoursome. Once they’re cooked, remove the skin and chop them into small pieces to be served together with the pasta sauce!

After about 85% of your beef stock has dried up / been absorb by the mushrooms, pour your milk in now!!

While doing this, you can also begin to cook your pasta in boiling water. Both should finish cooking around the same time.

By this time, it should look something like this….

Nicely sauteed mushrooms and onions that give off a super rich flavour that just fills up the whole kitchen!!! Love it!

You’d notice it would be milky, but just not thick and creamy enough.. if you only add milk, it’d be more like a very thin mushroom soup more than pasta sauce.

Cook it in the milk for an additional 8 minutes or so, (always remember to keep stirring) and finish off by adding your cream to the pan and cook for about 5 minutes or until cream thickens up to your desired texture!!! Just before serving, add the sliced chicken bits into the sauce pan.

Add seasoning (salt and pepper) to taste, and herbs if you wish.

Scoop a generous serving of spaghetti and creamy mushroom sauce onto plate.. and don’t forget a sprinkle of cheese on top!! We used parmesan but you could also use mozzarella for a less strong taste.

And there you have it, a super yummy mushroom pasta that’s a perfect dinner!!!

Try it and let me know how it turns out for you ;) I love it.



*continuation of normal non-cooking post here*

After a very satisfying dinner, we all jumped into the hot spa to relax and unwind!!!!

We specifically chose a villa that had a hot spa PLUS it had to be right beside the ocean… Basically, it had to be perfect :’)

I’m so gonna have one for my house next time!! (or aim to have it at least)

Chyeahhhh Blake loves it, lol! He was the first to jump in

Baby boy and me!!!

He looks like SUCH a viet here lol now that I’ve been hanging around with more vietnamese people I noticed they have a look to them!!

The boys have very deep set eyes, much like the caucasians and they usually have extremely thick, dark, well-formed eyebrows.

Fairly manly bone structure and a nose that’s inbetween asian and white, usually slightly big and lastly, lots of facial hair and thick juicy lips!!!!

Jess: “Oooh Sam you look pretty good in this pic”

Sam: “Hey thanks, you don’t look all that bad yourself Jess!”

HAHAHA we are so self-absorbed.

Woohoo the water heated up, look at all that steam!!!! A hot spa after a long and tired cold day is just HEAVEN.

I love the super cold wind blowing in our faces but our body is still kept warm and snug by the spa! Love!!

Gwenny and Blakey!

The lighting and colour was really weird so it’s kinda hard to edit properly… I made quite a lot of the upcoming photos black and white because it looks way better that way!

It’s huge!!!

Almost able to swim ahaha I reckon it could fit more than 10 people since that’s the 4 of us in one corner of it

Me being a blob underwater

Sammy boy and myself ♥ I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHAHAH me being an idiot but I ♥ this picture!!! It’s so happy looking *dances*

And the black and whiteness of it all makes you focus on the fun expressions solely!

Sam looking like he’s having an orgasm rofl

Me and my very pregnant stomach.

Daddy says hi… LOL

He can be soooooooo cute when he wants to be!!! ♥

Hai Gwen!!!!!!!!!

I know things haven’t been all that great for you recently but CHIN UP GIRL!! *pokes bouncy cheeks*

I’m here for you and I miss you!!!! ♥
Can’t wait to go back to Aus in the summer! BEACH FUN THEN!


Hahaha look at Blake, he’s such a pretty boy!!!

He kinda looks like Zac Efron in certain angles, with the hair and asian eyes.. don’t cha think?

Blake’s tongue is fucking long!!!! WTF!

And my camera hates my face.

Yo Blake, that’s my man you’re about to smooch :P

Ahhhh fun times!!!

I ♥ every single person in this picture and I miss them HEAPS!!

Last picture of steamy, bubbly, massaging hot goodness! It was sleepytime after that :)