Nokia x6: Comes With Music! Advertorial

Guess what new toy have I been given to play with recently?
It’s Nokia’s brand new gem, the Nokia x6 – comes with music!
Combining technology and creativity, Nokia x6 brings you the best of both worlds. Besides being a slick and smart touchscreen phone, this small power-packed device is your key to the big world of music out there.
Offering an outrageously appealing musical buffet, when you purchase the new Nokia x6, you have also purchased unlimited access to over MILLIONS of tracks from the Nokia music store, all for free!
That’s right. FREE all-you-can-eat music buffet!
Forget about begging your friends to send you songs through bluetooth, or paying $1.99 to download just one track… Or even worse, risk getting caught downloading songs illegally!
Why bother, when Nokia x6 comes with unlimited music for your listening pleasure?
I say they’ve got the right idea. I love music, and I love the idea of having any song I want on my phone whenever, wherever.
I’m wearing the headphones that comes with the handset itself! Awesome surround-sound to block outside noise and heavy bass plus clear and crisp quality, to ensure a full on music blasting experience ♥
Oh and did I mention that to support this feature, the Nokia x6 comes with a built-in 32gb physical memory which can store up to 11, 000 songs?
There’s more to this phone than its crazy musical buffet deal. The Nokia x6 offers different apps and games for you, allowing it to also be a social networking device!
Example of some of their cool apps? There’s a new Twitter app called “Gravity” that can be purchased from the OVI Store for S$14.99. Not only can you stalk your friends’ tweets but you can also check into your Foursquare account! Other social networking sites such as Facebook is also easily accessed through your home page by a simple touch of the icon, to post status and pictures on-the-go!
With so much media packed inside this phone, it is only right that the display is an impressive 3.2″ widescreen.
Perfect for viewing photos and videos while you capture moments with its 5 megapixels camera!
Courtesy of Nokia and Nuffnang, I was able to play with the new Nokia x6 and here’s my personal opinions, after having tested out the phone’s features for several days.
It is a full-touch screen phone, besides having the green and red call button at the bottom to pick up phone calls and to exit menu. The touchscreen feature is sensitive enough and easy to use, unlike most other touchscreen phones out there which are really troublesome because the censors get messed up and you end up pressing the wrong key on screen! Since the display screen is an impressive 3.2″ inches, navigating and visuals are pleasing to the eye and user-friendly. Despite its boastful appearance, it is actually very light.
In conclusion, the Nokia x6 is a user-friendly touchscreen phone that is both fuss-free and fun to use. It’s surprisingly trendy and affordable, making it most suitable for teenagers who want a cool touchscreen phone with all the necessary features such as GPS, Ovi application, store, unlimited music access, and more.
It also understands the importance of social platforms in our daily lives, so the easy access to Facebook and other apps incorporated into the Nokia x6 makes it really convenient. Needless to say, my favourite thing about the Nokia x6 is that it allows my creativity to flow.
Music is my muse, and for fun, I was my very own “DJ” for a day, using their “DJ playlist” feature, I created different playlists based on my different moods and here’s how much fun I got up to!!!

Unlimited music access = unlimited personalities to go along with it! ♥

On some days, I like to dance and sing to the music till deep in the night – even though I can’t dance for nuts!
Song of choice : Tik Tok by Ke$ha!!!
“Wake up in the morning feeling like P.Diddy / Got my glasses on / I’m out the door / I’m gonna hit this city! “
And then there’s those days, the sort of lazy sunday when all I wanna do is frolick around with my boyfriend in casual clothing and listen to soothing music!
Choice of song : Sunday Morning by Maroon 5!
“Driving slow on Sunday Morning / now I never want to leave…”
And you know what?
Or at least, I like to pretend that I am. Hoping my brother and mother cannot hear me singing / screaming at the top of my lungs from outside my room.
WOOHOO!!! So whaddya think? Me, the next Singapore Idol? ;)
Choice of Song : Rock Star by Nickelback!!!
“I’m gonna trade this life for fortune and fame / I even cut my hair and changed my name…. Hey hey, I wanna be a ROCKSTAR!”
Music lovers, it’s time to FEAST.
On the all-new Nokia x6 – comes with music.