• Peggy

    LOOKS FABULOUS! it’s good that you have a small face so short hairstyles look great on you too haha.

  • Cathy

    You look like betty boop!

    tell me it’s a wig cos it sure looks like one! :D

    NICE and refreshing change though ;)

  • passerby

    hate the hair!!!! but youre still pretty…. :)

  • Riley

    LOVE!! Very chic.

  • Apple

    Omg I absolutely love it!!! What a welcoming change! Perfect for Singapore’s weather right now and best of all, you look great! Awesome!!!

  • jojo;

    OMG NICE!!!! 

  • a

    you make almost everything look impeccable :)

  • Nad

    it looks AWESOME! so chic!

  • Lucia

    Definitely LOVE <3 If you have asked me whether I could imagine you with a short haircut I would have said no, but now that I see it, I have to say that it suits you A LOT! What did Sam say after overcomming his shock? :)

  • :)

    nice hair!! makes u look very mature though. still very trendy nontheless :)

  • Anonymous

    it’s nice :) but it makes you look more mature.

  • Siah Shu Fen

    you look so retro now haha! rather refreshing :D

  • zhu

    The first thought that came to my mind is that you look like fidel…

  • JOEY.

    love it =) 

  • Anonymous

    i think long hair looks much better on you! at least it’ll grow back though.

  • Chantelle

    HATE : ( you look better in long hair!

  • kasey

    i think u look like fedelis!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    it certaintly looks much edgier! :D

  • Anonymous

    nooooo!!!!! bring back those curls!

  • linjie

    Nice..you look fresh n chic :)

  • CAT

    Long hair suit you better! But you still look cute.

  • Anonymous

    hey is that a swimsuit you are wearing? where is it from?

  • Min

    Prefer you w long hair.

  • Amanda


  • seanna.

    LOVE IT! change is good! (Y)
    i used to have long hair too, but i cut it short too recently.

  • Anonymous

    very retro! u look gd in every kind of hair style 

  • dot

    its a wig right???

  • Jessica

    Lol I’ll take that as a compliment since it’s a wig!

  • Jessica

    Are you serious? It looks super natural to me!! And thanks!

  • Jessica

    Heh thanks, my face is not really small, I just have a sharp chin!

  • Jessica

    I know, it feels almost great to not have anything on the shoulders… I’m seriously considering having it like this permanently.

  • Jessica

    That’s too kind of you!!! :-[

  • Jessica


  • Jessica

    Hehe ^.^

  • Jessica

    I thought so too :-P

  • Jessica

    He got tricked too!!! But he loves it. I feel a little bad for tricking everyone hahaha but it looks so natural! I’m seriously considering cutting my hair shorter now. :)

  • Jessica

    Really? I thought it made me look a lil younger!

  • Jessica

    I love looking retro ♥ I love anything retro!

  • Jessica

    Just because it’s a super short hairstyle, doesn’t mean I look like her at all!

  • Jessica

    I do too. I suddenly wished it was my own hair!

  • Jessica

    Well lucky for me, it doesn’t need to grow back, eh? I liked it tho!

  • Jessica

    You think so??? I’m considering cutting it short for real, something like the 2 pics I posted, but a little longer so there’s more variety to hairstyling

  • Jessica

    I think otherwise!! I have a totally different look from her. You guys need to look at more girls with short hairstyles man! If I get blonde people will sure say I look like Xiaxue. Stereotypical much?

  • Anonymous

    NUUU you look like a tranny long locks pleaseee :)

  • Jessica

    Meh, people like you are a real drag, you know that? Boo ya!

  • Jessica

    I know, I suddenly feel less bimbotic!! Not implying that long curly hair = bimbo, but you know.. I just feel like people would take me seriously more LOL

  • Jessica

    I will!!!! But it’s not that bad! I really think it suits me!

  • Jessica

    TY! <3

  • Jessica

    Thanks, it’s not really “cute” in real life though, it looks more edgy.. Not really my style, but something I could get used to

  • Jessica

    Hahaha no but it does look like those retro swim suits doesn’t it? It’s just a normal tank top, only costed like $5 if I remember correctly!

  • Jessica

    Aww but a change once in awhile is good… I think. If it’s a wig. Wouldn’t cut my hair so short though omg takes so long to grow back