Parasailing and Hyatt Grand Cypress

I know Orlando was like half a year ago (wtf did the time go?!?), but I still gotta blog about EVERYTHINGGG because I want to be able to look back on every single memory I treasure in my blog!!!

So here’s a compilation of random times me and Sam spent in Orlando, Florida:

LOL before we left for Orlando, my mum said “Take a picture with Tiger Woods if you see him!” (he lives in Orlando) so we did!!! So lame but we couldn’t resist :P

Victoria’s Secret!!!!!!!!

One of the few stores I’d automatically dive into whenever I see it. I LOVE VS, especially the factory outlets in the US because everything is so crazily cheap!

Bought a shitload of stuff. I got a maxi summer dress for only 15 USD and a gorgeous bikini for 10 USD!! Plus they had lotions, soaps, scents and everything going for 5 for 20 dollars or something.

Their cosmetics were even better - I bought numerous lip glosses and blushers / eyeshadows for only 2 USD each. Two!!!!!

Yummy food!

Their food in small little eateries are the best cuz they’re home made with love, the big chain restaurants are usually unnecessarily expensive and taste like shit.

Nonetheless, we decided to give the classic American diner a shot and it was absolutely lovely!!!

Was almost like Billy Bombers in SG, but less modern.

I have a huge soft spot for everything vintage and retro, and I absolutely ADORE classic diners because they have great comfort food plus they play my fav oldies! ^.^

The Beatles, Carpenters, The Everly Brothers, Pat Boone, Elvis Presley, and the list goes on… Perfect music to go along with a root beer float and a cheeseburger, really.

Actually, it’s perfect music for any mood, any time, anywhere.

I love root beer. Especially floats! My official favourite soft drink and I have it almost everyday, I usually have it for breakfast WTF.

But you know what I hate?

When restaurants serve you root beer float without giving you the entire bottle of root beer.

It’s like, they just fill the cup up with root beer and keep the rest.

WTF everybody knows root beer float is 99% foam and ice cream!!! How cheap can people get!

They actually make your burger right in front of you… Talk about building up your appetite

The best burger I’ve had in America was actually cinema food. How crazy is that?

I also didn’t know that their cinemas support free seating, so we ended up getting front row seats while watching Avatar 3D -____-

Maybe that contributes to why I think why Avatar is one of the most overrated movies of ALL time.

Around every corner of every street you turn into in Orlando, there will always be something new and interesting waiting for you!

Near the mall we were at, there was Wonderworks - An upside down building!!!!!

It’s funny to actually see a real life topsy turvy building.. used to read about it all the time in Enid Blyton’s books!



I love this picture! The grass may not be greener on the other side, but their skies are definitely a different shade of blue.

It was a GORGEOUS day to be parasailing and I was sooo psyched because I’ve been wanting to try parasailing for the longest time ever!

How epic is being suspended hundreds of feet mid air by a colorful parachute that’s tied to a speedboat?

We did our Parasailing experience with Sammy Duvall’s located on Disney property! In fact, it was right beside Disney’s Contemporary Resort

An exceptionally warm day for the freezing winter we spent there

Weee, it’s time to hop onto the boat and get ready to be strapped in!!!!

Sam getting strapped up!

We chose a tandem flight, which means me and Sam were parasailing together! He was right NEXT TO ME!!!!!!

They attach you to all sorts of ropes and harness, and when you’re nicely secured, they get you to sit on the back of the boat…

And within seconds, you will find yourself magically levitating into the air while the parachute gently lifts up while the speedboat gains speed!

FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That blob of a shadow is us in a parachute!!!

One minute you’re sitting on the back of a boat, and the next thing you know, nothing but water is below you!

I think the beauty of parasailing is how smooth and safe yet incredibly exciting it is.

It really is an experience like no other ♥

Squinty eyes cuz the sun was shining really bright and so much wind was in our faces! But look how high we were going!!!

With every second, you get higher and higher into the air…

And the exciting part comes when the speedboat makes a sudden turn, because that tugs on the ropes really quickly and hard so you’ll find yourself lunging forward without being able to control the movements at all!

Almost feels like you’re falling, since the only thing keeping you up is a harness that’s attached to your body!!

You don’t even get to sit on anything. That’s why I think it’s the closest feeling to flying (besides hang gliding of course)

It looks like this.

As in, that’s ALL there is to it!!!!

Feels so unprotected wtf! But it’s ok, at least you know that when you fall, water is below you and there’s still your parachute

Yeah, this will definitely be a good picture to show the grand children :P

We opted for the highest one. I think we were more than 30 storeys above ground level

Disney Contemporary Resort

Yeah man, who the fuck thought one day we’d be playing L4D online as total strangers in different counrties and less than half a year later and halfway across the globe,

we’d be doing this!!

Now I can cross one more activity off my “Things to Do before I Die” list.



In all honesty, it was one of the best experiences of my life!!!

♥ I just can’t wait to do it again

I uploaded the video of my experience through First Person View and I’ll embed it here for your viewing pleasure!!

You can see how we slowly gained height, and if you look closely enough, you can see Disney World’s Magic Kingdom in the background :D


And this is why I ♥ my life.


After parasailing, it was time for more unhealthy American food…. Yum, heart disease!!!

Sam biting into Mickey made out of rice crispies! Everything comes in the form of a mouse head there.

Went back to our hotel for some rest after that. It was our first day staying at the Hyatt Grand Cypress - apparently it has one of the best golf courses in the world and Tiger Woods himself plays here!!!

They had a parrot in the lobby, wtf!!!

Oh the joys of going on holiday during Christmas. Decos are everywhere and it really is just so much cosier and warm

Took a picture of the lobby while going up the lift – full-glass panel lifts freak me out!!!!

It’s funny how roller coasters and parasailing don’t scare me but looking down while in a lift does.

It feels like I’m going to fall every time I look down!

This is what most of Orlando looks like - lakes, greenery, probably golf courses and a hotel with diners nearby.

View from our hotel room window – what we woke up to every morning. Quite pleasant indeed.

The first thing we did when we got into the hotel room?

Unloaded Tilly onto the bed wtf. So freaking big!!!! You have no idea how hard it was to get him around everywhere, really.

Aww look at that happy couple.

I miss you. :’)

Decided to explore the hotel more since it’s one of the oldest yet highest rated one there…. this was where we had breakfast in the morning!

Hahahahaha what a Disney whore!!!! + Looking quite fail since I was completely exhausted

Gorgeous pool… which we unfortunately had no time to dip in -_- And weather was freezing

My camera ran out of juice after taking this picture, so that’s the end of this entry.

My favourite thing about the Hyatt was that it had a private beach and lake for the guests, so we spent out evening just sailing into the sunset with the free boats that they loaned us!!! :)


I wish days like these could never end.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, but smile because it happened”