Hello people!!!!!!!

I’m blogging from Melbourne right now
and my fingers are freezing ahhhh they’re the only thing on my body not wrapped up with Sam’s thick blue blanket.

First of all, thanks for being so patient with me guys!!

I know I haven’t updated my blog in like what, 2 weeks?

But I really hate doing work and blogging on holidays because that just kills so much of the mood… I’m sure none of you like getting calls from your boss when you’re on holiday either, well yeah, same thing.

It usually takes me at least 3 hours for every blog post, much much longer if it’s a lengthy post with pics so I hope y’all understand!!

The past week has been one hell of a roller coaster ride…

I played with Kangaroos, went on a road trip, saw some effing WHALES out in the deep blue sea, (zomfg) had fights with Sam made up with Sam, met up with my lovely muffin Gwenzilla and her boyfriend Blake, went shopping, ate / cooked a hell lot of good food…


But so little time -___-

I’m actually staying in Australia until the start of August wtf. I’m like spending a whole entire month here can you believe it?!?

The good news is, I have to wait for Sam to come home from work everyday and he gets back at about 3pm ish so from the moment I wake up and the time he gets back, I have that bit of precious time to drag my ass onto the computer and start blogging / editing pics / doing advertorials instead of being a lazy pig snacking on food Sam’s parents cooked for us and watching DVDs.



Seriously what the fuck is going on?

Just last year, Sam was nothing more than some dude from Left 4 Dead and now I’m meeting his parents and the rest of his family wtf. There’s like 7 of them or something, big families kinda scare me, especially when they’re so much older.. Sam’s one of the youngest, most of them are late twenties or thirties!!!

Totally have nothing to talk to them about and it was so awkward saying hi to them yesterday.

It was like

“HI! *flashes grin and waves* I’m Jessica, nice to meet you…”

And they’d go like, “Hi nice to meet you too”

….*awkward silence*

…………..*long stares and cricket noises*

“Erm ok… bye!!! *flashes weird grin again*”

His little sister has been really nice though, she was the only one I’ve gotten to know just a little so far, we hung out for about an hour yesterday when she came into Sam’s room and we all started playing with Play-Doh.

Lol we started moulding tea cups and dinosaurs and flowers and it was good fun.

I also met Sam’s childhood best friend and it was the most awkward part of the trip for me.

They were all talking about their past and I felt kinda left out and it was kinda like, “Wtf? Sam had a life before me?”

LOL I know that sounds very odd, but it’s hard to imagine what Sam was like before he met me… He must’ve been a completely different person, which is ok since people change all the time but hearing more about that person makes me uncomfortable because it’s like having people tell you all the things about your boyfriend you never knew.

You know, girls he used to have crushes on, the times he got drunk, stupid things he used to get up to…

Like, which girlfriend ACTUALLY wants to know that??? I’d be better off not knowing all these details and it sucks because I had to sit through a whole dinner of them discussing about that.

Oh well, I guess I can take comfort in the fact that apparently I am Sam’s first girlfriend and he’s never had a relationship before and actually, he’s never even kissed a girl or been on a date before so I’m his first everything.

Yay, don’t you just love geeks!!!!

They’re smart, usually geekily charming and most of the time people who have morals and a conscience. And they usually don’t have ex-girlfriends to compete with you.

Not that ex-gfs should be a problem to me, but y’know, sometimes you meet a stupid guy like my ex-bf who had stupid ex-gfs who were very clingy and it pissed me off.

Ok wtf this blog post is just a random rant of everything that’s in my head because I’m very cold in a bg lonely house that’s not even mine in a country I’ve never even been in and all of Sam’s siblings are at work and the only person I have left to talk to are his parents and they don’t even speak English so…

You’re my new best friend.

After all this gibberish has been updated on my blog, I’m going back to editing piccys and I am so excited because they are SO GOOD!!!!!!!

I knew buying that DSLR would be one of my bestest buys like, ever!

It’s just like back then when I thought I didn’t need an iphone.

I was like, I have an ipod, I have an phone, why do I need to be extra cool and get an iphone? But now that I actually DO have an iphone, I don’t think I can ever go back to using a normal phone again.

I mean the iphone is not just a PHONE, it’s an amazing intelligent entertainment device and it keeps me company and it has 3g and the awesomest games and very cool user interface and did I mention when I’m lonely at times like this the iphone actually vibrates?

……Just kidding.

Hah. Not really.

I mean really.


Ok a little bit more about my trip before I go…

Western Australia is AMAZING!!!!!!!

It is so different from Sydney and Melbourne and all the other parts of Australia that’s all hyped up and shit but WA is so serene and untouched and beautiful.

The weather in WA is absolutely gorgeous… Even when it’s winter, you can walk around in shorts and and a t-shirt in a day!!! And it’s always sunny… and the beaches are beautiful, and there are plenty of wildlife everywhere, people here are generally extremely nice, what is there not to like?

Some people said that Perth is boring and there’s nothing to do but I completely beg to differ!!!!!

It is GORGEOUS and for a week I couldn’t find enough time to do the things I wanted to do.

Yes I may have only been on a holiday, but I reckon if I lived there, there would be so much I’d get up to!

I think the best part about WA is that there are sooo many places you can drive to that are relatively nearby (no need for a plane and petrol is cheap and road trips are fun!)

We had a 5 hour drive to Albany and it was the most awesomest road trip ever. There’s so much to see on the way, and there’s just an endless abundance of wildlife and scenery..

I love seeing horses and sheep and cows on the side of the roads. Like THOUSANDS of them..

It’s so different from Singapore, y’know? So different from what I’m used to. The sky is more blue, the sun shines brighter, and the grass is greener…. I’m not even exaggerating.

In the countryside, you breathe fresh air and in Australia, you’d never see a building more than 10 storeys unless you live in the city!!!!

Speaking of cities, they are so overrated.

I hate the huge traffic jams, the mad crowds, the hustle and bustle…

What I really like is the quiet life, “do your own thing” kinda way of living and I’m seriously considering moving to Australia.

Everything is so laid back here, and you get to see so much more of the world.

People here are properly treated by the government, they get paid good wages and don’t have to slave away like dogs everyday…. Most of them work from 8-5 and get paid DOUBLE on weekends!!!!

I mean take Sam for example… He gets one week off work every month to fly down and come see me in Singapore. How sick is that?

You’d never hear of such things happening in SG….

I’m in Melbourne right now, but I haven’t seen very much of it yet since I just got here like yesterday but I get this feeling that I’m gonna end up liking Perth more than Melbourne.

Only time will tell!!!!

I have 2 more road trips to finish, one is a ski trip up in the mountains and another is down the Great Ocean Road and I think I may just be the happiest girl in the world right now.

Holidays are effing awesome especially when they’re crazily fun but still affordable.

Ok ok gonna edit some pics now, then after that I’m gonna go grocery shopping and start buying food to cook for his family of like TEN people or something wtf.

Like I said, big families scare me.

I offered to cook food for his parents yesterday, and all was good until they reminded me I have to cook for all his other siblings as well… I’m gonna have to buy a BIG fish!

I’m cooking Grilled Salmon (marinated with my secret recipe hehe) with creamy mushroom pasta (honest to god, I make the BEST shrooms pasta I have ever tasted and I’ve eaten a lot) and for dessert we have Cheesecake with Apple Cinamon sauce and bits drizzled all over the top!!!

How fucking delish does that sound?

I’d never thought I’d be able to cook, was just never the kind of girl… But now I actually CAN, at 18 years old!! I thought I’d only learn at like 30 when I have to take care of kids at home and shit.

And I realized most normal dishes that people eat are so yummy to make!!!

You make it fresher, yummier, and cheaper than restaurants and it’s such a good feeling to know you cooked it yourself.

Wow I am so hungry now. Maybe I shall pretend to wander around his house and his parents will offer me some food hehehehe.

His mum makes the yummiest roast pork ever.